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Joe Budden
So glad my last relationship ended without her having any of my hoodies or ball shorts. God is good.
Lmao, smh RT @CAWBBB: Was going to kill myself until @JoeBudden reminded me of this (@FreddieGibbs)
If you didn't play in yesterday's fanduel games, you can still play for Monday Night Football.
Soon as Fall hits u start getting “Hey stranger” texts from folk u thought died, lol
I didn’t even know I HAD a bench til I started getting cursed out by ppl who shouldn’t have the right to do so ! Lol
Cuffing Season got my bench going CRAZY in the text inbox, lol
I am broadcasting live at come and check it out!
Lmao !!! RT @OfficiallyIce: Old Ice took ya queen to Applebee's and still fucked. Real shit *Hov Voice*
That moment when u look on the waiver wire and see you’ll miss Adrian Peterson more than u hoped.
Girls make the mistake of telling their friends how great a nigga’s dick is, but then be mad when they fuck him, lol
Lmao.. Smh. RT @SMarie618: Joe Budden tried to tell us his name was Derek last night though 😑
My house has been voted as the fight party house… which means ppl get to ruin all my cleaning & walk right out afterward. Smh
Pancake thuggin. Lol
We just out here actin up !!!! #HouseGang #HouseSlippers #BabyGirlSpendingTheNightAtMyHOUSE !!!! Lol
I get that part I guess. RT @Blu_Gem_: @JoeBudden that's bc bitches be ON PURPOSE wit shit.
Women will KILL u for how they think you’re making them look to other women.. That shit is IMPORTANT to them bro ! Lol
Word up man.. RT @Royceda59: #RealNiggaProblems RT @JoeBudden: I done got in trouble joking around on Twitter, smmfh.. 🚶🚶🚶🚶🚶
I done got in trouble joking around on Twitter, smmfh.. 🚶🚶🚶🚶🚶
Y’all bullshittin, but the right amount of corny gets the job done. Lol
That was a joke by the way… u know women don’t be knowing the difference & will kill u if they think ur flirting on the TL. Smh
Hey @rennerbrittany .. U remind me of google girl... U got everything I’m searching for. (LMAO)
Regular Joe... & co.
Is this a real question bro ? RT @AaronRWilliams2: @JoeBudden what u like about women??? what turns u on??
That face u make when y’all bout to have sex for the 1st time & she say “u should lay a towel down before I ruin your sheets” 😍
School drop out, never liked that shit from day 1.
Til we meet again. RT @CAWBBB: Goodbye @JoeBudden ill be waiting @ the gates w my Amalgam Digital shirt on for you
Why do I have to BEG for reciprocity ?!???!?? Like wtf !!?! Smh.
#SLL is definitely for the sick & suffering.
CB - Do Better ft. Brandy.
LMAO !!!!! RT @MsMyaG: They were RT @DaRealNette: I wish all of y'all's sins were caught on camera! 😂😂😂😂
“Oh u acting funny cuz I ain’t no model bitch”…. Like niggas don’t act funny w them too. Smh
Good for them ! RT @BritIsQueen_: @JoeBudden someone's getting it in tonight
Lemme know if u find out, thx. RT @TheOnlyReed: Lmao who took the FCKIN pic?
Where’s the therapy in that ?! RT @kinnyboo: @JoeBudden you suppose to have someone do that for you man
Lemme get on my Soccer dad shit & clean this house. #iCare
Ok, Dm me first, wanna say goodbye. RT @CAWBBB: @JoeBudden FYI, killing myself on Western Time.
On the wake up my G ?!? Smh RT @quin_roberson: Yo where the music at Budden RT @JoeBudden: Good morning all.
Good morning all.
I just wanna lay down on the grass w a chick & listen to Andre 3k’s “Prototype” on repeat. Lol
You lived a good life bro, I will honor u. RT @CAWBBB: Killing myself tmr at midnight if @JoeBudden doesn’t drop a new track.
My fans would be proud of me tonight.
Stop talking to niggas without a neck Ice. RT @OfficiallyIce: We who? RT @MrMason251: @OfficiallyIce he has one song we know of
Ran & Yoda back @ it.
I got another side I never showed to u….. The side where everybody is disposable.
I’ll get on u fast…… but i’ll get off u much quicker. Shame they gotta witness it to believe it.