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Jordan Liam Quinn
Them people who have mammy and daddy pay everything are just the worst.
Task Force Black. ISIS are fucked.
Loved spending a lot of the weekend up Kilvey Hill, No money needed and seeing my city from all the way up there puts things in perspective
You know someone is a true friend when they defend you in your absence.
Seeing 50 cent take the piss out of Floyd Mayweather has made my morning.
Kettle water bucket challenge... now that I would watch.
Think I'll watch Soccer AM tomorrow because @TEMPA_T
Cash rules everything around me'
Determined to go to America next year'
Almost everything i've looked forward to this year has been fucked up either because of £££ or unreliable dickheads and letdowns.
"moms spaghetti" - eminem
Had a really good night last night, drinking from 12 onwards even though a few people need to up their drinking game cos they cant hang'
Two day deep underground and tech house adventure, here we come #rehabswansea
The early bird catches the worm and I'm ready to get a shitload of em'
Todays lunch consists of a Fruit Salad with Greek yoghurt and a @BSNSupplements cookies and cream protein shake. #HEALTH
Well I had an awesome fucking day yesterday, see if I can keep this positive attitude for a long while now
Touch it, bring it babe, watch it, Turn it, leave it, stop, format it.
Can't be fucked for work today rather some hard liquor and class a's the stinking mood I'm in.
What a shit fucking day
Will I fuck tuck my top in for work... the only people who tuck polo shirts into trousers are darts players and those with a midlife crisis