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Joe Budden
Mad nobody bothered to tell me what an amazing show “Blacklist” is.
4th leak off the weekly #SomeLove series, “Dream On” produced by @8Bars & @Darknightmusic —>…
Translation - u tryin to fuck some nigga that rather play Madden. RT @naeashlan: Watching ppl play madden <<<
Bout to watch Dateline on Demand til it watches me.
😪😪😪 @Khalel95495@JoeBuddenden $400 every hour tho?!?!? She woulda had to straighten the fuck up bruh…
Straight outta Compton, TGAO Slick Rick, Nation Of Millions, Low End Theory, DoggyStyle, Momma Said knock u Out, RD, Illmatic, College dro..
Prodigy wrote his Shook 1′s verse @ 19.. Pac wrote Brenda’s got a baby @ 16, 17.. Nas was a baby on BBQ.. Smmfh
That’s always awkward, cuz u usually wanna keep fucking the girl asking u that. Gotta be careful, lol
I should’ve asked the women that question. Lol
😂😂😂😂�@BamNinomNino: Stop trying to live by what you see in society and let’s just enjoy each ot@JoeBuddenudden
Hey fellas, what’s the worse answer u ever gave to “So what are we/where is this going ?”
To my future wife.. I’m HORRIBLE @ guessing why women are upset, shit will go a lot smoother if u just tell me.
Somebody take @MAL___ phone from him pls.
Yall ever cut somebody off that already infiltrated & got too cool w your family tree ? Now u gotta check your fam ? Lol
The side be on Twitter sending the deadliest of subs to your girl.. U just start plotting your defense for judgement day
Smmfh.. RT @torae__: @JoeBudden thanks for reminding me actually.
Fine, i’ll locate chill. Lol
Ladies, how many times today u checked the girls Twitter that u think your dude is fucking ?
When the side chick & your girl meet up & start exchanging info & comparing notes/lies.. Your done kiddo. Lol
Niggas be doing shit to have the side chick & the girlfriend both on a mission to meet each other, smh
The OG side bitches try to fuck all the cum out u so your girl can notice u ran out. Lol
I’d open dialogue, but it’d just be more of my fuck shit… & who really needs that, lol
I rather recycle. RT @DopeAssSlim: @JoeBudden: whats your opinion on new pussy bein better than old pussy? true or false
So what we talmbout ?
To every woman whose ever got in trouble w their man for talking to me, my bad, I come in peace !
So do that. RT @PeachDulce: @JoeBudden I wanna get to know you
Lmao !!!!!!!! RT @MyNameIsDuncan: @JoeBudden you out here trying to get chose.
Just in here tryin to raise my husband profile...
I send vids, but whatever. RT @SimplyLucyLu: Fellas if u gon send a nude make sure at least ur dick hard
😂 RT@PhillyTheBosss:@Mee no way a bunch of niggas have SLL and I don’t. Lemme log out of Twitter & log back in. My TL must be scrambled bro
TALK THAT SHIT E !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This baked mac & cheese & collard greens ain’t gonna cook themselves, smh
Oh ur 1 of those huh.. RT @TheOnlyJaeSoul: imma illegally download your shit @JoeBudden but im still a fan tho!
Greedy Fucks, lol RT @draebird: @JoeBudden to be clear, do we still get another #SomeLove leak tomorrow? Loving OLS4 but just making sure.
Nov 4th, The Exclusive #SLL EP Release Event @SOBs! Get your tix NOW!…
Uhhh, thx, I think. RT @WassimZaibak: OLS4 is the track of the year. Amazing work. I hope women keep hurting you @JoeBudden
Preorder #SomeLoveLost now, or at least listen to the snippets over & over, lol..
Lol RT @Linjay_: Hella females are @JoeBudden fans all of a sudden
Just cuz I've been neglecting my IG...
No bullshit, u really gotta be careful giving out premium dick.. It changes things.
This has been the #1 answer…RT @Sinikula: @JoeBudden Fall in love.
Fellas, check my mentions when u get a minute, lol
Ladies.. Craziest thing you’ve done cuz the dick was amazing ?
So ladies, can I ask yall an honest question and get an honest answer ?
That song is so much realer than the snippet suggests. RT @dejprovocateur: @JoeBudden Only human snippet tho oh my fuck
Lol RT @BigJohnScafiddi: @JoeBudden son I listened to the different love snippet..forgot it was a so tight when it ended lmao
Neither. RT @Fab5DBolling: @JoeBudden SLL a mixtape or album?