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Artists make art. Art makes artists.
Impressive progress being made by @zsims and a team of coders coding for coders @Codecademy:
A "pull request" is code-speak for improv due-diligence. via @Codecademy
Apathy is a passive form of discouragement. Since I've never met an apathetic artist, I find that truly encouraging.
Saras Sarasvathy's research speaks to improvisation as the key: via @vkhosla @bxian3
Origin (the source), texture (the tone), and rhythm (the timing) ground the artist's being-of and belonging-to our world.
On redesigning leadership as inspired by artists and designers:
"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." —Winston Churchill
"People of Earth: Stop apologizing for your ideas." —@halvorson via @mbloomstein @semaphoria
Great article on Jungju "Jay" Kim's bootstrapping perspective @collabfund: via @lorakolodny
An artist is often someone who does the wrong thing at the right time.
Great teams constantly learn and re-learn how to move from the ego of *I* to the ego of *WE*.
The advent of layers in Photoshop back in 1995 made a huge difference:
Artists are hyperaware of their surroundings, making it hard to focus when the noise of the world taste so delicious.
UX axioms like "Problem finding before problem solving" by @eadahl via @jmspool
The artist does not know what to make until they've made enough to know. Thus an artist career arc is unusually long.
Becoming someone who doesn't focus on the *want* for something, enables them to focus on the *doing* of anything.
Visualization of music genres over time by Alison Cichowlas: via @viegasf
We're not destined to survive, but we're definitely designed to survive.
"Art instills admiration, curiosity, bravery." —@donnie
"Art is my first love." —@altissima
Procrastination is work without formal intent that always manages to get done on time.