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Joe Budden
music musicians actor 869,427 followers
Good times, good ppl. #PreppingForMyBirthDay !!
Hangin w the boss @rosenberg at the Em/RiRi MetLife tour stop... #HouseGang #Shady
1 more cuz she's too cute w her chunky self !!
Home being washed……………..
😎 RT@Yanirazzz: I love@JoeBuddenn & his nonsense tweets. Not really nonsense actually.
Nah, for some reason they call me a “Twitter nigga” when I tweet. Lol RT @miss_saranie: @JoeBudden keep going lol
Ok, I guess i’ll locate chill now.
U ever be fucking shorty & hit her with your finisher move but she keep fuckin like nothin happened ?!? Smh.. Lmao
While I’m @ it.. Never fuck a thick girl in an airplane bathroom… expect complications. Lol
A nigga had some of the greatest sex ever on the smallest of beds.. Shit be like that.
He pussy, lol RT @tiphonic: Rotfl, nah he told me RT Me: Remember the first time u caught a Charlie horse during sex..
My whole leg locked up b4, smh RT @alwayshowtime: @JoeBudden my godamn calf was shakin
Remember the first time u caught a Charlie horse during sex & didn’t wanna tell shorty ?!?? Smmfh
Right ? I said yes bitch ! Lmao RT @MattFeezy: @JoeBudden I'm only gonna answer "Is this pussy good to you? so many times...
It’s probably too early for me to be tweeting like this, but fuck it.
Fellas, u gotta be 200% certain that you’re putting it down b4 u ask her “who’s pussy is this”.. Shit can get weird, lol
Ur not living life right bro. RT @LionHeartMozart: @JoeBudden nope. never smashed a spanish chick
Remember when u first found out u weren’t the only guy Spanish girls were calling daddy/Papi during sex ? Lol
U ever have sex w the girl that was talking dirty during but all her dirty talk was trash ?! Lol
If it wasn’t too hot for me to insert hard cock (yes, cock) inside u then it ain’t too hot to cuddle !
Too hot to cuddle ?!?!? If u can’t afford a fan or an air conditioner then cuddling shouldn’t be your priority, lol
U tell me “it’s too hot to cuddle” & I’m gonna assume your pussy is EXTRA trash !!!
Don’t be so immature. RT @alyiahxoxo: @JoeBudden too hot to cuddle
Wonder if any of my women friends wanna cuddle & watch Law & Order tonight w the President of Team Washed.