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Winning an argument is less important than coming to a solution.
In case you yearn to "open mailbox" in Zork:
"It's hard to read emotions in emails. So don't try." —@DianaUrban via @jasonlcarvalho
The skill to improvise is to unhesitatingly realize a desirable accident.
"If [the orange] were blue, it would be wrong." —Bruno Munari on Good Design:
Momentum keeps the stopping away from the going. #from2010
"Nobody cares about your product. Fundamentally, what users care about is themselves." —@lauraklein. via @pspear
"2. Sometimes your dashing prince will turn out to be a huge jerk." —Helen Chang on lessons from Disney's Frozen:
Neckties as perhaps being invented by the Chinese:
"The top 6 jobs today didn't exist 10 years ago." —@StevenTepper
"A large proportion of babies are born in September (**9/16**) …" —@stiles
Nice piece by @mabb0tt in 2011 on @shl's design of @gumroad:
Know-how should always serve a know-why.
A good idea is like peanut butter -- it sticks to the roof of your mind. #09
Old Italian family recipe from @curiousoctopus (2011): "Cook until cooked. Season it well."
An important sign of maturity is becoming secure with your insecurities.
"Limits, like fears, are often just an illusion." —Michael Jordan
The upside of overworking is in those rare cases where you feel you actually got something done.
Artists often choose the more difficult path as a way to guarantee greater discoveries and learnings.
"The product you build and ship is the most faithful representation of your success as a PM."—@matbalez via @bingfish