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Josh Wood
#ToughMudder. Aptly named.
Few interactions are more awkward than pulling up next to someone you know at a stop light. Wave. Roll down window. How are yo-GREEN LIGHT.
Pre-op snuggles.
Aggie defense led a come-from-behind victory & my hopes/dreams aren't being ruined by the Cowboys. Doesn't feel right. Have I been raptured?
Me: "Did you draw your Bible story in church today?" 5y/o: "No. It's me. I'm pretending to be a king and lighting things on fire." #kids
Still can't believe that we won that game. Defense refused to quit. Unreal. #gigem #12thMan
This game is highly hazardous to my health. #12thMan
Oh, Tennessee. How very Clemson-y of you.
"A lot of people run a race to see who is fastest. I run to see who has the most guts..." - Steve Prefontaine
One of my greatest regrets in life might be watching that "bass no treble" video. Must. Get. It. Out. Of. My. Head.
Tonight, we were all Clemson fans. Then we weren't again. #FSUvsCLEM
Oh Clemson......
This #FSUvsCLEM game is nuts. Clemson just can't put it away.
"It's boots and chaps. It's cowboy hats. It's spurs and latigo. It's the ropes and the reins. And the joy and the pain. And they call the thing rodeo." #tristatefair #tristaterodeo
Thanks, random street corner sign wielding lady. So are you. #Amarillo
I sure do love this little dude.
I'm afraid that they might be unionizing.
I halfway expected that punt to stick in the field up to the laces. It's time to run out the clock & exit this horrible field o' injuries.
Does anyone know what happened to Speedy Noil? #tamuvsrice
And Florida wins a nail-biter over Kentucky. In football.
So, our receivers are crazy good. #12thMan
So, Rice gained 3 points. Then, Rice lost 3. Then, we gained 6 points. Then, we lost 6 points. All in two plays. That was weird. #aggies
So, we discovered the "Bubbles" app today.
"Grandparents accidentally tagging Grandmaster Flash" is a wonderful use of tumblr.…
#Last #night #in #Nashville #Titans #fireworks #hashtag #Am #I #doing #hashtags #right #?
Tony Romo has completed passes to 3 different 49ers. That's one less than Kaepernick.
If the #Cowboys played the #Longhorns, I bet BYU would somehow win.
It's the end of the 1st quarter & my perennially high hopes for the #Cowboys are back to being prayers again. #reality
On the plus side, our defense basically just had two 4 & outs and an interception on one drive. That's impressive, right? #GigEm
On second thought, maybe Charlie Strong's victory Gatorade bath vs. UNT wasn't as undeserved as we all thought.
I would like to personally thank Trey Williams for not doing the Heisman pose. #GigEm
It's game day! #WHOOP #GigEm
My 5 y/o son made this for me and asked if I would stick it to my back for a day. I declined his generous offer.
Adorable, but not helpful.
It's a lovely morning in Amarillo, TX. I just ran 3.01 mi @ a 7'25"/mi pace with Nike+. #nikeplus
The inventor of popcorn ceilings would probably be saddened to learn how much time I've devoted to crankily scraping away his life's work.
So, we're to the "don't take your eyes off of the baby for more than 2 seconds" stage.
"Daddy, you guys don't need to cook. I'm going to be the waitress and cook tonight."
“Let me never fall into the vulgar mistake of dreaming that I am persecuted whenever I am contradicted.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson
It’s Hill to Boone Neiderhoffer for the first 500 yard passing game in A&M history. Just like we all thought...
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School record passing yards for Kenny Hill. Stands at 487 with 8:21 left. Old record was 464 by some guy named Johnny Manziel
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452 yards passing, 3 TDs, 0 INTs, 12 minutes left in the game. Against #9 in the country. That's pretty decent, right? #USCvsTAMU #GigEm
WATTS! Unfortunately, Aggie football has trained me to be horribly uncomfortable until we have a 40 point lead and 2 minutes left to play.
TEXAS A&M, y'all!
Kenny Hill 27/35 299 yards 2 TDs. #YESSIR #GigEm