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Jimmie Johnson
Congrats to @BSentigar you won my #Lowes48 hat. DM @JimmieUpdates for shipping details. #jjswag
She made my day! @Kent1644: Thanx for coming to Childrens Hospital of Birmingham to see the kids!! Made Kenna's Day!
.@JimmieJohnson and his new friend Colton play together at a @Valvoline appearance at Children's Hospital of Alabama.
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I hope you don't need those glasses in Dega😳@mw555: Vote for@EmmaSlaterDancee & I by calling
There is still a bullet left in the gun. Come on Talladega. #se7en
Playin' Tetris between runs. Not really... It's a program called lap tracker and it looked really good for the 48. #se7en
Following the next #jjff winner on Twitter. Congrats to @poloshot for winning this week's poll.
I've watched a lot of racing but this was a 1st! @Aim_Walsh: So this is happening.#gurneyracing @TalladegaSuperS #UAB
Congrats to @cueball20 you won my #Lowes48 hat. DM @JimmieUpdates for shipping details. #jjswag
Me: I was run over off of turn two. What happened to you? Jr: damn blew a tire leadin'
Racing shows no mercy & today was proof. I've gotta look forward & dig in deep. We still have 2 chances to transfer. This isn't over yet.
πŸ‘πŸ‘@keselowskiki: I'm busy writing down the time and where I'm at in case it's really a murder@JimmieJohnsono@epaigewhitet@joeyloganono”
Ha! β€œ@Elliott_Sadler: @JimmieJohnson you got any medicine?? @HermieSadler just strained his neck listen to this music.. #yellingatme”
If so, be a good teammate & pull the plug! β€œ@keselowski: @epaigewhite @kansasspeedway @DrowningPool is that you singing @joeylogano ?”
They must be pissed off. β€œ@annoyingracefan: @JimmieJohnson @kansasspeedway @DrowningPool IT'S EXPRESSION, JIMMIE.”
Why do they yell and scream so much? β€œ@kansasspeedway: The @DrowningPool concert is underway in the Turn 2 Terrace.
I'm so proud of you, hope you win! @swimchicktammy: Thank You Jimmie! We can't wait to see you all next week in Charlotte. Kiss the girls :)
If you're looking for help voting, I personally know Tammy Anderson-Lee & know she'd appreciate your vote.
πŸ‘Š@Razgriz244:@JimmieJohnsonn Thank you so much for everything you've done in Moore.#OklahomaStrongg”
No clue but it's worth a laugh mentioning them. β€œ@AlricoArnold35: @JimmieJohnson they still make Zimas? Wow”
But they're so refreshing. β€œ@LSUFAN869: @JimmieJohnson because you have had too many Zimas!πŸΊβ€
Make it happen MW! @mw55: Cause I don't dance until Monday? @JimmieJohnson: Why am I still watching this football game? #TNF”
True β€œ@TamsJJ48: @JimmieJohnson Cause your Kids are probably sleeping and u don't have Disney on right now!πŸ‘οΏ½#Se7enen”
Ha! β€œ@dannyd513: @JimmieJohnson So you can start a campaign, on Why football players are not athletes”
Why am I still watching this football game?? #TNF
@JimmieJohnson in front of the Plaza Towers Elementary Panther Wall that survived the devastating tornado.
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Rising from the storm! @JimmieJohnson is proud to work with @Lowes to rebuild the gym at Highland East Junior High.
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@JimmieJohnson talks to the Highland East Junior High basketball teams about the importance of team work #TeamJJF
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What a day! @Lowes & @TeamJJF rebuilt the gyms at Highland East, Plaza Towers & Briarwood Elm. #RebuildMoore
it was late in the year... I thought in 96 I ran 1 race and then 3 more in 97 for Bud? @RogerSlack @TheMasonRacin @TheOrangeCone
Do U have it or JV? @JennaFryer: #TBT.... The JJ @jimmyvasser "Napkin Contract" (fully enforceable in a court of law)
This pic does look like Hawkeyes Downs. I raced there twice in 97... 98 was my first full season. @TheMasonRacin @TheOrangeCone
My 1st was Kenly NC 1996. 1st stock car race too @TheOrangeCone: 1st ASA start. Yo Six-Time, remember where this was?
Every parent is laughing over this one.πŸ‘@MartySmithESPNN@ClintBowyerr
Congrats to @amyison you won my #Lowes48 hat. DM @JimmieUpdates for shipping details. #jjswag
Nice pic bro! It's like you're a camera man or something. @MatthewDillner @MonsterMile
Not a W but a solid days work. #se7en