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John Maeda
art 376,895 followers
The din of coffee shops can be good for creativity; the phone calls and/or guffawing are maybe less so: via @Byrappa
Automated authorship analysis -- mining the *who* from the what:
"Fear is the flip side of anger." —@jshefrin, in one of her many Yoda (Buddhist) modes
Responsive-er responsive design examples curated by @bkrall: via @brad_frost @_megagie
Good design doesn’t feel like anything -- it just feels good. via @kpcb
The feeling of knowing when an artwork is done is the same one you get when you've found an empty parking spot after a long hunt.
"Put *human* at the heart of your strategy and execution." —@JinZwicky
"I developed a way to build circuit boards out of laser-cut fabric …" —@leahbuechley via @make
"Going takes a lot of leaving." —@jshefrin
"We are just beginning to scratch the surface of all the commercial applications for drones." —@mabb0tt
Neuroscience research on paintings vs photographs (=neuroaesthetics): via @michaelhogannui
"Community-driven companies will always win." —@chr1sa via @ycaseau
Design makes solutions. Art makes questions. Design+Art = @Airbnb's beloved Bélo via @jgebbia
"Anything you want to do of consequence, you're going to do with others." —@johndoerr via @StanfordBiz
Adaptation of the Laws of Simplicity to Emergency Medicine by Daniel @cabreraERDR @MayoClinicEM:
Most deliberate change happens so slowly that when looking back afterwards: 1/ you're satisfied yet tired, or 2/ you look to do more, faster
"That’s what happens when you upload yourself. It's a blood transfusion." —@curiousoctopus via @nytimes
"The community teaches. If it is healthy and coherent, the community imparts a coherent system." —John W Gardner
"In an age of specialists, does it matter that generalists no longer thrive?"—@TheEconomist via @bmichelson
How a community functions is a fantastic design context for HR (Highly Regarded) @candacebaer:
"We're calling together a band of rebels in Maine this October." —@poptech