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Joyce Meyer
The closer you walk with God & the more you know His Word, it'll become a light in your life that shows up in any darkness. #closer
Today's Devotion: Are you seeking God for what He can do for you or for Who He is? This is why it matters #JoyceDevo
God's Word is powerful, and when we meditate on the Word and confess it, it has a big effect on our lives.
Here are 7 ways you can immediately increase the peace in your life: #peace
It's challenging to separate sin from sinners, but we only have to look at how God treats us on our worst days. #Mercy
Today's Devotion: How what we DON'T do can be as harmful as what we DO do: #JoyceDevo
Sometimes the less you say, the greater effect it has. Too many words means nobody remembers anything. #TooManyWords
God wants to see us pressing on & serious about growing up in Him & doing things God's way. Watch this:
A personal relationship w/ Jesus is the greatest gift. Celebrate His birth this Christmas with Joyce's book The Gift
Today's Devotion: Here's why God asks us to do nice things to mean people: #JoyceDevo
Even if everyone around you is miserable you can still be happy, if you decide to be #happy.
Sometimes we go thru things where it's completely understandable to be angry…something like abuse. #restore #heal
Staying angry invites the devil to come in & wreak havoc in our lives. God's plan is better-it's filled with #peace.
Today's Devotion: A few words (70 to be exact) on the power of positive speaking: #JoyceDevo
What's one mistake you've made that you're having a hard time getting over? #thankful
You can talk yourself into a rotten, stinking mood, or you can talk yourself out of it. Misery is an option. #mood
Watch today's program to find out how God can help you renew your mind at #thoughts
You can't stay angry and think merciful & loving thoughts. Every emotion is tied to our thoughts. Learn to think things on purpose #thoughts
Today's Devotion: Gain the courage to "step out and find out." #courage
When we meet anger with anger we can expect an explosion, but when anger meets love and kindness it loses it's strength. #AngerManagement
Got pen and paper? It's time to write a letter... #LivingCourageously
Today's Devotion: Here's how to stay strong in the middle: #JoyceDevo
If you've read Joyce's newest book, Living Courageously, we'd love to hear from you.
When we understand the power of words, our lives can be transformed. Read more here:
Today's Devotion: Getting in trouble never felt so good. Find out what we mean here: #JoyceDevo
Stop looking at how far you have to go & learn how to focus on the positive things in your life. #progress
Whatever is going on in your life, don't waste one more day in excessive sadness, grief or discouragement. #KeepTheFaith
Today's Devotion: Does "pray without ceasing" mean that we have to pray all day long? Find the answer here #JoyceDevo
Don't be afraid of the word #meditation You can sit and meditate by closing your eyes and thinking about the Word of God!
A worried mind is not normal. Do you know what is normal for a Christian? Peace. #WorryWednesday
Love is caring enough about others to move you to action. - Joyce Meyer @HandofHope #Namibia
Today's Devotion: You won't be able to obtain holiness on your own. Let this help you: #JoyceDevo
The way to accomplish what we really want in life & stay true to our true selves is to set our mind in the direction we want to end up.
Positive thinking vs #positivethinking in Christ. See the difference:
We've partnered w/ @ConvoyofHope & @agworldmissions to provide food, supplies & medicines for those w/ #Ebola in Liberia.
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Today's Devotion: How to transform from a shaking leaf to a bold lion: #JoyceDevo
Have you taken the #3030Challenge Here's one lady's testimony
48 Scriptures to help you "know who you are in Christ." #InChristIAm