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Josh Devine
I have THE best video, scared @LewisStokes1 so badly! Stay tuned.. One day soon it's coming!! :)
Missing Bournemouth already.. Hate being away from that place :(
Off to see the beautiful @M1Jarvis at the @1MuscleMachine! Time to get ripped. Bye bye fat
Great night out in Bournemouth with @JarradCarter @LewisStokes1 and @An7honyThorpe! Mashed up the rave kuz!!
Just saw 2 men and a woman skinnydip in the sea at 1:16am... I thought we were mad!
We don't do wetsuits... Freeeeeezing!
The sea was so cold.
Looks like it's time to swim in the freezing sea!
Off for breakfast with the lads. What to do today? Surfing? Paintballing?
Bournemouth baby! Breakfast time! :)
Calm before the karaoke @bendevine1994..
Happy to announce @JoshDevineDrums & @sandybeales will join us on stage at our London show TICKETS HERE ====>…
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I think I want scissor doors on my Scirocco R..... yes or no?
I'm sleepy... Follow spree tomorrow?? Night Xx
Great night hanging with @BenDevine1994 and his mates from Uni! Great people. Ben killed it on the karaoke.. Forgot he has an amazing voice!
This karaoke night is hilarious....
Out with @BenDevine1994 at his Uni! Missed this guy!
Big shoes Little shoes @hollyfarnworth! #Adidas
Outlast on PS4.... THE scariest game I think I have ever played.... Addicted!
Just caught up on Xfactor, proud of my buddie @JakeQuickenden !! He's such a good lad, KEEP VOTING people! #Xfactor2014
That film brings so many awesome memories back to me... That's the sorts thing ima watch in 20 years and remember the good old days aha x
I'm in the cinema watching the film.. In little things people in HERE started waving there phones?!?! What is happening! Hahaha
50 @JoshDevineDrums marathon votes: WE'RE LOSING when you receive this, tweet it to 50 people! let's do this for the boys❤ #EMABiggestFans1D
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Great time with @JoshDevineDrums and @craigblundell yesterday. Special thanks to Josh for abusing my Facebook!
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Missing the 5 seconds lads!! Some of the most genuine people you can meet! True legends!
Apparently it's hug a drummer day again @Ashton5SOS??! Come give me a hug brother!!
Yesterday was @M1Jarvis birthday!! Super soldier is one year older! Send him some love!! #BetterLateThanNever
Slept all day so far!! :) jet lag I'm beating you!!! Time for shower and food...
So good to see @pottsydrums today, such a legend!! Great to see @craigblundell too! Been too long boys! Some beautiful new cymbals too!
PRODUCT NEWS:- We'll have more news on the @JoshDevineDrums signature @VaterDrumsticks stick shortly.You could own a pair by christmas!
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Been awake 3 hours. It's 7am. Ha. Good morning England!
Jet lag and I are NOT friends. PS4 it is then.
Loved seeing my little brother today for early breakfast! @bendevine1994 he's definitely enjoying uni life!!
Forgot how fast my car is... Feels strange driving on the left again!
Home sweet home! ❤️
Okay I definitely am not dressed right for this weather.... ☔️❄️
So here's part 2 of my friend @tchristian03 skit.. Check it out, someone yall know makes an appearance! ;)…
Home time!!!!!!! Americas been fun but there's no place like home! :)
Stadium tour is over! Can't believe this is my life!! Although I am covered in Flour, Nutella and whatever else @Louis_Tomlinson cooked up..
Listening to @5SOS soundcheck some Slipknot songs has made my day!! Gonna miss these boys!!!!
Hanging with @JoshDevineDrums today at soundcheck. He is one of the coolest guys you can meet. Yahoo. Charlotte.
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Last show of the WWA tour!!! Can't believe it's finished already! Thank you so much @onedirection for another great year :) #Blessed
That drive was long... "I'M IN MIAMI BITCH!!" Slee-eee-ee-ee-ee-ee-ee-ep. 😴😴😴