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Josie Gibson
dvdfitnessbeauty 369,356 followers
Go to blackpool on Friday night and meet This guy called Harry in revs... Turns out it's @Josiestweet brother! 😀
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@Josiestweet: I love a good wedding........cake.....” ark at the clevedon on Josie mind 😂😏
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I love a good wedding........cake.....
Good night twitter tarts I'm About to go Into a @GameOfThrones tv hole
This Saturday I am going on the catwalk to think I died twice and now look at me omg @RosemaryConley @Josiestweet
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I'm not joking when I say this but when my gap in my front teeth closed up my luck ran weird....
@TrixiePrice: @Josiestweet when u gonna play for the rovers again, think they need your help mucker 😜” awwww
Buzzing after a two hour work out!! Yeeee haaaaa!! 4 mile run and some serious intervals means loads of red wine!
I'm in a serious @GameOfThrones hole!! Ridiculous how addictive it is. It's like the crack of all programmes.
Just been chatting to a homeless lady who was pushing all she had on a trolley. Didn't have nothing but the happiest funniest woman I've met
My life has been made hell for over3yrs by a man who tried to beat us down,women are strong,a woman can face anything when she is a mother..
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hope r family can live in peace since conviction.hope FullTruth will comeOut about the3yr ordeal.People Rfound guilty4reason
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Impression of Kellie: Me Me Me Me Me........
Don't get why people are booing Frenchie I think she's hilarious!! Proper crack pot....right up my street x
One of the best things about #Aquarius is that they're open to so many different things, people, and places.
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Wouldn't you just love it if Stephanie Pratt became a fixture on George's mum's sofa on Gogglebox? #CBB
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Dear Big Brother, I feel uncomfortable that Kellie just called Audley transphobic. Please give her a warning #cbb
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@inthestyleUK: @Josiestweet woohoo 👯👯👯👯” ha I love it :-)
Who do you want to be evicted? Mine is definitely Kellie. Bit too miserable for me.
Frenchie cracks me up!!! 'Shut up Bitches' lol!!!!
@Josiestweet spooky! We wrote same thing at same time...and we are both Bristol gals!! lol...I will fight you for him lol
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@LadyGinJersey: @Josiestweet i love his honesty :)” me too. Kellie must realise it's not just hard for her.
@Funkyfrezhness: @Josiestweet tried sketching the randy mare! hope she likes it😁” lol!!!! I love it I'm proper goofy
@Josiestweet Finally obliterated 5 & 1/2st & down 4 dress sizes in 11mths thanks to determination & your workout dvds!#FitForOz #BikiniReady
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Just got caught in the rain it was like having a warm shower, it was lush!!!
@Josiestweet hmmm. Looks aren't everything though Jose... Gotta have a good heart... 😉
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There is no denying that @IAMKELLYBROOK and CBB David are going to have beautiful children!!!
• Learn from the past. • Live for today. • Work for the future.
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@Josiestweet have done your DVD since march, lost 2stone, dropped 3dress sizes! 💪
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@Josiestweet was she a drug addict?fair play for getting her shit together
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Proof that anyone can sort themselves out. #stephaniepratt hope her and George get it on. X
@Josiestweet Someone needs to 'educate' James on how NOT to be an arrogant prick!
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@steveleng: Continue to be transfixed by James Jordan's bum.” Not his face then lol
@rexxtherunt: @Josiestweet thts the brad pitt of the dance world yr talking about ;)” lol old twinkle toes can salsa On out of there!
DO Not Ramp with Audley Harrison James.....cocky jumped up mousse
Thank you @MaximumFXHair for my new Barnet today. No make up no extensions feeling a bit naked but loving the colour!
Can't wait to support @AlisonHammond2 this year on strictly!! More moves than @Beyonce yeahhh buddy
Whoever invented the programme @sexybeastsuk is an absolute genius. Xx
@Josiestweet… Great blog again, this is certainly best #CBBUK for years and better than the last #bb 👍#addictedd lol
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Its taken a long time but i wouldnt of got this far without the help of @Josiestweet cant thank you enough, xxxxxxxxx
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Yessss Frenchie!!!