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John Maeda
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Design blurs the line between beauty and functionality, hope and pragmatism.
A relationship without conflict is a blissfully unhealthy one.
Douglas E. Smith (1960 - 2014) created Lode Runner in the summer of 1982:
We forget now how long it took for the iPod to work. Looked like a flop or a hobby for 4 years.
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Last week's Apple roundup from @kpcb's @mabb0tt @AnjneyMidha @mmurph and coverage by @emilychangtv:
The younger visionary is good at finding new keys, and the older visionary is good at knowing which doors to open.
Ending the week positively means that skill and luck worked in your favor.
"It was an old-fashioned love letter of the most glorious kind." —@NYTStyles
Sketchnote by @neillyneil of @ireneau's #mtpcon talk on the importance of thoughtful (vs careless) design
Three principles (est Feb '14) for using design in startups successfully, for the @WSJ:
My 14-minute closing address at @mhacks on @umich, @MIT, and the late Dr. Wiesner and Dr. Vest: via @MLHacks #mhacks
Communication bridges the divide between the get-its and the get-nots.
"Lack of resources will force you to craft an interesting way to get it done." —@metacool
The tide can sometimes turn in your favor. Rejoice when it happens.
Design is the largely implicit aspect of a product/experience that eases you to feel more competent, confident, and overall … comfortable.
"Confront problems, not people. Learn. You’ll get extra points for a sense of humor." —@johndoerr via @intercom
Being unafraid to be different comes from knowing that it is all that you can really be.
When I read text where every other word is boldfaced for emphasis, the whitespace on the margins can be a good cognitive palate cleanser.
Leaders push against the comfort and righteousness of how business-has-always-been-done with trepidation … or a necessary touch of delusion.
“Real great design isn’t about the wow effect, it’s about the after wow effect." — @johnmaeda talks to @IHubRadio
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"The perception of what is 'new media' is new for each generation." —Steven Sacks @bitforms
Undermining does the opposite of overachieving.
"Make sure your kid's education is in things that machines appear not to be very good at." —@amcafee
"Designs that have been cut and spliced from a Photoshop document feel clunky and un-natural." —@timbdesignmpls
I've started a brief monthly newsletter on the intersection of design and VC:
Design and VC go hand in hand / synopsis of an event I held for @kpcb and design leaders:
Is this the "Ive-Watch"? @kpcb's @johnmaeda on Jony Ive and the "aliens" he's hiring
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So it looks good, now Apple needs to re-think their software -- @kpcb's @johnmaeda
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Great live commentary by @rabois and @joemfbrown with @emilychangtv on Apple's big day.
Designing for a smaller screen and lower power constraints for #iwatch will push design x sw engineering in inspired ways: via @emilychangtv
Visiting the gleaming @BloombergTV offices always feels a bit like visiting The Daily Planet.
"Redundancy restricts networks whereas diversity enriches them." —@zeynep via @cmenscher
"Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing." —fortune from @jshefrin in '08
This morning I get to join @emilychangtv's live coverage of Apple's announcements on @BloombergWest today.
Hearing what someone else heard someone else hear someone else say is often something else
art is a p(art) of every st(art)
"People who are busy doing nothing frequently obstruct others who have real work to do." —Russell Ackoff
"When building a team, help members hear their voices as coming from I, we, or *the environment*." —Ivy Ross
Staring at a missing piece in your life makes you miss the real peace you may already have.
History tends to repeats itself because re-runs are cost-effective.
First time ever to hear "Could've Would've Might've" rapped as "Could-ah Would-ah Mae-da" by @johndoerr today @kpcb
A leader chooses we over me.
Thoughtful piece by Cassidy Williams (@superandomness) on how hackathons stay professional w/ clear rules of conduct.