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Josie Gibson
dvdfitnessbeauty 370,381 followers
God I feel young again!! Grew up on this
Don't ever have a lemsip and then a glass of wine! Omg!
Thank you so much guys your mint!
Guys do you mind me asking what your weekly shopping budget is and for how many people? And where do you normally shop? Sorry about all Q's
@mrsloft: @Josiestweet thank you for book and DVD” no worries Mrs Lofty, I need some snaps of you doing though lol xxx
Some women buy Jewellery or handbags....I buy apple products
@Josiestweet read your diet book = very interesting, I'm now motivated 2 get more NEAT, 1 criticism=it could have been more bloke friendly x
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@Josiestweet Hold on to your hats today Josie, it's blowing a gale !!! 💨💨💨
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@Josiestweet: Guys I would be very grateful If you could make this with me? Xx… @RichardOBarry” will be there!
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@Josiestweet @RichardOBarry already planning my banner. It warms my heart seeing how many people support our ocean friends.
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Guys I would be very grateful If you could make this with me? Xx… @RichardOBarry
My ears are definitely getting bigger... Fml
Off for a cheeky little run in this bad boy @gymversus better start training for the @RatRaceHQ 20 miles eeek
@DanHillTV: @Josiestweet thats so bad lol #Halloween” not as bad as all the chilli candy I bought, I can't wait, il show you trick or treat
Although I love @BreakingBad_AMC I'm going to have to go with another Halloween costume, can't breath!
SASCHA 💕21 months💖 only dog or with a male friend, loves walks 🐾please contact children over
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Sunset over Lake Michigan August 7. the silhouette of Chicago inside the sun
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@brinathomas: @Josiestweet @luke_theplumber r u not tempted to stick something up his nose lol” nothing big enough around lol
@kittycat230: @Josiestweet hi just wanted to wish you a happy weekend! Xx” you too sweet cheeks, love and positivity. Xxx
@Josiestweet thank you it may only be 2stone gone more to go but you've helped change my life cant thank you enough x
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What a legend and inspiration @RJenniferbodek is! So so proud of you my lovely xx
@Josiestweet Oh hell this is so me ! Lol What is your guardian angel like ?
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The Best Music Video EVER… What an absolute Legend of a Song. That is up there with the greats. @edsheeran
Creasing up in bed Wahhhhh ha ha ha ooooooooooo
@Josiestweet @SnoopDogg he's no man, he's disgusting & way too big for his shitty boots xx
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I have no tolerance when men threaten women, especially with violence @SnoopDogg your a 42 yr old man and an absolute wanker!
@Josiestweet @SnoopDogg because he's a repulsive human being. Look at his tweets so disrespectful towards women and iggy azalea he's vile!!x
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@SnoopDogg: Last one until she speak now shut da Fuc up ubitchu.” threatening violence and this at a young girl!
I used to absolutely love @SnoopDogg but I've now chosen to unfollow and never support his music again and if your female you should too.
@ashleyljames: @Josiestweet @Sianwelby with meeeee #thirdwheel” of course! Goes without question! Xxxxx
@Sianwelby: @Josiestweet aww this was an awesome trip! Gotta get together soon xx” I'm gonna plan something amazing
Randomly all my old pics just appeared on my phone! I don't care what anyone says I absolutely love this man
@Deanedwardschef: @Josiestweet met the big man @BigBenOfoedu last night, sends his love! X”>>yes brother Blessings x
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@clareoreilly: Always a pleasure, never a chore @Josiestweet” lol!! Your the best!
Just worked out I've consumed over 2000 calories worth of chocolate tonight.......I need to sort my life out.