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Jordan Jansen
So I just realized it's not my first day of holidays, It's like my third. Guess I need more coffee ;) #wakeupbrain
Sitting in a cafe playing games on my laptop for my first day of school holidays. Although I had to get out of bed, it's totally worth it :)
If y'all don't know who @JordanJansen is then here's his new cover Fireproof by 1D💞 seriously my fav youtuber😍…NuF -B
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Have a listen to this amazing song - Open Arms by Journey - Jordan Jansen Cover: @JordanJansen Like and subscribe
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Goodnight everyone, THANKS so much for all the comments & chatting on my new cover of "Fireproof" by One Direction!…
Replying to your comments right now! Would really mean a lot if you could please hit the "like" button :) <3…
I'm replying to comments on my new cover of "Fireproof" by @onedirection :) Come say hey!…
Here it is, my new cover of "Fireproof" by @onedirection -… xx
21 minutes remaining, who will get the first comment?
Just finished recording the video, I'll import & edit it now then start the upload so still a little while to go! xx
Working on a new cover, hope to have it ready soon so I can post tonight! <3
Have you seen @JordanJansen's cover of Stay With Me?… it's an amazing cover, you guys should check it out :)
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If you're around the Gold Coast area on the 28th, come along to this special presentation I'll be taking part in -…
Thanks for chatting with me! I'm really sorry if I didn't get to reply to your tweet, hopefully next time! :) <3 xx
Trying to get through as many tweets as I can so my replies might be delayed! Sorry if I don't get to yours.
Feel like doing a tweet spree! Tweet me questions or whatever and I'll do my best to reply to everyone :) <3 I'll be following too xx
Have you checked and subscribed @JordanJansen's youtube yet?… Guaranteed to find something you like
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The Greenroom Project Junior returns + Grease Workshop with special guest ROB MILLS ! -
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THANKS Morgan for ur letter, ur amazing & Im so proud of you. You never left ur twitter name for me though :( I hope I can meet you one day!
Stayed up late last night only to realize i had to be up at 6 for a class. #coffeewhereyouatboo still so beyond proud of @JordanJansen and how far he has come. Check out his cover of Stay with me.
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I just put the kettle on to make a coffee then went to my room & someone has hidden the kettle on me. #DontMessWithMeWhenINeedCoffee
Mum won’t let me wear my winter onesies so I found one without sleeves #winning…
Tempted to stay up until 3am to watch the new iPhone 6 release live! Who thinks I should? xP
Just remembered tonight is my training night with @GuyAndrewsTV in 5 minutes. Guess I better take off my onesie and get there :(
After trying to make a certain cake 4 times, i still haven't made it properly. I ruin it everytime 😂 Maybe cooking isn't my thing...
Selfies with my Nanna @NannaMarilyn. Isn't she the cutest <3
You guys should enter this competition & then take me with you if you win :D…
At the All You Can Eat buffet in Jupiters Casino and I honestly feel like I'm going to explode, sooo full!
Eating healthy tonight, my trainer will be proud :)
How cool are these turtle cupcakes?!
Here's the interview I did in Sydney a few weeks back - Naked Youtuber - Question and Answer video -…
THANKS so much for all the love, support & comments on my new video "Stay With Me" it really means a lot <3…
Did you catch @JordanJansen's cover of @samsmithworld's "Stay With Me" yet?… Comment, like, share and subscribe <333
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Getting some school work done like a loner in @gloriajeansrobina so thought I'd take a selfie 🙈 #lovemycoffee
Another amazing cover by @JordanJansen♥ Go like and subscribe :) "Stay With Me"…
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12:01am - Happy Birthday to the most amazing woman I know, Mumma Jansen <3 Hope you have an amazing birthday xx
Stay With Me by Sam Smith - @JordanJansen I think I'm in love with your cover Jojo! 😍😳⭐🎶�…Y#perfectrfect
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