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Jordin Sparks
songwriter theatre actor singers 4,066,436 followers
All I can think abt is beef patties, folding/coco bread, jerk chix & oxtail & I dont have the ability 2 make ANY of that. LMAO #thestruggle
Now, what's for dinner? Ha! 😁
PS: YES, I love my amazing fans. Whether you've been keeping up since I was 14, when Idol started, or just now. Thank you.<3 #youkeepmegoing
Anyway, I still have a lot of work to do & I have so much more coming for people to hate on. lol </rant> #gladtwitterisonly140characters
Yes, I'm NOT perfect. Yes, I feel, get embarrassed, sad, scared & terrified. Yes, I cry. Yes, I'M HUMAN.
Yes, I'm a Christian. Yes, I absolutely love my friends/fans who love who they love. Yes, I mess up.
Yes, I'm a mixed girl. Yes, I'm proud of it. Yes, it's true that I never saw color & I don't understand why it still matters.
Yes, I know you've heard that before. Yes, I know you're frustrated. Yes, I want to sing something new more than anything.
Yes, I'm really tall. Yes, I still get nervous before I perform. Yes, I'm mad as hell about the BRICK WALLS I have to keep breaking 4 music.
Yes, I'm ALWAYS smiling. Yes, I'm in love w/ a gorgeous Haitian man. Yes, I'm actually this happy & positive.
Maaaaan, people find ANYTHING to hate on what I post. Crazy. They are #FRENCHpressed for sure. Sheesh. #aintnobodygottimeforthat
I'm hosting! 😁 MT@CinemoiNAA July 27th is when it happens!! Aug 3rd it will be broadcast!! So be sure to mark your…”
I have so much energy! I just cleaned & detailed my entire car. ✨🚗✨
CHALLENGE: smile & say hi to someone in passing. You never know how it can change someone's day! 😁
Second workout session down! Hot yoga! Phew! I feel amazing! 🙏#getitrightgetittightt#speezyfitnesss
Being able to perform with the love of your life is definitely a plus! Love you babe! 😍 Cc: @jasonderulo (thank you to the person who took this pic)
Haha thanks! 😚 MT@justjaredjrr@JordinSparkss Looks Amazing with No Makeup After Vacation/arrives back in
Rise & shine!! Time to MOVE! #getitrightgetittight 💪
'Cuz this mornin, there's a calm I can't explain. The rock candy's melted only diamonds now remain...' 🙌@JohnMayerr - Clarity#NPP
Disney & lashes!? You got me @ardell_lashes! 💋
I'm seeing everything w/ different eyes. I feel so...good. I can breathe! #withHimallthingsarepossible 🙌
The Word hit me right in the heart today. Romans 12:2. I have some re-evaluating to do.