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Jordan Jansen
I'll be reading all the comments on my new video tonight and picking the 5 winners, I'll tweet all 5 people before I go to bed :)
this voice here now is just too awsome.. his voice fades away all my pain @JordanJansen so in love with ur voice
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I'm still sending out DM's, going as fast as I can, sorry in advance or how cheesy they are haha :P
I'm going to DM everyone who asks they're followers to watch it. Cheeky dm's coming your way ;)…
Have you watched my new cover yet of "You Ruin Me". Let me know what you think? <3…
Don't forget to leave your twitter name with your comments so I know you've entered it for the contest & I know who you are <3
Still time left to enter my contest. They'll be FIVE winners! Click here for details & check my tweets 4 extra info!…
i'm in love with this amazing cover of @JordanJansen it's perfectYou Ruin Me - The Veronicas (cover by Jordan Jans…:
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Don't forget to leave your twitter name at the end of your comment so I know who you are :)…
Heres a pic of the armbands I'll be sending. Check my last tweet for details! I'll send them to anywhere in the world
COMPETITION TIME! Leave as many comments as you like on my new cover of "You Ruin Me" saying why you like ...
Have you seen my new cover of "You Ruin Me" by The Veronicas?… Some random retweeters may want to check their Dms ;)
@JordanJansen Jordan, you sound so beautiful on this song!! LOVE hearing it with guy vocals!! Keep singing from the heart cutie X love J&L X
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Thanks so much for watching my cover @TheVeronicas of your song! Loved your performance on X-Factor of it, absolutely perfect xx
Thank you so much to everyone who has tweeted my video, if you've tweeted it & I don't follow you, let me know <3…
OMG GO LISTEN THE NEW @JordanJansen 's COVER PLEASE HÉ IS AWESOME : ❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😘😘😘
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You Ruin Me - The Veronicas (cover by Jordan Jans…: I'M IN LOVE WITH @JordanJansen HIS VOICE AND THIS SONG.
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You must watch this video! You Ruin Me - The Veronicas (cover by Jordan Jansen) @JordanJansen A must see video!!!!!!!
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Check out @JordanJansen 's new cover "You Ruin me" by The Veronicas! Like and comment+ share 🎧🎧
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Watch it, watch it, watch it, it's so good 😍@JordanJansenn 's cover of You Ruin Me by The
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Congratulations to @CarissaMarjorie @Romi_suarezJB & @RyanLamont for getting the first 3 comments on "You Ruin Me" -…
Can anyone else see the comments on my new video? I can see them coming in through my email but there are none showing up on the video :(
Here it is, my new cover "You Ruin Me" by @TheVeronicas -
So how many of you guess the song already? Indirectly guessing doesn't count ;)
10 more minutes until my new cover is live. I'm going to tweet whoever gets the first 3 comments <3 #10minutes
My new cover will be live at 5pm, thats just under 2 hours from now, are you subscribed yet?… xx
I may look professional in my next cover... But secretly I have boxers and slippers on the half you can't see ;)
Getting ready to film the video for my new cover so it should be up later on today! Who can guess what it is?!
Whats on everyones Christmas Wish List this year? I honestly have no idea but during the year I want things & come Christmas I cant remember
Calling all @katyperry KatyCats! Dress up as a KatyCat like me and tag #wearekatycats #nameofyourcity e.g. #sydney to go in the running to win the ultimate Katy Perry experience courtesy of  @Telstra! If you tag me in the picture, I’ll choose one lucky winner to also get some signed katy perry merch
There's a chance that the tweet about my equipment failing was fake... and was a hint instead ;)
So my editing software just crashed when I'm working on my cover... You're ruining me, Logic... -,-
Working on my new cover, I made the track today & will record the vocals tonight. I've decided to keep it Australian, love this song!
And a special mention to the Jordaneers who came out, we all froze together in our little group! Love hacking your phones & taking selfies<3
THANKYOU to everyone who came out for #LightTheNight. It looked amazing with the lanterns lit up! More than 600 people walked with Lanterns!
Any suggestions on what I should cover next? :)
@JordanJansen This is where the snake started to wrap itself around his neck. Jordy was so close to getting eaten :)🐍
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Please subscribe to @JordanJansen's youtube and check out his videos ->… <3
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Getting ready for tonights performance at Broadwater Parklands for Light the Night. I'll be on stage from 6.05 - 6.30. Hope you can come <3
I'm going to send a cheesy DM to everyone who shares the photo on the link and tweets me a screenshot of your post!…
1 night until #LightTheNight whos coming? I'll be singing a few songs so come hang out! Check my tweets for details!…
"Like" this pic if you like my balance skills haha!…