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Joyce Meyer
This is perfect! Wouldn't you agree?
Wisdom is to do now what you'll be happy with later on.
We've been able to reach nearly 2.7 million inmates worldwide. Join with us to reach more at
The only way to know if we can ever do a thing is to try to do it and see. Step out and find out! #LivingCourageously
Joyce shares godly principles that will help you in your finances. Check it out at
God cares about you. Whatever's got you in some kind of emotional, mental or financial prison, God has a way for you to get out.
Have you thought about these consequences?
Doing hard things is good for us. It really is. Don't think that because something's hard you're not supposed to do it. Isaiah 41:10 (AMP)
Our prison ministry supervisor shares what it's like to pray with inmates on suicide watch
Afraid to let others into your life? Let Jesus in, He'll enable you to eventually let others in also. #LivingCourageously
How fear begins & how you can overcome it every time. Read this:…
Do you sense that there's a next step coming up for you? Make a decision to live courageously & go ahead & step out & find out.
Did you do this on purpose?
You know, just because you feel afraid, that doesn't mean that you get to not do what God's asking you to do.
Hey ladies!!! There's still time to register for our Love Life Women's Conference:
Waiting for God to do what only God can do is always the most difficult part of trust. Keep trusting…He is working! #LivingCourageously
Life is about so much more than merely surviving. Check out this encouraging testimony:…
Stop acting like everything is more than you. You're more than anything that comes against you with God on your side.
Are you ready to get active? All you have to do is click once:
Got Attitude? Attitude can be a good thing, and this is why… #attitude
The biggest mistake that we can make is always being afraid that we're going to make a mistake.
God answered this pastor's prayer in an amazing way. Check it out
Don't throw away your dreams in a moment of discouragement or weariness. Keep your eyes on the prize! #LivingCourageously
God wants us to be decisive, not fearful about making mistakes. Learn more here
The way to conquer fear is by going forward, facing it, and doing whatever you need to do even if you have to do it afraid.
There's no more hiding. God wants you to be so close to Him.
there's a beginning and an end to everything, but there's also a middle.
Not able to be at Love Life Women's Conference? Follow Search #JoyceMeyer on Twitter & Instagram conference weekend.
The answer to fear: "Be strong & courageous, for God is with you." Joyce shares more #LivingCourageously
Seven practical ways to immediately increase your level of peace
Just because you feel fear, that doesn't mean you have to be afraid. You can feel that fear but come back at it with faith.
You can be confident about this:
Being a Christian doesn't mean we have a bumper sticker, hang a cross around our neck & join a denomination. It means that we follow Christ.
When a child's parents die, who is going to feed her? Check out Fah's story
Available today, worldwide! Joyce's newest book Living Courageously:…#LivingCourageously
Today, Joyce teaches that we must put pleasing God above pleasing people:
Don't let the fear of man steal your destiny. Don't crave human honor. John 5:41 (AMP)
Are you praying like this?
Christianity isn't about getting a checkmark on your little spiritual calendar in heaven. It's about a relationship with God through Christ.
"Give It Up!" Oh my, I can feel you thinking.