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Josh Wood
So close. The last #paramountvacay #selfie. See you later, Colorado.
#photobombed #paramountvacay
Today is my beautiful wife's birthday. I got her this birthday shirt. She's wearing it because she's awesome. #paramountvacay
...and we're here. #paramountvacay
#paramountvacay almost all of us. Almost.
#paramountvacay #roadtrip In related news, Wood family selfies are hard to take.
Are you ready for a Wood family invasion, College Station? We're ready & excited to road-trip w/ @mary_graham as she starts her grand new adventure. Also, it'll be good to see the place again. I hear that much has changed in the last few years. #gigem
They're pretty great.
Sad to hear that The Civil Wars are breaking up. So much talent. Can't be too surprised though-apparently they were aptly named.
"Here you go, Daddy. I photocopied you my hugs and kisses tonight since you're all sweaty from running. Goodnight!" - my 10y/o
To the guy in the weight room who's boldly doing Jazzercise w/ no weights: You make everyone's workout experience better. Hilariously better
2 weeks ago: "Do people really buy Coke just because their name is on it?" Tonight: "Hey! That's my name! I don't even drink Coke, but here's $1.75 for you, Coca Cola Company." #cocacola
What is this "sleep" thing people keep raving about? It sounds fantastic. Perhaps I'll get to try it out someday. #helloagain230am
#Amarillo #38 on Forbes "Best Small Places for Businesses and Careers"... #econdev
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Arby's is giving out free Jamocha shakes today if you print out this coupon: I've never had one before. I will now.
It's a Dr. Pepper & a movie with our daughter kind of night. #summer
I don't always take #selfies, but when I do, my family glows in the dark.
I don't always take #selfies, but when I do, my family glows in the dark.
Glow run with the fam.
#tbt "You know what would make a great senior picture? Let's have him sit sideways in this here director's chair and surround him with some random street signs!"
Daughter: "That turtle got its foot stuck in the other turtle's shell!" ...thus began a "birds and the bees" talk. #dadlife
I'm at a wedding reception. These are the signs for the bathrooms. I nervously took a chance on "Opa."
Just tuning in. Wow! Did Germany miss an extra point or fail a 2 point conversion? #WorldCup2014
Wow. Photo of the #Amarillo fire near Soncy Rd. (via @jaredog)
#Amarillo people: anyone know what's on fire in southwest Amarillo? Seems to be near Hillside & Soncy.
So, I wore my Cpt America tshirt to the gym to work out. A 6'5" muscled-up guy next to me wore his also. I feel like his scrappy sidekick.
Between the kids, we've presided over 45 birthdays thus far in our parenting life. We've strategically managed to avoid hosting any of the parties at Chucky Cheese. It is a winning streak that I am proud of. And so it ends....
I just cleaned out one of our kitchen drawers. I realize that we have a lot of kids, but this seems excessive.
We're having a little pre-celebration duck duck goose time...just as John Hancock & his buddies did on this date in 1776. #happyindependenceday
Hanging out in Canyon, TX. #HappyIndependenceDay
I'm at a rodeo. I don't know if I could be more American on this cool July 3 evening. #merica
RT @danbouchelle: 5 Common Questions Leaders Should Never Ask - @HarvardBiz…
Me: "Uh oh. How'd the baby get a cut on his head?" My wife: "That mark? Yeah, that's Nutella."
I've never liked Belgian waffles.
10y/o: "Is Ted Cruz the guy who does those really boring talks that Daddy listens to all the time?" My wife: "No, that's TED Talks...."
Here's a picture of my coffee cup, as mandated by the Instagram bylaws in paragraph four, section seven: "when patronizing #coffee establishments"
C'mon USA! Looks like we've finally ventured into that foreign land known as "their half of the field." #USAvsGermany
My 10y/o daughter won a $5 gift card to Orange Leaf (a local frozen yogurt place). Yesterday, my wife and I found the card on our bed. It was gift-wrapped with this note attached. She's wonderful.
Yep, I'm addicted. #drpepper
It's all about the dipping sauce.
That's definitely his big sister's handwriting.
I went shopping at Sam's and discovered this. I am VERY excited right now.
Fatherhood is one of the greatest joys of my life. I'm overwhelmingly thankful for all these little humans God has blessed us with. Happy Father's Day!
Baby thoughts: "Daddy, I'm sad because I lost my pacifier." Dad thoughts: "It's in your fat roll. You lost your pacifier in your baby fat roll."
I own an orange shirt now. Go ahead and judge me. #gigem #johnnyfootball
So, George Bush turns 90 today and the guy celebrates by skydiving. In related news, our 41st president is awesome.…
family lunch sacking day at City Church.