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Joe Budden
music musicians actor 844,376 followers
Always gratitude, never entitlement.
"Big daddy" stopped working on me @ 21. RT @Lovely_n_tatted: @JoeBudden can I get a follow back big daddy
It's real when u start taking your clothes off from the toilet..... Smh
I concur. RT @parksmusic: "It's one of those" @Royceda59
My nigga. RT @Royceda59: 🔥�@JoeBuddenen 🔥🔥
I'm celibate so I wouldn't.. RT @MClovins_WIfe: @JoeBudden Is it true girls become less attractive after you hit ? Lol
I just think it's more fun to see the posts right after the break up, lol
Damn, I'm becoming the guy that sees happy couples relationship pictures on IG & starts hating... Say it ain't so ! Lol
Good point, my bad. RT @TheChef3451: @JoeBudden you said streak like we've heard the lead up. Stop playin bruh
This verse right here tho ?!?!!!???..... That streak might still be in tact. #iCare
Half of the whole. #HouseGang
But my music is better than your barber. RT @DFishAintShit: @JoeBudden your tweets better than your music fam.
I'm just honest, lol RT @Samanthcaakes: Why is @JoeBudden hella funny😂 why haven't I followed him all this time
Your girlfriend's friends wanna be able to prove to her that u ain't shit so bad..
Your girlfriend's friends are more concerned with your Twitter than she is... Smh
Yo this conversation niggas are having in this studio right now...... Lol, niggas are crazy b.
I'm celibate tho.... So don't pay me no mind... I'm just getting these tweets off.
Oh grow up. RT @THEWATERWORLD: @Me if a bitch got an std it's in her salvia why not wear a condom to get ur dick sucked 😞😳 u wild
Some of u Idiots are getting your dick sucked w a condom on.. Fucking Morons.
Sex w a condom so trash. Lol
Alright, I'm out. RT @Tsu_Surf: All I learned from @JoeBudden is..... Replace her. Lmfao. Smh
That's a lie if I ever heard 1.. RT @Kenia_Nass: @JoeBudden no regular nigga gets this type of ass , STOP IT.
Oh ok. RT @iamfcknlexx: @JoeBudden they'll fuck you because you're fine . They'll stay because you're famous .
& don't be fooled, I've heard chicks come up to @OfficiallyIce & say "so YOU'RE Ice".. That nigga is hood famous.
Y'all gonna make me start asking chicks "yo u only wanna fuck me cuz I'm famous & I got money ?".. That just sounds nasty.