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Joshua Estrin
celebrity gossip 430,630 followers
Bam! RT @DennisLiotta: @TheKitchenGaily @JoshEstrin I am ready to take on that challenge. Bring your best game!
Hiya RT @sweetpjess: @JoshEstrin all these people saying hello, it's been a minute so, HELLO! Hope you're well!
Xo love ya RT @MeredithUOR: @JoshEstrin love ya too! #FF Happy TGIF :)
Thnks u too RT @5SecofIrwie: @JoshEstrin Happy Friday! x
Enjoy ! RT @elainelee13: @JoshEstrin Yes! Happy Friday! Have a great weekend! :-)
Hugs RT @AMBEJ0: @JoshEstrin you better believe it!πŸ˜ƒ Happy Friday JoshπŸŒŸβ˜€οΈ
@JoshEstrin #Hell2TheYes ! Road trippin tomorrow for some tailgating fun @UVA football ..have a great wkend! xo
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Xo RT @nutmeg237: @JoshEstrin #FF🌻WeekendWishes🌻
U too !! RT @smythedana: @JoshEstrin Good Morning! And Happy Friday to you!
Stand w/me support #GUACAMOLE Nat. Guacamole Day: It's Not Easy Being Green via @HuffPostTaste .@FoodNetwork @CA_Avocados xo @JoshEstrin
Got a long layover? Visit one of these airports with the best spa and beauty treatments.
Movie Review: β€˜The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby,’ by Ned Benson
Good Morning ! Happy it's #Friday? Gimme a #Hell2TheYes
No you are !!! RT @dannyblujunkie: @JoshEstrin You're awesome. :)
Group hug RT @Melanyb12: @JoshEstrin @StephenCaggiano πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ‘πŸ‘
Big thanks RT @StephenCaggiano: He's a neat Guy. @Melanyb12 @JoshEstrin I think this will be the beginning of ...
Oh him lol RT @StephenCaggiano: No worries. @Melanyb12 While You're there, see if You can connect with @JoshEstrin, if You haven't already.
Aw come one xo RT @dannyblujunkie: That moment when @JoshEstrin likes one of my Instagram pics. Feeling a ...
Loves ya RT @MeredithUOR: you got it! only the very best for you! :) RT @JoshEstrin: @MeredithUOR no potter earwax candy please lol
Big hug buddy RT @patchyskies: @JoshEstrin ha ha love ya Josh!
#poledancer RT @hashtracking: @StephenCaggiano @JoshEstrin No kidding he is the bomb in those flying kicks of his! #mediachat
I know what jerk lol RT @StephenCaggiano: That Guy has a backstage pass to everything... @hashtracking @JoshEstrin #MediaChat
Ssh I didn't pay RT @hashtracking: @StephenCaggiano @JoshEstrin Josh in the house? How did he sneak in? #mediachat
Hmmmm RT @patchyskies: @JoshEstrin fallen angel ? πŸ˜‰
Angel that's a lot of pressure RT @patchyskies: @JoshEstrin if only you're my angel πŸ˜‰
Not you devil RT @patchyskies: @JoshEstrin hablo poco papi πŸ˜• but I understood diablo#naughtyy πŸ˜‰πŸ˜œ
Diablo --- habla espanol ? RT @patchyskies: @JoshEstrin 😊😍😈
Oct Nashville me :-) RT @yourmom1974: @JoshEstrin too late... it's all gone now. if ever you're in tn, I'll make you some. #promise
Did I know you were on #twitter ? RT @Barron00: @JoshEstrin I am always good! Sssh
One in every crowed ;-) xo RT @lyricrun: "@JoshEstrin: FAVE? Sugar, Spice or everything nice?" Salty. :)
Amen and almond ;-) RT @bellenikita: @JoshEstrin There are some pretty awesome combos of sugar AND spice ;)
Gimme gimme gimme lol RT @patchyskies: @JoshEstrin get me a plane ticket and a place to sleep and I'm there πŸ˜˜πŸ˜‰πŸ‘
Woot woot RT @orangehazel: @JoshEstrin I would love to- it's always just me & the dog watching tv together. I would even make snacks!
I watching your spaghetti lol RT @yourmom1974: @JoshEstrin I've got spaghetti... does that count? whatcha watching?
me my dear friend :) RT @JoshEstrin: I am so ON THE COUCH tonight with NETFLIX who will join me? Who will bring snacks? : )
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