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Josie Gibson
dvdfitnessbeauty 370,374 followers
@Josiestweet read your diet book = very interesting, I'm now motivated 2 get more NEAT, 1 criticism=it could have been more bloke friendly x
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@Josiestweet Hold on to your hats today Josie, it's blowing a gale !!! πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨
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β€œ@Josiestweet: Guys I would be very grateful If you could make this with me? Xx… @RichardOBarry” will be there!
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@Josiestweet @RichardOBarry already planning my banner. It warms my heart seeing how many people support our ocean friends.
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Guys I would be very grateful If you could make this with me? Xx… @RichardOBarry
My ears are definitely getting bigger... Fml
Off for a cheeky little run in this bad boy @gymversus better start training for the @RatRaceHQ 20 miles eeek
β€œ@DanHillTV: @Josiestweet thats so bad lol #Halloween” not as bad as all the chilli candy I bought, I can't wait, il show you trick or treat
Although I love @BreakingBad_AMC I'm going to have to go with another Halloween costume, can't breath!
SASCHA πŸ’•21 monthsπŸ’– only dog or with a male friend, loves walks 🐾please contact children over
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Sunset over Lake Michigan August 7. the silhouette of Chicago inside the sun
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β€œ@brinathomas: @Josiestweet @luke_theplumber r u not tempted to stick something up his nose lol” nothing big enough around lol
β€œ@kittycat230: @Josiestweet hi just wanted to wish you a happy weekend! Xx” you too sweet cheeks, love and positivity. Xxx
@Josiestweet thank you it may only be 2stone gone more to go but you've helped change my life cant thank you enough x
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What a legend and inspiration @RJenniferbodek is! So so proud of you my lovely xx
@Josiestweet Oh hell this is so me ! Lol What is your guardian angel like ?
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The Best Music Video EVER… What an absolute Legend of a Song. That is up there with the greats. @edsheeran
Creasing up in bed Wahhhhh ha ha ha ooooooooooo
@Josiestweet @SnoopDogg he's no man, he's disgusting & way too big for his shitty boots xx
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I have no tolerance when men threaten women, especially with violence @SnoopDogg your a 42 yr old man and an absolute wanker!
@Josiestweet @SnoopDogg because he's a repulsive human being. Look at his tweets so disrespectful towards women and iggy azalea he's vile!!x
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β€œ@SnoopDogg: Last one until she speak now shut da Fuc up ubitchu.” threatening violence and this at a young girl!
I used to absolutely love @SnoopDogg but I've now chosen to unfollow and never support his music again and if your female you should too.
β€œ@ashleyljames: @Josiestweet @Sianwelby with meeeee #thirdwheel” of course! Goes without question! Xxxxx
β€œ@Sianwelby: @Josiestweet aww this was an awesome trip! Gotta get together soon xx” I'm gonna plan something amazing
Randomly all my old pics just appeared on my phone! I don't care what anyone says I absolutely love this man
β€œ@Deanedwardschef: @Josiestweet met the big man @BigBenOfoedu last night, sends his love! X”>>yes brother Blessings x
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β€œ@clareoreilly: Always a pleasure, never a chore @Josiestweet” lol!! Your the best!
Just worked out I've consumed over 2000 calories worth of chocolate tonight.......I need to sort my life out.
β€œ@MattRichardson3: Just farted on the sofa and now my dog is trying to dig up where the fart it” lol
@Josiestweet I rang 999 once thinking I'd found a body, turned out to be someone drunk and they'd decided to have a nap in the carpark
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Just ran outside like a hero thinking a women was getting attacked, but oh no it's a dirty little fox getting his end away #HeroFail
β€œ@SnifferRoper: @Josiestweet thanks for the tweet giving it all I've got Quitting is not an Option #livelovelaugh” love that xx
Please help me vote @laurenplatt7 in @TheXFactor She's got to go through she's a proper talented cutie xxx
I would class myself as a proper Roast Dinner Expert and the @therummer Is the best Roast I've ever had in my life! Not often I give a 10/10