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Jesse M
Why stupid Vanessa ugh
I need a picture uploaded like yall she is so bad omg
Jackie on #bb17 tonight looks soooooo good yall I'm screaming
I'm just chilling here in Cedar Rapids.
I've almost been hit by two cars this week that have ran red lights. :-)
Yall help I need a 3DS charger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Remember a couple of days ago I couldn't find my DS, well I found it but now it is dead and idk where the charger is. :-(((
PSA📢: Due to how hot it is outside now, the gas money I charge will automatically include the A/C being on both to and from the destination
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why did I just get so nauseous omfg
Hope mystery meat is stalking my social media accounts and realizes how cool I am :-)
Also rent due on Aug 1st just too move in Aug 20th is v. lame.
Y'all have no idea how excited I am to live with Ben and David though!!!!
The name of our last roommate was announced and I can't find his social media anywhere. :-(
#GrowingUpPoor "what's for dinner mom?" "Find something"
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When you hear someone taking trash about you and they don't know you're in the room.
My eyebrow looks flawless but I'm secretly the Loch Ness monster and am hiding a huge zit. :-)
Found my ds but idk where the charger is :-(
I just want someone to shake up the house. You guys have poor taste in reality TV I s2g. #bb17
#90s #BB17 HOH Comp calls for a #tbt photo of me from the 90's ✌🏼�
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I hate shelli why :-( #bb17
Yall act like Becky didn't host the veto competition on last nights episode. Smh. #bb17
Anyone who chooses love over money on Big Brother is a fool. Disappointed in Austin. #BB17
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I just want to play Pokemon :/
I can't find my DS :((
Retweet if you wish you got all this for your 10th birthday!
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RT & follow for a chance to win this t-shirt! There may be many colors but we know #GreenIsTheNewBlack! 💚
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i hate people like this... we get... you vape
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I fw @JokesterJesse so much 😩 HE IS EVERYTHING. the love of my life omg 😅
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someone give me access to their hulu bc I am over netflix and I have nothing better to do. :-(
Also my glasses came in so here's some more cuteness for your day :-)
Stop sleeping on my IG posts yall

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