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Josie Gibson
dvdfitnessbeauty 370,381 followers
Brilliant interview @RJenniferbodek and what a lovely lady x
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@AmandaClaire71: @Josiestweet a lady with a sense of humour!! Thought you may like this!!” lol!! I want it! Lol
Make sure you tune in to @reallorraine to catch @RJenniferbodek an incredible weight loss story of strength and determination. Amazing x
@Josiestweet Hi Josie! We are offering £12,000 to couples who want to tie the knot in 2015! To apply, email: - RT?
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If your looking for the perfect pair of jeans the guy in Dulay broadmead Bristol is a legend! Jean expert!
@Josiestweet @OfficialAdele is a true classy British female artist. Can't wait for her come back. 21 is my best album of all time.
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I have been bit in the neck by a massive spider! Never sleeping again worse than Freddie Kruger that!
@ashleyljames: @Josiestweet love reading this tweet in a Bristolian accent 💗 haha x” I like your posh accent! lol it's a lot sexier lol
@Josiestweet are you going to be at the dolphin project ? :) I'm traveling 6 hours on a bus to go :D xx looking forward to it !!
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@Josiestweet: @cathy_hall can't wait round all the girls up we need as many as possible @thecovenews @RichardOBarry” I'm in 💕
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@cathy_hall: @Josiestweet I am coming to London to support the Dolphin project on 7th November, can't wait to see you.xx”
Don't forget to turn your clocks back tonight ladies!!! An extra hour in bed? Yes please!!!! We are…
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Wishing @Beyonce I mean @AlisonHammond2 good luck tonight @bbcstrictly shake what ya mumma gave you babes!
@MirrorTV: It's almost #SCD time. Who are you most looking forward to seeing dance tonight? !!!
For more information, follow us on Twitter & visit our website:
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The #Nutribullet is great to make mousse as well! Chocolate protein powder, 1 banana, cacao nibs & 1 avocado :)
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@Ullcity: I think the new Renee Zellweger looks more like @Josiestweet than josie does !” Lol!!! What!
God I feel young again!! Grew up on this
Don't ever have a lemsip and then a glass of wine! Omg!
Thank you so much guys your mint!
Guys do you mind me asking what your weekly shopping budget is and for how many people? And where do you normally shop? Sorry about all Q's
@mrsloft: @Josiestweet thank you for book and DVD” no worries Mrs Lofty, I need some snaps of you doing though lol xxx
Some women buy Jewellery or handbags....I buy apple products
@Josiestweet read your diet book = very interesting, I'm now motivated 2 get more NEAT, 1 criticism=it could have been more bloke friendly x
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@Josiestweet Hold on to your hats today Josie, it's blowing a gale !!! 💨💨💨
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@Josiestweet: Guys I would be very grateful If you could make this with me? Xx… @RichardOBarry” will be there!
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@Josiestweet @RichardOBarry already planning my banner. It warms my heart seeing how many people support our ocean friends.
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Guys I would be very grateful If you could make this with me? Xx… @RichardOBarry
My ears are definitely getting bigger... Fml
Off for a cheeky little run in this bad boy @gymversus better start training for the @RatRaceHQ 20 miles eeek
@DanHillTV: @Josiestweet thats so bad lol #Halloween” not as bad as all the chilli candy I bought, I can't wait, il show you trick or treat
Although I love @BreakingBad_AMC I'm going to have to go with another Halloween costume, can't breath!
SASCHA 💕21 months💖 only dog or with a male friend, loves walks 🐾please contact children over
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Sunset over Lake Michigan August 7. the silhouette of Chicago inside the sun
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