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Joe Rogan
Joe Rogan - Life Is Magic @joerogan ... Absolutely amazing
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#Repost from @teamhurricaneawesome with @repostapp --- "Cleansing of the Temple" is the only account(that exists) of Jesus using violence. Cool stuff. Borrowed from @caine_alexander
#Repost from @danawhiteufc with @repostapp --- ALDO vs MENDES!!!
Scientist kills spider, gets death threats: cant even kill a bug these days without an uproar! @joerogan
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@joerogan… Veteran: My search for a PTSD cure led me to the Amazon - Ayahuasca
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Joe Rogan Experience #567 - Cameron Hanes: via @YouTube
The hunting camp in Alberta I was talking about with @CameronHanes is… great folks!
Traffic sucks hard today, so @CameronHanes is running late. As soon as he get here we'll pump him up with caffeine and start the podcast
I'm not in Brazil for UFC 179, but we're doing a Fight Companion podcast with @BrendanSchaub @eddiebravo @Unclecreepymma
An Antarctic Explorer's Notebook Is Discovered After A Century Trapped In Ice… via @BI_contributors
Tomorrow at 9am PT my brother the legendary bow hunter @CameronHanes returns to the podcast with tales of adventure and flying arrows
In 3 DAYS! #MammothUnearthed, my journey in Siberia, headlines the "Day of Expedition" Marathon on the @NatGeoChannel! Oct 26th, 8pm ET/PT!
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Yo @joerogan, here ya go :-) Here is a short doc (really well done) of my last year in Congo with my Pygmy family.
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Florida Man Arrested For Beating Drag Queen With Tiki Torch While Dressed as Member of KKK, Now Running For Mayor |…
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Smokers give themselves permission to flick butts onto the street. What's up with that?Heard on @joerogan #burningquestion
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Joe Rogan Experience #566 - Sue Aikens: via @YouTube
Paleontologist superhero @tattoosandbones had a great interview with @joerogan earlier. Check it out!…
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Joe Rogan Experience #565 - Trevor Valle: via @YouTube
Phoenix! December 12th I'm at the Celebrity Theatre…
Waiting on the great @SueAikens from @LifeBelowZeroTV, epic podcast to follow!
Thanks to @tattoosandbones for a really cool talk! Check out his @NatGeo special "Mammoth Unearthed" this Sunday night at 8pm ET
About to go live with Trevor Valle, a Paleontologist who has a show on @NatGeo about Mammoths.
#Repost from @kief_whitley Sturgill Simpson is blowing the fuck up! He's a cool ass dude and his music is legit! Check out the podcast we did and go buy his shit on iTunes! Let's move this motherfucker to #1! --- #5 on iTunes and still hanging in there on Billboard despite zero help/airplay from Cou
"Cable News Propaganda" with Amber Lyon (from Joe Rogan Experience #273): via @YouTube
"What Is Unique In Your Head?" with David Choe (from Joe Rogan Experience #563): via @YouTube
"Performing in Dubai" with Hal Sparks (from Joe Rogan Experience #67): via @YouTube
When you climb out of 237 below zero, throw on the robe and step back into the warm LA air it feels fucking incredible
237 below zero for 3 minutes, warm up and then right back in for another 3 @cryohealthcare
Dallas! My friends @honeyhoneyband are at @HOBDallas tonight! Go get some! They're fucking amazing live!
@joerogan Study: Vegetarians have 30% lower concentrations of sperm than meat-eaters
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@joerogan virtual child named 'sweetie' is a fake 10yr old girl that uses AI and she just nabbed her first pedophile…
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Help make it happen for ESC: The Ayahuasca Dialogues on @Indiegogo
@joerogan Dude looks good on you bro! Maybe you should put on some lipstick when you do UFC. Alpha as fuck!
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Michigan couple thrown in Jail for raising chickens. As a fellow chicken farmer this really pisses me off…
HBO Real Sports piece on Hunting is tonight, and NO, I'm not wearing lipstick. It sure as fuck looks like it though…
Kirk Cameron Proves Pagans Tried To Steal Halloween From Baby Jesus: | Wonkette via @Po_st
It's great to see @billburr torch a douchebag radio guy like this dude. You see this @joerogan…
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We must find &destroy the algorithm used to create insto-cliched Top 40 country songs. We cannot bear the burden of this schlock any longer.
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Bid on Cam's Hoyt Faktor 30 bow for Rick Carone: via @YouTube
Sweden Is Now Recycling 99 Percent Of Its Trash. Here’s How They Do It [] #future @joerogan
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@joerogan The chimney was promptly dismantled & firefighters arrested when the woman revealed she never gave consent 2 b trapped, or rescued
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In case you missed it, last week's podcast with @davidchoe was fucking epic.