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John Maeda
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"My father said, 'When you have success, just taste it and spit it out, because it's really poisonous.'" —A. Iñárritu…
Misunderstanding is a missed opportunity to understand. When such opportunities are abundant … and made right, we all win.
"Rebels are folks who realized that 'the ways things are' doesn't have be the way things stay."—@emckean… via @poptech
The unit cost of a banana is my go-to airport concession$ index in lieu of Big Mac$:…
Work is easier when it's just work; it's much harder when you actually care.…
Serial visionaries are unusually comfortable when proven wrong because they're confident that the next time … they just *might* be right.
Touching a static illustration can evoke dynamic perceptions:…
Knowing the overall *shape* of an idea, argument, situation requires as many facts, models, opinions as you can take/make to see a whole.
Scribbled note to self: Whether to be a "technical creative" or a "creative technical" person …
Scribbled note to self: Asking "Can you do it?" vs "Want to learn how to do it?"
Knowing your strengths can weaken them … because you can better rationalize skipping practice.
"So creativity is about going outside of the boundaries. It's about expansiveness." —@EstherPerel… via @bigthink
"What lives on the edge between two ecosystems is unusually sturdy and prone to survive." —Scheri Fultineer
Author @jkheltzel co-wrote the definitive book on designers as entrepreneurs: #brooklynbeta
Designer technologists @gem_ray and @ianstormtaylor (looking v celestial) at the last
"We didn't have the expertise around, so we all had to be experts." —Robert Noyce, on his childhood…
"Analysis of the cost of raising a child like Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes." via @CharityTD
"I think about how language works so that I can best explain how language works." —@sapinker via @brainpicker
Kegan Schouwenburg (@Kegan3D) intends to reshape (literally) how our feet feel with @wearSOLS.…
Upcoming @poptech speaker @emckean made one of the most beloved sites for word lovers like me:
Fortunate to celebrate National #DesignAwards with design leaders and past jurors @katearonowitz and @mags
Thanks to the @svaPoD students for coming to my office hours yesterday in NY, via @chochinov
"Design is dreaming like a child and working like mad to make the future better." —@Lunardesign National#DesignAwards
National #DesignAwards Gala @cooperhewitt celebrates designers across all categories in NYC tonight.
Designers are skilled at harmonizing disparate elements into a whole, without sacrificing each item's individuality.
Confidence gets you into trouble. Insecurity tells you how much. Intuition gives you the next step. Agility makes you move.
A leader consistently gives, instead of just takes, from those around them.…
You don't get good design without good engineering.… (early conversation with @dkberman)
"Please do not disturb this area." —art speaking at @theinvisibledog #brooklynbeta
Final Fantasy XV has been in production since 2006:… (trailer) via @leolambertini
Excerpt from #brooklynbeta preso on how leaders are bound in the now while facilitating motion towards the future.
Artists have the antidote to conformity -- it's called "courage."
The friendliest conference on earth #brooklynbeta has set a bar that will not be forgotten @FictiveCameron @shiflett
We're only as good as the next thing we do because everyone else is naturally busy remembering what *they* did, not you.
From the stage rug, to the recycled seats, to the 5-yr old projector, to the incandescents-lit B … #brooklynbeta wins
"It's not about being a star  --  It's about managing a universe." —@rohinivibha on being a PM:… via @Choisissez
People who are known to listen well tend to have no agenda, besides their only agenda to listen, intently, to you.
Letting go is without your grasp.
"Acting like payment is optional can end up making it so." —@sarahkendzior…
"Hierarchies are a form of structure that we embrace for comfort in a chaotic world." —@SilverJacket… via @nilofer
There are key teachers who change your entire life with their simple, profound faith in *you*.…
Fav wisdom on being a learner: "I'd rather be green and growing instead of ripe and ready to rot."