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Feat. Jme
musicgrime 277,574 followers
Pew pew pew pew RT @ZerkaaHD: This is not shots at anyone, but there are many YouTubers who are only where they are because of coin sponsors
Capture 4K video on your iPhone for £700. Ima go to their HQ, plug out their computers & kick over their watercooler…
Ima DM you now, I'm in East RT @Tobjizzle: @JmeBBK drop man a text so we can sort this ting plz
I've just left out RT @TheGamerKingKev: @JmeBBK battlefield ting
Just so everybody knows, @Behzinga just said "Oi im getting D" then "Oi im putting pressure on D"
Girls cover their mouths in pictures as a sign to other girls not to chat shit.
Yep RT @JackaDnB: @JmeBBK You on battlefield right now?
I'm guna start saying that @duckkyxoxo "ROCKING THE SHIT OUT OF" hahahahahahahahahah
hahahahahah RT @duckkyxoxo: @JmeBBK aww man, 3 girls in my office are rocking the shit outta their LV bag's today!! #LVTAKEOVER
I saw 5 women with the same bag in Sainsbury's today, truesay there's no reception in there, man couldn't communicate with you guys.
LV bag to a girl today is = JD Bag to school kids in the 90's
Stress RT @DLST90: @JmeBBK pre ordered my iphone 6 with phones 4 u #Par #NoReleaseDayPhone4Me
The human zoo! : Exhibit B
Yes RT @Will_Jinks: @JmeBBK Kanye is just an easy target for the media to turn into clickbait
Reality: Word got across that he was in a wheelchair. So he started his song
Reality: Kanye asked everyone to stand before he started his sing, 1 remained seated, he waited...
Reality: musicians tell the crowd to get low, stand up, or left side sing! etc during their performance. It's known as crowd interaction.
It takes a few years of life to realise, don't listen to everything you hear, people just spread information that sounds/feels useful.
BP used to have one by the till, 'til they got new owners and a refurb. They dashed it.
Half the reason I come to Sainsbury's is because they have a battery bin. #RealTalk
The molecules and particles that collide with my being are fashionable. My swag is on 9000⁹⁰⁰⁰
It's fashion week every week. My skin is fashion.
Holla if you know that song. @_ruthb what song is this? Anybody know?
If I was Scotland I would buss out.
😎 RT@ManrayBharjj:@JmeBBKK chuck them in a small plastic bottle, squeeze the bottle so they break, pour into spray bottle, blam!
Make a stink spray
Networks opened their own shops on a P ting RT @markjamess13: @JmeBBK CarphoneWarehouse will soon follow when all network providers pull out
Phones4U is no more.
Dat ain't plan B RT @iTunesMusic: Here's your party contingent. Plan B's new album has arrived
Morning sweg juice
The penultimate level was the most difficult
I'm asleep, what you up to? RT @jamesbradders: @JmeBBK what you up to
Final 15 #BiColor I might leave these forever, I don't wanna complete the game
I was the one parachuting RT @_niggx: @JmeBBK but the parashooters are defenseless You feel better if you let the injured parashooters live
Headshot a man while parachuting in dats me
💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨@oiemby�💨 RT @oie@JmeBBKn like @JmeBBK with them smoke grenades
Liability I see you!!! @E1iot
Jump online please Yeh RT @TheGamerKingKev: @JmeBBK yeah I am should I jump on
Ima add you now RT @MarkTucka: @JmeBBK come then Xbox one - TUCKA B37
Battlefield anybody on it?