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Joey Graceffa
GUYS! One of my favorite books is gonna be real life! I'm so freaking excited for the @MazeRunnerMovie!! Who's seeing it on Friday?! #MazeRunner #sp
OH HEY I'm one of @newrockstar's Top 10 Minecraft channels! So should I post more Minecraft? =P @PsykoCraftMC…
I'M A WATERBENDER!!… Responding to comments so come say hello! <3
Who has this month's @seventeenmag w/me and @shanedawson?? Tweet me a pic of you with it & spread that #Shoey love =P
Did you guys miss yesterdays video?! I cried a lot… from my skin…
I think I'm gonna make one of those at home dry ice air conditioners! Thats how desperate I am!
Big Happy Birthday to both @smoshanthony & @PointlessBlog!!! Two of the coolest guys in da world! 🎉😄
In today's video I get a little heated and sweaty...just for you.
Thinking about getting a PC! Deciding what brand I should get! Tried @OriginPC but got confused and overwhelmed!
I love the heat don’t get me wrong but its TOO hot in my house!
YAY! I uploaded the next Ep. of Among The Sleep!!…
My laptop could cook an egg! I think its time for a new one!
Commenting back for a bit, come say hi and RT my last tweet for a DM! <3…
Thumbs up if you like my new look! =P…
Yay! I got my @pointlessblog #Pointlessbook in the mail!! 🎉😄
So what do you guys think of the Mockingjay trailer?!
At the end of the day I'm doing what I love. Hate if you must. But I enjoy my life and will continue doing what I do. I DO IT FOR MYSELF.
So freaking hot in LA today! Keeping cool with frozen grapes and blueberries! 😋
OOPS! Was replying to comments from my gaming channel! What an idiot I am! Well better start over!
RT my last tweet! Gonna spend the next hour replying to comments & DMing ppl! <3…
5 MINS!!! EEEP! I'm nervous! #EON
Who is ready for #EON IN 15 mins on my channel?!
So excited for you guys to see #EON today at 1pm PST!
Laying in bed researching about the different zodiacs thanks to @AerielMiranda for getting me so into it tonight on set! =D
So glad I got to catch up with @jackie_emerson today for lunch! Such a sweet and ambitious girl!
Shall I upload EON tomorrow?
I could sleep for a whole day straight! Last day in set... Even though I'm in my car! 🎥
Haha people getting so defensive about phones in the comments……
Back on set! I'm a sleepy boy 😴
Had so much fun hanging and gaming with @ijustine & @jennaezarik tonight!
I think I ordered my iPhone 6?
I feel like i'm forgetting to do something today!
How did I not know Lana was Jimmy’s mom?!
#blessed with beauty and rage
Im too fat in the new ep. of Among The sleep!…
Well basically seventeen magazine is a #Shoey shipper too... We look like a couple! 😂
We are all waiting for something. @michaelbecker88 @daisydennismua
RT my last tweet for a DM & go leave a comment on my video! I will be commenting on a few <3