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Why do people have a problem dropping offline messages, I need that reply you know
You're resigned to gamble on your heart today, especially if y... More for Scorpio
#Np James fauntelroy - Fertilizer
Just like a mustard seed size of faith can get you through so does Doubt operate. #KeepBelieving #GoodMorning #GodGotYou
You might be wondering about your future, but you don't want o... More for Scorpio
All the time God is good.
Lord help me. I must get this movement running, I must
then it's butterflies in your belly @misjayyy I didn't
No light since yesterday evening for the first time in 5 months
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today makes it 3days @PweetyAnne_ No light since yesterday evening for the first time in 5 months
who told u to eat amala by this time @misjayyy My tummy is paining me
wait till he's tatted everywhere @misjayyy Omarion so fresh😍😍😍😍
Chelsea..... I'm ashamed
You are such a realist by nature that you know your current en... More for Scorpio
Never take advantage of someone's trust.
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His first speech, he swiftly moved command centre from Abuja to the war zone and i cheered like every other clueless civilian.
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Mistakes makes us who we are today. So don't regret them and learn from them.
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jaypheely @TheRealTife IG HANDLES!!!
For the friends we made here and have turned out to be relevant. You are too much👊👊👊
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Sometimes you dive into an emotional situation with such aband... More for Scorpio
This song LOST got me lost in myself.
You're finally able to breathe easy as the recent eclipse vola... More for Scorpio
Happy independence Nigeria. Stay green #OneNation
Even if you think you're fully aware of the emotional dynamics... More for Scorpio
Lagos was wonderful. Thanks to friends like you that made it happen. Yes you
This DJ Embassy is messing up the vibe. Has messed up Vector, Blackmagic, CDQ's set. #HennessyArtistry2015
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This Dj should never be hired for another gig ever. #HennessyArtistry2015
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Although your actions are well-intended and you enjoy the appr... More for Scorpio
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You may feel as if you're back into the swing of things now th... More for Scorpio
You are on a creative streak now, but may worry how long you c... More for Scorpio
You just can't stop obsessing over something that's been bothe... More for Scorpio
Show Dem Camp. Happy weekend sir. POUND IT!!#HennessyArtistry2015
Your friends and relatives might not be the most enthusiastic ... More for Scorpio
#Np The weekend - Shameless
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invest in yourself.
cos it doesn't, it makes u look Ramy @Bevarli Nose rings doesn't make anybody slutty tho,
garri and groundnut @pam_E_chic I dont even know how nigerians were surviving before indomie
Pearl dear, pls win something. I scared for you. #MtnProjectFame
jeff is just too good. can't imagine anyone else coming first place. #MtnProjectFame
Baby mama things is slowly becoming the way to create the next generation.
When your common sense starts to leave your body, because catching feelings 😒
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cash only, no cheque, no refunds. come tomorrow

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