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Joyce Meyer
Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. 2 Corinthians 3:17
Thank you for helping us, through @HandofHope reach out across the U.S. as well as around the world.
You can be a Holy Spirit filled spy for God. Every day pray, "God, show me what I can do today to be a blessing to somebody else." #JoyceU
Joyce encourages you to "upgrade your faith," knowing God is actively working in you and through you. Watch now:
Hey ladies! Hope you've put in your time off request, found the babysitter if you needed one and already mapped out the best way to get here because we are getting so excited for this year's Love Life Women's Conference in St. Louis. If you haven't registered yet, don't wait a minute longer. We can'
We don't need to make a plan & then pray for God to make our plan work. We need to pray first & see if God's got a plan. #JoyceU
God has adopted you as His own through the blood of His Son. Here's what His Word says about your amazing inheritance
We need to protect the anointing on our life. That anointing is the presence & the power of the Holy Spirit that dwells with us. #JoyceU
Just in case no one else has ever told you, Joyce wants to share this very important truth with you
When you love the Word, you're loving Jesus. When you get into the Word of God, you're fellowshipping with Jesus. #JoyceU
Who is your favorite superhero?
Prayer for guidance: "Holy Spirit, come dwell in me fully & completely. I know that I cannot change things...
God is calling us to think and act on a higher level. Here's something for thought:
Even your biggest problem is little to God. #JoyceU
Ladies, we're getting so excited for Love Life Women's Conference 2014. Get your tickets here
We've got to get our eyes off of people and get 'em on God. People can only help you to the degree that God helps them to help you. #JoyceU
God has all power, and through the Holy Spirit, He empowers us to live bold and courageous lives for Him.
The Holy Spirit is our standby. He's waiting for us to say,"Comfort me, help me, teach me, lead me, show me what to do & how to pray."
This is the 1st step toward a better life:
When doubt comes, the way to fight your doubt is to doubt your doubt. #JoyceU