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josh wink
@EdwinOosterwal: New @joshwink1 on @ovumrecordings is pretty amazing #ovum #acid #trip” thanks Edwin! Hope u had a great summer!
My weekly #profoundsounds show on @sxmElectro #ElectricArea radio(Chnl 52)is on this morning at 10AM(ECT).Live from @ConcreteParis in France
Knock knock. who's there? Steve Reich. SteveReich. SteReivech. SReitevche. ReiStechve. ReichSteve. ReicStehve.SteReivech. Steve Reich
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Great BarBQ w vegan options thanks to @DJ_Sneak ystrday! Friends & family in ibiza countryside! #whatitsabout @TheeRealFDHC @djtoddterry 😀
Excited for tonight at amnesia in ibiza on terrace w @lucianocadenza for #origins & #Cocoon
My weekly #profoundsounds show on @sxmElectro #ElectricArea radio(Chnl 52)is on this morning at 10AM(ECT).Live from @DreambeachFest Spain.
Siento comunicarles que #fermazfestival no ha cumplido con el contrato acordado y por lo tanto no podré actuar el próximo sábado sept 6
totally in love with this @KAYTRONIK @ovumrecordings remix:… soulful yet tracky (tech), or the other way around? <3
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My weekly #profoundsounds show on @sxmElectro #ElectricArea radio(Chnl 52)is on tonight at1AM(ECT).Live from @DreambeachFest Spain.
Upset about the cancellation of @ElectricZooNY but life happens& nobody got struck by lightning!No after parties.Aftr 3hr drive-Im in Philly
Oh shit!Jus realized I forgot my computer, power cable,USB stick, controller&CDs right before a gig! Oh yeah.Forgot Im playing vinyl today!
This is the arsenal for #sundayschool at #ezoo #nyc great day ahead at the #vinyonly area
An easy semi traffic free drive from Philly to #NYC for my 1st of 2 gigs @ElectricZooNY Digital today- #VinylOnly 2morrow 4 @SundaySchool 👍
Sad 2 say but @FermazFestival have failed 2 fulfill their contractual agreement & thus I'm unable 2 perform next Sat Sept.6 #fermazfestival
@eats_everything: @joshwink1 @djheidi @RalphusMoorus @ovumrecordings MASSIVE! Played it at DC10 last night.A veritable smasher.” Video plz!
@Faymondo73: It's the @joshwink1 next generation prefer the original mix but hey ho.” Classic!!
My weekly #profoundsounds show on @sxmElectro #ElectricArea radio(Chnl 52)is on tonight -1AM(ECT).Live from @PublicWorksSF part.2 enjoy!
Make sure everyone knows that today is #FrankieKnucklesDay - play his music loud! Thank you Frankie, we love you.
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From door of plane, through custom & airport to a taxi in less than 11mins- during the summer!#globalentry #yes
#london burning! Trying to get to #sw4Fest. Stuck at #bordercontrol #workpermit #longlines #betteraboveclouds
Izuzu made the limited #superfaster diesel edition for Tunisia. I guess pushing, makes it superfaster! #classic #empathy
DJ @joshwink1 dishes on what to expect at his Electric Zoo set
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@sundaephilly:Gettin ready 2 say goodbye 2 a friend.Then we celebrate the life of that friend” Please pay extra respect for me! #outoftown
Alexkid - The Dope [Ovum Recordings]… Still holding strong in the Top 25 #TechHouse Chart @beatport
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@ambivalent: I wish every night was like lastnight. Concrète in Paris was awesome! I agree! Thanks for being a part of it! And #congrats 😀
Great time in Porto for #neopop festival! Now #concrete in Paris 2nite for @ovumrecordings 20 with my newly married friend @ambivalent 😀
Time for a little home brewed lavender-elderberry #kombucha
A Birthday big enough to get me from the USA to Dj @SpaceIbiza. Happy birthday brother-@LocoDiceOFC no sleep & ready!
My weekly #profoundsounds show on @sxmElectro #ElectricArea radio(Chnl 52)is on tonight -10AM(ECT).Live @BetaNightclub in denver, colorado!
My weekly #profoundsounds show on @sxmElectro #ElectricArea radio(Chnl 52)is on tonight -1AM(ECT).Live @BetaNightclub in denver, colorado!
13hrs in #LosAngeles, 90min set @HARDFEST - #traffic, a rare rain, dinner w friends & 2hrs sleep. Now on plane heading home. Was great fun!
@deadxboy: dancing with a grilled cheese in my hand during @joshwink1's set is the positive highlight of everything” hopefully Purell too!
"i know you're all here.. for the underground shit, right? it's a little bit smaller but... that's how we like it!" -@joshwink1 #HARDSummer
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@TheSkeletonBoy: @joshwink1 youre such a huge inspiration for me im so glad i got to see you!” Glad you enjoyed! Thanks for kind words!
Just landed in LA. Not used to this kind of traffic. However, enough time to make it to my 7pm set @HARDFEST Lookin 4ward 2 it! #hardsummer
My weekly #profoundsounds show on @sxmElectro #ElectricArea radio(Chnl 52)is on today at 10AM(ECT).Live @ShineNightclub, #vancouver Canada!
Heads up to anyone heading to @HARDFEST @joshwink1 is now playing at 7PM in the Green tent! #HARDSUMMER #joshwink #20VUM
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Live for 2hrs in the mountains of ibiza on @ibizasonica radio in 10mins. 95.2FM #ibizalife
My weekly #profoundsounds show on @sxmElectro #ElectricArea radio(Chnl 52)is on 2nite-1AM(ECT).Live @ShineNightclub, #vancouver Canada!
Unfront on the 767 heading to Brussels & @tomorrowland @cafedanvers festival! Tomorrow! I'm bringing some sun to ya!