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"Hostile browsers, tiny screens, slow connection speeds, touch inputs are opportunities." —@TrentWalton
Undermining does the opposite of overachieving. (May 2010)
Although doing the right thing can always go wrong, do it anyways and see.
Congratulations to @ireneau in her new design role at KV: via @vkhosla
"Don't confuse effort with result, or else your system produces effort, not result." —Donella Meadows
Bill Shannon transforms his physical constraints into art: via @poptech
Incrementalism is a winning strategy when you totally forget to stop.
"Physical systems with multiple inputs and outputs are subject to self- or system-imposed limits." —Donella Meadows
"Life is funny if you remember to laugh at it." —@jshefrin
"Don't weigh the bad news more heavily than the good. And keep standards absolute." —Donella Meadows
"The letters are different because the designer is different." —Matthew Carter: via @TEDTalks
"Immobility is to the human body what rust is to the classic car." —@thehappycity via @msquinn
Summary of @greenstart Katie Dill's take on "critique" from @phineasb x @ideo event: via @bobulate
The audience is increasingly becoming the medium: via @TIME
Waiting is the time spent *not* living.
Thrown-away lists collected by Adriane Herman reveal our psyche: via @poptech
"I first changed majors from math to geology so I could go camping …" —artist Reuben Margolin
Winning an argument is less important than coming to a solution.
In case you yearn to "open mailbox" in Zork:
"It's hard to read emotions in emails. So don't try." —@DianaUrban via @jasonlcarvalho
The skill to improvise is to unhesitatingly realize a desirable accident.
"If [the orange] were blue, it would be wrong." —Bruno Munari on Good Design:
Momentum keeps the stopping away from the going. #from2010
"Nobody cares about your product. Fundamentally, what users care about is themselves." —@lauraklein. via @pspear