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Josh Wood
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So close. The last #paramountvacay #selfie. See you later, Colorado.
#photobombed #paramountvacay
Today is my beautiful wife's birthday. I got her this birthday shirt. She's wearing it because she's awesome. #paramountvacay
...and we're here. #paramountvacay
#paramountvacay almost all of us. Almost.
#paramountvacay #roadtrip In related news, Wood family selfies are hard to take.
Are you ready for a Wood family invasion, College Station? We're ready & excited to road-trip w/ @mary_graham as she starts her grand new adventure. Also, it'll be good to see the place again. I hear that much has changed in the last few years. #gigem
They're pretty great.
Sad to hear that The Civil Wars are breaking up. So much talent. Can't be too surprised though-apparently they were aptly named.
"Here you go, Daddy. I photocopied you my hugs and kisses tonight since you're all sweaty from running. Goodnight!" - my 10y/o
To the guy in the weight room who's boldly doing Jazzercise w/ no weights: You make everyone's workout experience better. Hilariously better
2 weeks ago: "Do people really buy Coke just because their name is on it?" Tonight: "Hey! That's my name! I don't even drink Coke, but here's $1.75 for you, Coca Cola Company." #cocacola
What is this "sleep" thing people keep raving about? It sounds fantastic. Perhaps I'll get to try it out someday. #helloagain230am
#Amarillo #38 on Forbes "Best Small Places for Businesses and Careers"... #econdev
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Arby's is giving out free Jamocha shakes today if you print out this coupon: I've never had one before. I will now.
It's a Dr. Pepper & a movie with our daughter kind of night. #summer
I don't always take #selfies, but when I do, my family glows in the dark.
I don't always take #selfies, but when I do, my family glows in the dark.
Glow run with the fam.
#tbt "You know what would make a great senior picture? Let's have him sit sideways in this here director's chair and surround him with some random street signs!"
Daughter: "That turtle got its foot stuck in the other turtle's shell!" ...thus began a "birds and the bees" talk. #dadlife
I'm at a wedding reception. These are the signs for the bathrooms. I nervously took a chance on "Opa."
Just tuning in. Wow! Did Germany miss an extra point or fail a 2 point conversion? #WorldCup2014
Wow. Photo of the #Amarillo fire near Soncy Rd. (via @jaredog)