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Joe Budden
Lol RT @JasminexBaeza: @JoeBudden makes it seem like dating @JoeBudden is hard muthafuckin work lol.
Just want u to know I still love u. @golden_barbie
I know yall don’t give a fuck, but whatever.
I think I’m gonna start to embrace this “I got all the hoes” perception that seems to haunt me.. Gonna have fun w it.
They play tonight. & yeah I am. RT @NuKKLeHeDD: @JoeBudden they plAy on thursday bruh…you are such a fan arent you.?
For real, smh RT @VinceBalsamo: @JoeBudden unfortunately that thought ain’t going away tomorrow morning.
I woke up & the first thing I thought was “damn my Knicks have their hands full tonight” smh
My nigga Kob wildin, lol RT @TheOnlyReed: “YOU A BITCH ASS NIGGA”
Lemme go upstairs & do what I do best.
Kobe gotta throw me the ball more, smh
Hey fans, just letting yall know.. I didn’t exactly plan for October to have 5 Wednesday’s.. 🚶🚶🚶
His loss, u belong to us now ! 😂 RT@norosesformee:@JoeBuddenn Just made a new twitter cause I just got divorced 💁😂
U niggas is savages, lmao
U too cute to have 70 followers, lol RT @norosesforme: @JoeBudden when he’s an asshole. That makes a guy charming 👌
That makes him charming ? 😒 RT@_biggs177:@JoeBuddenn When he’s dorky AF but you still find him attractive
How may I be of service ? RT @_ItsMyAmbition: Where’s @JoeBudden I need some nigga wisdom right now…
Ladies, what tells u when a man is charming ? For research purposes of course.
Ladies yall got a minute ?
I’m sure I’ve fucked a girl who was 1 when Informer came out. Smmfh
There was a point in my life where I knew all the words to “Informer” by Snow. Smmfh
I should buy a bunch of Footballs & a Geno Smith jersey for Halloween & just throw them to strangers, lmao
& I’m doing the Matrix dodging all of V subs, lmao
I LMAO when I see certain “happy relationship” pics on IG.. Like fam, I wish I could tell u about your girl dog.
😂 RT@Bacardidufff: That “I got bitches lined up I got an ego too” line will only work if u a nigga w $@JoeBuddenn. I ain’t tryin that shit.
Lmao.. This was mad random on my TL. RT @NikoWavy: Ants smart AF.
😂😂😂 @MoonfaceMkveliel@JoeBuddenden I got a bed frame now … So we getting married now or …
Yup, I’m gonna be a nigga that cares ! RT @ValeJess: @JoeBudden you dressing up for Halloween?
😡😡😡😡@LioEPDoE@JoeBuddendden The Knicks?… oh that’s right you said “substance” xD
Anywho… anyone wanna discuss something of substance ?
I’ma write a book called “The Truth about these Hoes”, I swear I am.
Nowadays the hoes try to trick us w that “I’m a home body” shit.. Be careful my niggas.
Niggas standards so low now, we want a chick that don’t party all week & has a bed frame.
Ok, but is that your bed on the floor ? RT @MoonfaceMkveli: @JoeBudden you’re bald and you gotta beard … Let’s get married
Then she should get to know ppl b4 consuming them. RT @Embella_3: @JoeBudden what If she didn’t know he was a hoe nigga?
If I was a hoe a lot of yall woulda been fucked. U can tell them bitches u roll w whatever u want, but u & I know what’s going on.
Humor me… If a girl fucks a hoe nigga, what does that make her ? For research purposes.
They can’t confirm any dialogue or interaction between these women & myself, but hey, why make logic applicable. Lol
Apparently I’m a hoe cuz women think women like me…..
I love when strangers act like they’re not strangers. RT @TinCommandments: @JoeBudden you don’t understand the concept of monogamy
Ppl call me a hoe & a serial monogamist in the same breath… Shit is funny.
Nah. RT @KennyBG: @JoeBudden we getting a track today?
Not sure why they're in the bathroom w me or what they want...
Fuck the important shit, long as he’s tall. (Gotta love Twitter). RT @_AyJayKay: I was made for a tall dark skinned man.
Patience, timing & will power Sir. RT @AQFlores: @JoeBudden teach me how to maneuver around the friendzone.
So, how’s everyone doing on this fine afternoon ?