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Back in #soho for #pho 🍜 I think I might be addicted to Vietnamese food now!
She also had all her marbles intact… & was funny AF!!! 😜#respectyourelderss#gratefull
I met the sweetest old lady today, 👵🏻 she was born in 1925 - she had experienced so much & had a wealth of knowledge & wisdom#blesseded
Never give up!! - God is great!!!!! #feelingoptimistic
God gave us brains in our heads for a reason… maybe people should learn to use theirs & think! #ELECTION2015
5 more years of this bullshit! … #ukelection2015 #Conservative toffs are going to leave us with nothing but ruin! Life's hard as it is…
That only benefit the rich and screws over the average joe! We could've had it a lil easier but we chose a tougher solution! #ukelection2015
Good bye to NHS, Cheaper Tuition, Travel, and life expenditures… and hello to higher taxes and a tonne more bullshit policies…
We've already experienced hardship under a #Torie government but seems like some people like it hard!… and it's only about to get harder!
But what I thought would be a no brainer turns out to equate to the fact that no one in this CUNTry has a brain inside their thick skulls
#IVoted for a #Labour government because they expressed some what I could consider a form of security for the future for us regular folk…
Use my #Uber #code: VBK10 to get a free ride… Redeem it at
I need a personal assistant asap!
Running through the six with my woes
Back at home and I'm absolutely shattered as per… gonna jump in the shower then bed! 😴😴
All those people in #hydepark must be seriously high right now… so high they forgot to check they're calendars! It's only the 19th lol #420
Shiitake mushrooms have 2 b my ultimate #fave! - Glasses steamed up, sweating & my lips are on fire… yes, I just had #pho for Sunday lunch 🍜
Where's all the good #weather gone?!… grey skies in #london today & it's not even necessary at this point. IKR… when r grey skies necessary?
Just caught up on @ScandalABC - 🙀 OMG!!…Jakes dead!! & it seems like everyone in washington works for#B6133 -#Scandall#SpoilerAlertt!
Just got back from my run & The #Purge has begun! - my workspace, my room, my HDD, my #Dropbox, my mind… & inevitably my life!! #springclean
Check out my cousin @FaceWilliams new vid - Shean Williams - Hey Ho (The Lumineers) & A Team (Ed Sheeran) Live #Cover
🙀 How on earth have I filled up my#Dropboxx already?!… turns out 1TB isn't enough after all 😒 - I defo need to do a purge at somepoint! 😩🔫📥📤
Louis XIII & it's all on me, nigga you just bought a shot… Kamikaze if you think that you gon' knock me off the ta-a-aap! #BBHMM #nowplaying
Someone is about to be fired at #Balenciaga - all the pricing is messed up on their website & their #bags are now dirt #cheap!… #nojoke #lol
Another day of ☀️ in london right now! If this is what spring looks like, perhaps we're going to have an amazing summer too!
I meant to say no brainer but my autocorrect seems to think that it knows what I want to say!
Go for a run, or stay in bed?! - Well, I'm already in bed… so I think I'll be staying put!
Can someone please explain why we use iCloud when it takes so effin long to load - 3hrs on iCloud - or 10mins on iTunes?!… hmm, no brainier!
Awesome day enjoying the amazing weather we're currently having in london atm… it's not going to last long so let's enjoy it while it's here
My 👀's are up here thank you very much pervert!
Look, You're gettin' all your friends and you're gettin' in the car & you're comin' to the house, are we clear right now, huh?
Am I seriously the only person on this planet that doesn't watch #GameofThrones?!… can someone enlighten me on what's all the hype about?!
Note to self: check the destination before rushing on to a train… just added an extra 45 mins to my journey home. - Heading back now! Lol
Absolutely loving the spring sunshine in london right now!…
#BackToWork today… I think it's safe to say this morning was a tad bit of a struggle to get outta bed!
The devil didn't like my last tweet about the real meaning of #Easter - he wants everyone to be duped into celebrating bunnies!
The reason why we celebrate #Easter this #GoodFriday is because #Jesus died for our sins… nothing to do with #bunnies or #eggs people!
So, what's the verdict on @TIDALHiFi? I respect the fact that they are trying to protect they're intellectual property #TIDALforALL
So I finally ordered my upgrade, & decided to go for the #iPhone6… sorry #SamsungS6 perhaps when u have a new note out I'll order that next.
I can't wait for tonight's debate to hear all the empty promises & pre-rehearsed propaganda mega-spiel david & ed have up they're sleeves
It's gonna be super funny when all the homes in central london & the suburbs are only lived in 1/52 weeks a year! Isn't it @Number10gov lols
Capitalism only works when there's a thriving middle class that can buy the products that businesses need to sell ~ well said 👍@NickHanauerr
Still in two minds what phone to upgrade to, so going to wait till the #s6 edge launches and make my final decision - tough choices
Congrats @MaryKatrantzou you deserve all the success!… your amazing & talented & have always been an innovative inspiration. Best wishes!
It's Time to #upgrade 📱 But I'm still not sure - it's only logic that I would go for the new#iPhonee… or should I wait till the#S66 launches

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