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Feat. Jme
musicgrime 280,030 followers
Yes bruva RT @Daniel_Johnsonn: Been in London less than an hour and just seen @JmeBBK 👌
Horrible RT @ReanneTucker: @JmeBBK @dsyhdsn I work in the hairdressers opposite and saw the whole thing. It was bare sad! I cried.
Arrested him for what? @dsyhdsn
RT @dsyhdsn: @JmeBBK they just arrested him & took his dogs apparently. Gonna find out more info. Cleaning the streets from homeless people.
Good fake merch RT @JoshAG94: @JmeBBK Recieved My Boy Better Know Hoodie Proper comfy Good Merch 👌
RT @fragiledog: @JmeBBK same with DPD, such a cool company. @FedEx told me I owed them money via threat of legal action. No previous letters
Yeh RT @PhobzLittleCity: @JmeBBK ill punch the next FedEx guy i see, i got you! #FuckFedEx
Blood, UPS are so cool, my local ups guy is basically my bredrin, it's a smile flex every time. These fed ex dons are pissing me off.
If he says yes @FedEx I'll give him back the fucking parcel & flykick his palm tablet. It's only you guys. Writing me these bullshit letters
Bruv, @FedEx the next time I order something and a FedEx man delivers it ima ask him at my door, "are there any fees I have to pay"
Today @FedEx I receive another fee from an item I got off eBay, sort out your soldiers Fam, tell them to seckle. SECKLE YOUR SOLDIERS
Bruv, @FedEx about 2 years ago you tried to charge me for some bullshit fee of a parcel you delivered and broke. I didn't pay.
iQ levels.
Nobody cares about your homepage @CharliePovey1 except you. So you sort it out mate. And don't @ me
Instead of suggesting how frequent I should tweet I think you should unfollow RT @CharliePovey1: @JmeBBK stop filling up my home page lol
I've never been arrested, I don want to mess up my winning streak.
I wanna go back to the restaurant that gave me Ebola and smash the windows but I won't because I don't want to get arrested.
£5 at home free at a supercharger. Once/twice a week RT @RawzLuciano: @JmeBBK @BigKizza charging it must be mad expensive
How you feel when you buy a tesla
How you feel when you buy a tesla
Yeh, that's love. Real love RT @MattCopsey25: Yoo @JmeBBK seen this guy flexin this in the gym what u think fam
Some old school tech. Thomas the tank engine.
Engine. The word sounds funny.
No engine. RT @Tommyfarrow98: @JmeBBK that can't be a stock engine
That's great, im happy for you RT @Lee__White__: @JmeBBK would rather spend the money to hear a V12.
If u ever even had a "good" sounding car, with the £6000-£10,000 you'll save a year on fuel, buy a big subwoofer & play the "noise" yourself
Hahahahahahahahahah RT @TakingTheT: @JmeBBK It’s like people saying they don’t want to use broadband because the dial up sound was so good
Humans are funny
Listen to yourself RT @Eskarsenbarg: @JmeBBK no noise though 👎
Seriously though. This is very quick
8 year warranty but if needed RT @thomastwat123: @JmeBBK but the battery's need replacing after 10ish years right? RT @jam_griff: @JmeBBK can't deny it is a brilliant car, each to their own I guess
Cool RT @jam_griff: @JmeBBK I rate the speed and everything but there's no noise! You can't beat the sound of a revving petrol engine
The new tesla P85D 0-60 3.2 secs, full electric, 20 min supercharge, free forever, fuck her right in the pussy
Good job Tesla released all their patents for anybody to use @Tomeeek thats the whole point.
That will be good then RT @Tomeeek: @JmeBBK wait till General Motors, Volkswagen & Toyota jump on the ship, tesla won't be able to compete