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J.K. Rowling
@jk_rowling Watching this from the US and I am honestly so impressed with how it's handled. Hooray for peace! #indyref
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@jk_rowling All my thoughts from France. It's a mementous day for Scotland.
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@jk_rowling Watching the #indyref unfold was a lesson in civility. A vote is more powerful then a gun. Peace will always prevail.
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@jk_rowling Thoughts from New Zealand on such a momentous day. An incredible event to follow and experience from an outside point of view.
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@jk_rowling America could learn a thing or two from Scotland. Keep the peace!
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@jk_rowling I have been watching from India and the way Scotland has dealt with the situation is commendable.
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@jk_rowling I am very impressed by the way the Scotland handled the control on things. Peace, peace, and peace.
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@jk_rowling I thought I was gonna see a huge mess but instead I gained a lot of respect for Scotland. It's amazing how y'all handle this.
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@jk_rowling I've been watching from Mexico and I'm very impressed. I've never seen anything like it #indyref
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@jk_rowling I'm from the USA, but I have a huge amount of respect for Scotland. I've seen so much more friendliness than I have hate.
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@jk_rowling Scotland today gave to the rest of the world a very big lesson in democracy.
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@jk_rowling Yes, most countries would be close to war but Scotland has showed how you should handle important matters in a respectful manner
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#indyref Been up all night watching Scotland make history. A huge turnout, a peaceful democratic process: we should be proud.
.@DaveGilmour1875 "We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided." Also me...
Big day in Scotland tomorrow #indyref. My head says no and my heart shouts it - but whatever happens, I hope we're all friends by Saturday. Agree with every single word.
Potterheads are all wonderful, but YOU are the best. Yes, you, reading this. X
.@accioswifties Thank you for understanding. It's people like you who make writing the pages worthwhile.
.@Randomlyboss And it is news to me that Scotland hasn't always been standing on its own two feet. #bettertogether #indyref
.@Randomlyboss In the event of a no vote we are now being offered home rule plus economic advantages of union. #bettertogether #indyref
.@MartinMcD1980 To imply that Scotland would have put up with being occupied for 300 years is insulting. #bettertogether #indyref
.@MartinMcD1980 Scotland entered the union for economic reasons: free trade. The UK is now the 6th wealthiest nation on earth. #indyref
.@MartinMcD1980 That and the fact that they wanted a Protestant succession - Scotland was a good source of reliable royals #bettertogether
.@MartinMcD1980 On the contrary, England wanted union because Scotland kept duffing it up on the battlefield #bettertogether
.@MartinMcD1980 Scotland does not belong to the union because it was invaded or annexed. #indyref #bettertogether
.@acklessx It will definitely be OK. It always is. Sometimes you just have to wait a little longer than others.
.@meupatrono I can and I will. Hi Brasil xxx
.@glorafin No. Nothing with a high probability of bringing increased poverty to Scotland will ever get my vote. #bettertogether
@jk_rowling Pls rt: Imagine your loved one was missing. Alice is still MISSING! Let's help find her! #FindAlice
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.@timerousbeastie Married to a Scottish GP who's worked in the NHS for 20 years? Quite a bit. #bettertogether #indyref
On the NHS: "The protection @AlexSalmond talks about is already there, health is devolved to Scotland as it is to Wales" - @fmwales #indyref
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The only person who can choose the privatisation for your NHS is the FM in Scotland – yes or no – that remains the case. - @fmwales #indyref
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.@darrenwaters Paul Krugman is a Nobel prize winning engineer in this context and he says we should be 'very afraid' of the bridge #indyref
And it isn't rational to respond "are you calling me a stupid coward?" #indyref #bettertogether
It isn't scaremongering to say 'be careful, that bridge looks like it's going to collapse' #bettertogether #indyref
It would take 3 years of oil revenues to make up for the losses in Scottish stock values in the last 5 days. #indyref
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Fact - Scottish companies, employing over 40,000 people in Scotland, lost nearly £3 billion in value – hitting pensions #indyref
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.@aboymadeofsky No, Jonathan, I've never made a single decision in my life on the basis of whether it was cool. Investors already pulling money out of Scotland #bettertogether #indyref North Sea's most eminent industry leader comes out against independence - 15 years til public spending cuts #indyref "every Scot £480 worse off under independence" Prof Iain McLean #bettertogether #indyref
“if Scottish voters really believe that it’s safe to become a country without a currency, they have been badly misled.” Paul Krugman#indyref
“mind-boggling that Scotland would consider going down this path after all that has happened in the last few years" Paul Krugman #indyref