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Josh Wood
My 9y/o's friend just gave us a whip/nae nae lesson. I'm confident that you neither want to watch me whip nor nae nae.
He's learning karate from his brothers. I think he's got it down. #hey-yah-hey-yah-hey-yah (Please ignore laundry couch. It's laundry time.)
I'm testing out a "feedback" site. Go here: Click "give feedback" & anonymously tell me how I could Twitter better.
Whoa. Surely not. That's 7% of our population!…
FaceTime with friends.
Teacher Barbie's seating chart apparently has Luke Skywalker sitting next to Anakin Skywalker on the back row. Rookie seating chart mistake, Teacher Barbie.
Prayers for the Palmer family. Tragic.…
fyi: this is not the recommended method for eating enchiladas.
I'm working on a new project. More info in link in profile. You can use it to let me know what you think of my Instagram. (Note: apparently there are some issues with using the site on Android. I'm working on it.)
Can you take a few seconds to help me out with a new project of mine? Just follow the short instructions on my blog:….
#throwbackthursday Welcome to middle school, young Josh. You're starting to want a girlfriend. Bad news: it ain't gonna happen for awhile. I blame the glasses. And the sweater. And your total social ineptitude. #straightoutta
I'm almost too old for memes. Almost. #straighoutta
Ted's Escondido. 8 adults. 14 kids. 57 bowls of queso and hot sauce. At least one queso-induced wonderful queso coma. #paramountvacay
#GOPDebate I really loved some of Carson's answers-just wish he had a more passionate presence. Losers: Trump, Fox News moderators.
Trump is getting dangerously close to firing Chris Wallace. And Fox News. And most of America. But not our bankruptcy laws. #FoxNewsDebate
Is this a debate or a "let's get Trump to increase the ratings" festival? #GOPDebate
My daughter frantically rushed from the mailbox, banged on the door, and then barged in on my wife in the bathroom. Why? Because the letter says "OPEN IMMEDIATELY."
I love living close enough to my office that I can go home for lunch. I would hate to miss stuff like this. This kid loves him some #Nutella.
The technological equivalent of watching paint dry. #windows10
#Sharknado3 update: probably one of the greatest endings in made-for-TV-cinematic history.
#Sharknado3 update: Ian Ziering just space jumped through a shark to save his pregnant wife. I dare you to find a better sentence than that.
#Sharknado3 the Hoff just used a space laser to kill Sharknado. Space sharks are threatening the mission.
#Sharknado3 update: a Sharknado-haboob has formed. It appears that the Hoff & Ian Ziering are boarding a space shuttle to fight it. Intense.
#Sharknado3 update: Hasselhoff just made an appearance as a shark-fighting astronaut. The casting for this thing is top notch.
#Sharknado3 update: SharkNascarnado is now a thing that is happening. #SharkNASCARnado
#Sharknado3 update: it's not looking good for that kid from Malcolm in the Middle. He's down 2 legs and an arm. Make that both arms.
#Sharknado3 update: Mark Cuban speared a shark with an American Flag. Tara Reid has a chainsaw for an arm. Al Roker's acting is on point.
Sugar Ray just surfed down shark-filled stairs on a portrait of Abe Lincoln. #Sharknado4 can't possibly top that. #Sharknado3
unsolicited #marriage tip: On our 13th anniversary, my wife found my little black book:…
On our 13th anniversary, my wife found my little black book. The link to the story is in my profile.
New post: On our 13th anniversary, my wife found my little black book.… #marriage
I'm one of those nerds who usually loves politics, but I'm starting to wish I had a separate, non-political, non-mudslinging Twitter.
"I wonder what's taking the boys so long in there?" - "This restaurant must have one of those fast-blowing air dryers." - "Yep."
#Kenya #missions #gigem #Aggies #allthehashtags
More Wood family Kenya photos up on the ol' blog. Link in profile. #missions
Wood family in Kenya part 2: more stories, photos, and the answer to the question, "So, now what?":… #missions
Bravo, #USWNT. Great win! Also, many thanks for giving all of us fellow Americans something fun to unite and root for. #CHAMPS #USAUSAUSA
7 goals so far. I wish all soccer games had 7 goals. This game is fantastic. #USAvJPN
This is madness! Awesome madness! #USAvsJPN #USAUSAUSA
U S A ! U S A ! U S A !
Happy #IndependenceDay, everyone! We celebrated with plenty of food that our founding fathers would've been proud of.
#patrioticpancakes made by our eldest.
Independence Day flag cake preparation.
I have a long history of taking woefully inadequate photos of awesome things that God creates in the sky. Keeping with that tradition, here's my #Venus and #Jupiter convergence photo. Go outside and look up. It's far cooler than I make it look on Instagram.
"Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow. It empties today of its strength." -Corrie Ten Boom
Jupiter and Venus are close to convergence. And it's awesome. Step outside and look if you haven't yet.
A belated Gig 'em from Kenya. #AggiesEverywhere

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