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Joe Budden
Why tho ? RT @Chai_Bae: @JoeBudden stop saying you’re washed
Watching football, cooking steak, eggs & potatoes… Late breakfast/washed life.
Well worded, lol.. Thx. RT @sydneenoelle: @JoeBudden good afternoon you gorgeous specimen of a man 😩😂
I block everybody.. It’s fun. RT @_sincinnati_: @JoeBudden Ctfu why did you block them
This bum ass app won’t let me unblock ppl, smh
How many months are u ? RT @Siete_Santiago: im starving and my body hurts
I was the 1st to use Haagen Dazs to eat pussy. RT @lucie__K: @JoeBudden !? Like what are you known for !?
Then there’s the girls that WONT drink around u cuz they know they a hoe when they drink, lmao
Nigga !!!! Smh RT @Money_Marc: @JoeBudden and don’t do breakfast after…you gone cover it all.
U just stand there w a face full of disgust while u watch her ugly ass friends order triple shots.
The real fine girls make u buy her whole squad drinks.. All night long.. Smmfh
Know the ledge. RT @OfficiallyIce: Chick text u saying “meet me at (name of club)” that means “come sponsor my drinks tonite.”
Are chicks still going on dinner dates w guys they have no interest in outta boredom or has that changed ?
Persistence beats most curves.. U just gotta be wack enough to stick to the game plan. Lol
U fucked that many huh ?!? RT @DaveBFI: DC was good to me….I shall return…🙏
Bout to blast Donny Hathaway & clean this kitchen…. I have no idea when I became so domesticated.
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Apparently I’m “difficult to talk to” because I won’t let ppl just tell me anything.
Watching Dateline til it watches me.
34.. & they’re never 18 by the way. RT @Lala_the_3rd: @JoeBudden u washed cuz ur like 36 trynna ruin 18 yr olds celibacy. Know ur place
When u can smash whoever u want, u want more. RT @TheRealiLLDiLL: @JoeBudden what about the ones you wanna smash??
But yall think I’m not washed cuz a bunch of chicks I don’t wanna fuck wanna fuck me… Flawed logic.
The things that equate to “turn up” no longer interest me. RT @elevatedrob: @JoeBudden what makes you washed Joe?
U not washed cuz u went 2 nights without getting head b, smh
The trend lately is too many ppl are claiming this washed life, which is ruining it for those of us that really are.
Nah, I’m washed for real ! RT @luckylefty44: @JoeBudden lmao you fake washed too
My cousin is so fake washed. Smh
Chicks be hitting me with the “just in case u want me” curve I guess. Lol
I get curved from chicks I don’t even want.. Shit is so confusing.
Once a wack bitch curves u you start to use more discretion, lol
You’ll have that alone arrogant thought like “she don’t eem know how ill of a nigga she’s curving”, but it passes. Lol
U gotta embrace the curve, not run from it ! Lol
Lmao !!! RT @vincescxtt: @JoeBudden some niggas don’t wanna get spoon fed the curve like
I think I am ! Lol RT @angieeex0: @JoeBudden you gotta be way funnier in person lol I need to meet you one day
I always laugh at the guy that likes a girl but instead of talking to her, he just stands in her vicinity for mad long.
Which head ? RT @JORDYHiGHROLLER: @JoeBudden come get ya head rubbed
Nah, they blocked me so I can’t, smh RT @MACHINEGUNCHINO: @JoeBudden shut up joe u still lurk too lol
Mad true, lol RT @blackloveprjct: @JoeBudden nah, the premise is to pretend I don’t like you but know what the hell you got going on lol
& why do my ex’s still lurk on my Twitter & IG ? I feel like that’s breaking the entire premise of being ex’s ! Lol
A great rack will make a nigga a total Idiot for a millisecond til he regroups.
The unfollow button hasn’t moved, has it ? RT @chlomoneyyy: @JoeBudden You dead tweet the same shit everyday
A logical woman that remains logical…. I don’t ask for much.
Some days are better than some days….. Still yet here I stand on numb legs.
It’s overrated. RT @Bababy_29: @JoeBudden always talking to beautiful women must be nice 😒
Lol RT @xoMsEricka: @JoeBudden dont! We have the same sleeping patterns and you’re the only person that’s entertaining at that time.
Maybe i’ll tweet like a normal human being tonight…. Probably not, but here’s to hoping !
That beautiful window & u won’t even look thru it, smh RT @_AyJayKay:
Lol RT @jUjUtheMiSTRESS: If I ever see @JoeBudden , I’m shooting my shot .. idc idc .. i love him !!!
I ask myself these 3 things often… Does it need to be said ? Does it need to be said right now ? Does it need to be said by me ?