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Josie Gibson
dvdfitnessbeauty 370,221 followers
@Josiestweet @BridieLittle I've taught my dog to seek and eat at the command "Spiderfly" Hehe she goes crazy
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@Josiestweet omg!! Wings?! Buggers know I'm vegan, so they think it's a bloody safe house! Have to keep evicting them, no remorse
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@BridieLittle: @Josiestweet they are bloody everywhere !” I've got 3 of them but I haven't got the heart to kill them.
Normal crawling spiders are scary enough! but oh no we had to be blessed with flying ones.....#flyingspiderproblems
@Giwwy: @Josiestweet this made me chuckle today in @Tesco fab pic of you next to a stack of celebrations xxx
@Josiestweet Hi Josie! Could you give your local #annsummers a cheeky follow please?! 😘 maybe a retweet too?! We love you girl! #bristolol X
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Bristol Fashion Week is coming to town! Get your tickets now! #BFWAW14…
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@Josiestweet please spare me a vote,I've been nominated for my fundraising,thank you xxx
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@Josiestweet Hi Josie! We've sent you an invite to Bristol Fashion Week! Hope you can make it! x
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I've just witnessed the bull dog shuffle lmao
@NicolleKSmith: @Josiestweet @SandraMcClumpha @VicFakeBake that's Geordie lol” that's what happens when country bumpkin meets the mad scots
@SandraMcClumpha: @Josiestweet @VicFakeBake of course your an adopted Jock anyway!!! Xx” way aye man!! Lol xx
@sarahlucydaynes @Josiestweet omg where the hell are you gonna loses 10 lb from.....your purse u look bloody amazing x
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@LisaVen: @Josiestweet miss you Josie!!!” You too! I'm just an office recluse now. All be worth it in a minute xx
Big thank you to @VicFakeBake always puts me on a high when I see her #goodEnergy
"Whats that Lassie? Little Timmy fell down the old well and you're too fabulous to care?!"
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Cashew cream, cup soaked cashews, 2 hours in cup of filtered water. Blend in nutribullet with tbs of cider vinegar.
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@KuganCassius: Good to catch up with @audley_Harrison tonight 👍” I'm so jealous!!!!
Lmao just found a pic from back In the day....I thought I was lush mind lol
@sarahlucydaynes: @Josiestweet only 10lb to go! #struggle x” you look amazing!' you do not need to lose 10lb more! X
@RCHDW4T3: @Josiestweet @MailOnline I'm afraid I do 100/0” I do sometimes then I scare myself.
Congratulations! @Rylan & @DanNealOfficial on your engagement. So happy for you both x
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@ashleyljames: Very excited to see my faves @VicFakeBake & @Josiestweet too 👸👸👸” Love you Ash!!
@Josiestweet big love! yeah im good thanks, releasing a new SBTV freestyle soon so stay tuned! Hope you're well!
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@Josiestweet my family make this fresh in Italy and it's true We drink it straight from the barrel and get merry. Feel perfect the next day
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@SarahHorgan_: @Josiestweet one more question? Did you drink while you were healthy eating? X” no but now I try and follow 80/20 rule x
@SarahHorgan_: @Josiestweet I'm on a very strict diet atm, no carbs/sugar! Would I be able to drink this? X” No alcohol if being strict x
@glamourdundee: @Josiestweet but does it get you drunk? Is my question?” I'm half way there on 2nd glass x
I'm not joking if your into red wind organic sulphur free wine - no chemicals is the way forward. No grotty hangover
@lauratom85: @Josiestweet @stephaniepratt @edelelynch @georgegilbey hilarious 'I told him to wait 5 years' cos thats normal!” Lmfao
@georgegilbey: @Josiestweet @stephaniepratt @edelelynch it's making me cringe .. God knows what his Mum will do 🙈” lol I love it
Aww what!! Am I a bad person for wanting to see more of @stephaniepratt and @edelelynch beef lol @georgegilbey you woman magnet!
@Josiestweet You gotta hand the prize to Emma @EmmaWillis beautiful and brilliant �#CBBB
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@FionaFackinELL: @Josiestweet I've gotta watch the plus 1 again now just for that bit” me too!!! My tummy & cheeks are on fire through lol
Actually crying with laughter.....come on Gar.....ya gotta go....
@Josiestweet @audley_Harrison gave me goosebumps! Restores my faith in mankind lol xx
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