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John Cleese
I will be @heffersbookshop, #Cambridge this Sunday @ 4pm signing copies of #SoAnyway. Come along if you fancy a chat!
Thanks to those of you who've written all the interesting,kind and thoughtful reviews of 'So,Anyway...' on Amazon.You made an old man happy
RT @BoondoggleGames Wonderfully silly reviews from the USA here on the #sillywalk app
Absolutely thrilled by Daily Mail review of my book this morning. Do read it if you can - Professor John Cleese (Cornell).
Apparently 10 of the 11 people with a windows phone have downloaded app so far. Who’s left?
I’ll be @WaterstonesPicc tomorrow at 1pm to sign copies of my memoir, #SoAnyway Look forward to chatting to you!
I recently sat down with @eddieizzard to talk about memorable performances & my new book #SoAnyway. Have a watch here
Tweet your best distance with batty hash #sillywalk. Apple lead with 2907m. Beat them for cheese.
Yes it's official. The Ministry of Silly Walks app is now on windows phone. You can even play it on your desktop.
What's even sillier is that it's now out on @windowsphone as well!…
Ironically that link was incorrect. Correct silly link here my dear twits:
In the meantime, for more silliness, download my new app #askcleese
Thanks to all for the great #askcleese questions. Come and say hello soon and I'm @WaterstonesPicc 1pm on Thursday
Congratulations to @sarahgeijsels and @loveandgarbage for sending in the best questions. Will be in touch soon to send you copies of my book
. @BrownKezzie22 I would have a papier-mache model of Michael Palin, a baseball bat and a copy of my new book, the name of which is So, anyw
@JohnCleese If you were stranded on an island, what three items would you have with you and why? #askcleese
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. @Calorinee I am looking forward to discussing cats with @taylorswift13 on @TheGNShow. She has 2, I have 3, how many does @NeilDiamond have
@JohnCleese #askcleese Are you excited to see taylor swift on Thursday?
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. @looncall68 I wish I could remember the name of my book. I know it's 2 words and one of them is bracket or something like that. Or is it?
. @CaritaS79 The United States of America
@JohnCleese If you could have one superpower what would it be, and why? #askcleese
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. @alicelandgifts The funniest joke I've heard recently, and indeed, the funniest I've ever heard in my life is about a man who walks into
@JohnCleese what joke have you heard lately that really made you laugh? #askcleese
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. @noellish @eddieizzard We'd set the Guinness World Record for giggling
#AskCleese You and @eddieizzard are trapped in a windowless room for one full day. What happens?
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. @msyoothajoyce I loved writing my book because I kept remembering things that I didn't know I'd forgotten. Also, I made myself laugh a lot
. @LilMischief1005 the one after next when rationality, kindness and tolerance prevail
@JohnCleese If you had to choose a particular century to be born into, which would you choose and why? #askcleese
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. @vbcatlady I'd go into the office of the Daily Mail and take notes.
#AskCleese invisible for a day.....what would you do?
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. @AldereteMary My 2 favourites are Three Men and a Boat and "Lucky Jim". The reasons are given in my 3rd favourite book called So, anyway.
. @SirMustard Creep up behind it and then whack it with a croquet mallet. Then tell it to "man up". Or "girl up"
#AskCleese How would you cheer up a despondent poodle? @JohnCleese
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. @gunforamouth You are right. I did discover the meaning of life, but then I forgot it again. I'll try to remember it before we finish
@JohnCleese I'm assuming by now you've figured out the meaning of life? Do tell... #askcleese
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. @JcIsherwood Tilda Swinton. I have remembered the name of my book. It is #SoAnyway
. @sarahgeijsels How about Derek? Michael Palin once had a pet beaver called Derek but it ate his stick insect. Worth trying again...
#askcleese I'm getting my first cat! But I'm stuck finding a name. Any suggestions?
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. @spence1773 My wife and our cats
. @FerMcCa Chaplin, Keaton, WC Fields, Peter Cook and Bryan Catflap (you'll be hearing a lot more about him)
.@JohnCleese #askcleese top 5 favourite comedians of all time?
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. @ShawnaMerlin More funny hats, more strange and inexplicable behaviour, more throwing of soft fruit and puzzling haircuts
@JohnCleese #askcleese What are your recommendations for adding more silliness into one's life?
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