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Joe Rogan
@joerogan Vote all you want. The secret government won’t change.… via @BostonGlobe
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@joerogan Dude looks good on you bro! Maybe you should put on some lipstick when you do UFC. Alpha as fuck!
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Michigan couple thrown in Jail for raising chickens. As a fellow chicken farmer this really pisses me off…
HBO Real Sports piece on Hunting is tonight, and NO, I'm not wearing lipstick. It sure as fuck looks like it though…
Kirk Cameron Proves Pagans Tried To Steal Halloween From Baby Jesus: | Wonkette via @Po_st
It's great to see @billburr torch a douchebag radio guy like this dude. You see this @joerogan…
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We must find &destroy the algorithm used to create insto-cliched Top 40 country songs. We cannot bear the burden of this schlock any longer.
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Bid on Cam's Hoyt Faktor 30 bow for Rick Carone: via @YouTube
Sweden Is Now Recycling 99 Percent Of Its Trash. Here’s How They Do It [] #future @joerogan
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@joerogan The chimney was promptly dismantled & firefighters arrested when the woman revealed she never gave consent 2 b trapped, or rescued
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In case you missed it, last week's podcast with @davidchoe was fucking epic.
Joe Rogan Experience #564 - Sturgill Simpson: via @YouTube
Today in awesome news: man dates woman. Man breaks up with woman. Woman stalks man and gets stuck in his chimney…
Fantastic time talking to the great @SturgillSimpson today! Check him out and buy his shit!…
Fuck it, we're going in early @SturgillSimpson is here
The great @kief_whitley AKA Sturgill Simpson is here
.@RealSportsHBO meets with Eat What You Kill adherents including me:…. #RealSports Tues., Oct. 21 @HBO 10pm
@joerogan Absurd Creature of the Week: The Wasp That Lays Eggs Inside Caterpillars and Turns Them Into Slaves
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Call me crazy but I'm pretty sure we're all looking for the same thing. Why squabble over fictitious divides?
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Best of the Week - Joe Rogan Experience - Oct. 12, 2014: via @YouTube
For real if people blogged about the "problematic" things rappers said as meticulously as they do about comedians, Tumblr would crash.
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@WeirdHistoryPix: Crocodile measuring 8.6m (28ft). Shot by a hunter in Queensland, Australia in 1957.
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The ceiling in the lobby of the Warner theatre in DC.
The craftsmanship in the Warner theatre is incredible. I love working these old theaters and seeing all the work they put into them to make them beautiful. I wonder if it's even possible to get someone to do shit like this today.
This shit is hilarious: Key & Peele - Slap-Ass: In Recovery: via @YouTube
Are we in the Anthropocene? Scientists ask if this is the new epoch of humans…
The old ebbit grill in DC is LEGIT
Thank you Washington DC! Ian Edwards and I had a great fucking time with you folks tonight!
I knew I would get better answers from you folks than google :) it's a "Light The Night" march. They're raising money for leukemia.
@joerogan you dont know? its national check your cisgendered male privilege at the door day
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I'm sorry, auto correct fucked me. I meant to say "March" shutting down streets in DC. Anyone know what's up?
The streets of DC are a mess with some match shutting down streets. Anyone know what's up?
Impressive video of an old dude beating the fuck out of a young stud in a boxing sparring session…
Sounds like the gal is having a good time. There also sounds like there's something mechanical involved that's making her voice shake.
There are some SERIOUS fuck sounds coming from the hotel room next to mine. Loud, but not quite loud enough to record and put online. Drats
@joerogan read the last paragraph. I've heard you say basically the same thing a bunch of times.…
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For folks complaining that the @davidchoe episode wasn't showing up on itunes if you refresh your feed it should show up now (Ep #563)
"I Smell A Rat" with Honey Honey (from Joe Rogan Experience #558): via @YouTube
"I Don't Think Love Exists" with Anthony Cumia (from Joe Rogan Experience #560): via @YouTube
"You Living Another Life" with Immortal Technique (from Joe Rogan Experience #244): via @YouTube
.@joerogan there are very few ways to tell that we AREN'T in a computer simulation, but it may be testable:…
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@joerogan crushed tonight!! Faces hurt from laughing & thanks sticking around for pics! @IanEdwardsComic #samehaircut #goingtoheaven
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Thank you, Philly! Next stop, The Warner Theatre in Washington DC! See you freaks tomorrow night!
@Onnit partners with @LuckyGi to bring 100% Bamboo Gi’s. These things look SLICK!… @joerogan
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