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Jordan Jansen
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I've been so tired lately, so glad I have no school classes tomorrow, I could sleep for a year!
Have you watched my cover of Open Arms by @JourneyOfficial Let me know what you think, I'm answering comments now!…
Thanks for your guys help! Ended up having a wrap from Subway ☺
If you liked @zeekpower's cover you can download it here: iTunes - Who thinks I should do a cover of it?
Heading out shortly for Take-Away, whats everyones favourite take-away dinner? I don't know what to have!
Hey guys! I'm a big fan of upcoming Aussie artist @zeekpower. Check out his cover for "Don't You Think It's Time" -…
Check out @JordanJansen’s latest cover ‘Open Arms’ by Journey. Such a great voice! #AUYT
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Got a JB Hifi gift card from school for helping out other students with their assignments. Such a great feeling when kindness is rewarded!
Everybody do me a huge favor and watch @JordanJansen's newest cover. Like and subscribe♥…
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I'm reading all the new comments on my video. Thankyou so much everyone you guys are amazing, support means so much!…
Check out @JordanJansen new cover Open Arms by Journey - Jordan Jansen Cover… It's amazing
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Goodnight Everyone! Thanks for chatting. I'll read all your comments when I wake up & reply <3…
Congratulations to Lauren at @JJansenPromo for getting the first comment on "Open Arms" -…
Was just about to go into total meltdown thinking it had failed & it finished! Here it is, "Open Arms" by Journey…
Video says its uploaded and processing now! Another 4 minutes, thats the quickest its ever taken :)
Got up at 5.30am today, didn't get home until 6pm. Have recorded the video, edited the video and done an assignment for school! #SoTired
15 minutes left, wonder who will get the first comment? Are you subscribed yet?…
Just finished editing my new cover video, who's going to be awake in 35 minutes? :)
Not a fan of early mornings. Took this on my way to QUT this morning.
Check out my last Retweet! My vocal coach @mwvocalstudios is offering $25 trial vocal lessons! Check him out if you've ever wanted to sing!
This just might be the best water challenge I've seen yet.…
We had an unrehearsed jam session at our M&G last Saturday in Brisbane ft. a random guest. Check the video out here!…