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jimmy fallon
@Delonem: @jimmyfallon @BarbraStreisand She just seems like such a nice & kind sort of person!!! :)” She is. And funny!
@judiloveslife: Thanks for the reminder! I almost forgot. Been listening to her SirusXM channel today to get ready.” I think you'll like.
Are you ready for @BarbraStreisand tonight? It's fun!! Get ready!! #BarbraPartners
Rick Perry says he's spent 20 months preparing to run for president. Hillary said, “Call me when you’ve spent 66 YEARS.” #fallonmono
Tonight: The legendary Barbra Streisand is here to talk + perform. Plus a special duet. Don't miss! #FallonTonight
@jimmyfallon was voted most likely to star in his own biographical film call "Almost Funny"
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Thank you, butternut squash, for being an appetizing food despite having the words butt, nut, and squash in your name. #thankyounotefriday
The number of single people in the U.S. is at its highest in 38 years. The makers of Häagen-Dazs & Hot Pockets just high fived. #fallonmono
Tonight: @jes_chastain, @jeffreytambor, music from @chrisbrown, and some special guests read your #WhenIWasAKid tweets. #FallonTonight
Philly is decriminalizing small amounts of weed. So they went from The City of Brotherly Love to The City of ‘Love You, Brah!' #fallonmono
I used to sit on my front porch and yell to strangers who walked by, "Up your nose with a rubber hose!" #WhenIWasAKid
Hashtag game! Tweet out something funny or weird that you did or thought when you were a kid & tag with #WhenIWasAKid. Could be on the show!
The show tonight is just bonkers.
Congrats to Croatian tennis player Marin Cilic, who won the U.S. Open yesterday. Even Marin Cilic said, “Who?” #fallonmono
Tonight: Keith Richards (@officialKeef), @DebraMessing & music from @TheReplacements! Plus a special edition of #ProsAndCons! #FallonTonight
AMC is coming out with a “Walking Dead” spin-off that shows the apocalypse in other parts of the world. It's called, “the news.” #fallonmono
Tonight: Playing Family Feud with @jasonsegel and @IAmSteveHarvey. Plus music from @aliciakeys. #FallonTonight
"All About That Bass" with @Meghan_Trainor performed using only classroom instruments:… #MusicRoom
@yourlipsonmine_: How about a follow for your biggest fan in Holland? 😏😘 Lots of love!” Okay.
Game Of The Year so far for me is MarioKart 8 on the WiiU. Best with WiiU Pro controllers. Bowser. Sport bike. Slick tires.
That time Boomer Lives tshirt - @marcmaron on #FallonTonight
Thank you, all the back-to-school photos on Facebook, for giving me a break from seeing people dump ice on their heads. #thankyounotefriday
Tonight: Claire Danes, Little League sensation @Monedavis11, and music from @FFEENNCCEESS ft @macklemore. #FallonTonight #ThankYouNoteFriday
New Classroom Instruments! "All About That Bass" with @Meghan_Trainor… #MusicRoom
Tonight: Larry David, @giseleofficial, and music from @YoungJeezy ft @1future. Plus new NFL Opening Day Superlatives! #FallonTonight
New classroom instrument mix tonight! What song? #MusicRoom
Beyoncé's dad Mathew Knowles said the elevator fight was staged. It's so shocking: Beyoncé and Solange's father is named MATHEW? #fallonmono
I walked into the wrong classroom but was too embarrassed to say anything so I just stayed there. #WorstFirstDay
Hashtag game! Tweet out a funny or embarrassing story about your first day of school and tag with #WorstFirstDay. Could be on the show!
Tonight: @blakeshelton is here to talk and perform! Plus @timheidecker & @ericwareheim are stopping by. #FallonTonight
Follow @FallonTonight for the best Tonight Show clips from the night before and contests and stuff!!
.@adamlevine helps me try out a new game: Wheel of Musical Impressions… #FallonTonight
It's back to school season! The time of year when moms get back to drinking wine out of a glass instead of a Gatorade bottle. #fallonmono
Psyched for a fun bit with @adamlevine tonight! Fresh, brand new Tonight Show - tonight!
.@KatieHolmes212 - well we have a great story for next time you come on the show. Your parents rock. Made my day. Thanks.
Excited to be back this week with new shows! Tonight: @adamlevine, @meredithvieira, and @maroon5 performs. #FallonTonight
Congratulations to @chelseahandler on 7 years of reckless hilarity. Fantastic final show. Can't wait to see what's next.
.@jimmyfallon's new truck also comes with a new truck playlist. See what country songs made his list >
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.@RyanSeacrest haaa. That's actually one of my better ones!! Missed you this year.
I thought that was what Nathanial Hornblower and Robin would've wanted me to do. #Emmys #StarWars
Congratulations to a true talent @StephenAtHome and the hilarious writers and staff at The Colbert Report.