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John Maeda
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"Incrementalism is the enemy of creativity." and "Peripheral vision is the best vision." —@nnegroponte #ddi2014
Friends are the fabric softener in an otherwise heavy-duty wash cycle of life.
"In 1977, there were peer-reviewed articles that said that the idea of touching a screen was 'stupid.'" —@nnegroponte
"Design is about how you make people feel." —@om…
"The original ethos of the @medialab: to have the discipline of being interdisciplinary." —@nnegroponte
"In the 70s, Bob Noyce would bring by little brown bags filled with memory chips for my group trying to build color displays." —@nnegroponte
Prof Federico Casalegno opens the 1st Design Driven Innovation conference at MIT:
Unnecessary conflict is desired by those who have a missing peace.
Design used to be the sauce you'd reach for in the cupboard; now it's the broth you need at the start of the recipe.
Postcard from @poptech: @Joi Ito talking "antifragile" as things that get stronger when stressed or attacked.
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"Make a mountain and then go thru it. Arrive at the top. Walk down it, and you'll become what you have learned." —@ishii_mit via @jshefrin
Fav wisdom in 2010 from a mentor: "Holding a grudge is like eating poison -- hoping the other person dies."
With @ishii_mit and his students' magnificent shape display – watch his epic #PopTech talk:…
"Do something instead of killing time. Because time is killing you." —@paulocoelho via @hunterleesoik
The new @wordnik adopt-a-word service is now open for you to support your favorite word:
"I admire rebels who are able to enter a system and change things from within." —@curiousoctopus via @brainpicker
Innovation is born when art meets science.… via @jknox78251 #PopTech
"Treat others as they would have done unto *themselves*." —@DrHelenFisher introduces the Platinum Rule at #PopTech:…
"If you want to make a difference in someone's life, showing up is key."—Regina Dugan #PopTech via @BeSenate_5
My #PopTech highlight was getting to scoop ice cream with fellow @MIT alum @BobMetcalfe (w/ photo by @iam_jonathan)
"We need to get smarter in ways that match the challenges we now face." —David Edwards @WIRED… via @BlueSchoolNYC
After seeing @finkd speak Chinese I'm inspired to learn too:…
An anthem for creative integrity based on @iamjohnoliver's work, by Bob @Lefsetz:… via @lmholliday
"The separation of ads and journalism should be like the separation of guacamole and twizzlers." —@iamjohnoliver…
calling all aspiring engineers: ready to make an impact this summer? apply to @KPCBFellows ->
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In a hyperactive world, "stillness is the deepest rebellion," says @DonnaDCruz #poptech
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Skills become meaningful when they are applied to a worthy problem of your own awakening and need-to-responding.
The choices in life we make have downsides and upsides. Welcome the former as how to learn; avoid the latter as comfort. Keep choosing.
"The odds are irrelevant if it’s possible and it matters, you take the shot and you never give up." —Regina Dugan…
The girl-power message we need - || My take on Regina Dugan's talk at #poptech yesterday...
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Thanks to @foratv, between now & the time we release our packaged #PopTech talks, you can rewatch ANY & ALL talks!!…
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"Vision comes from art and philosophy, and not from needs or technology." —@ishii_mit #poptech via @liligulbert
The leaves are turning beautiful colors in Camden, Maine today #nofilter needed. Thank you @poptech!
Backstage @ishii_mit prepares to give the closing talk at #PopTech. Watch it live 10:30am EDT
Too little confidence, and you're unable to act; too much confidence, and you're unable to hear.
Day 1 notes from #PopTech, by @RodrigoATCG are visually interconnected.
"A movement needs to be open to its critics. The critics can't be silenced. Truth needs other truths."—@parkerjpalmer
"The 'save the world' mantra makes you have to think about *who* you are saving. And to question, 'Who am I to save anyone?'" —@courtwrites
"The true value of a person lies here [points to head], here [points to heart], and comes out here [gestures outwardly]." —@parkerjpalmer
My key takeaway from #PopTech thus far: If you choose to be a rebel, you are irrationally choosing to be uncomfortable.