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jim jefferies
The grove at Anaheim this sat. I'm excited to do a gig I can drive too
@jimjefferies Scotland has a new power source. William Wallace spinning in his graves.
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I'm never watching brave heart again! You cunts don't want freedom
While we are doing this. Australia can we have another vote to make Australia a republic?
People seem to think that was real. Acting job!!! Sorry @netflix
Amazing to think soon Scotland could have a currency that’s not accepted in England, like their pounds aren’t now.
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Hey I'm going to be on @ConanOBrien wed. Always a great laugh
Good luck Scotland, I hope you get what you want.
Watching @MASTERCHEFonFOX they do more close ups on shoes than food
Legit S1 was fine, but the S2 was great, especially the last episodes! Great job man! No S3 makes me sad, but life's go on. @jimjefferies
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Stairs are nothing more than an organized hill. @jimjefferies #legit
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the MMP is up!! I ramble about my new album, caning and stuff crust pizza. Jason Lawhead joins for advice section.…
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To many people in world. Just get outta the way will ya
From the stage at #invictusgames #iam with terryalderton @ Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park
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If you tell a barista that you don't need room for milk, but then take a giant sip and add milk anyway... you are probably going to hell.
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Can't think about this now got a crowd waiting in Cleveland
Ok let's go fuck Isis up
I hate when stand up material is called a "rant"
Ray Rice what a cunt. I think the NFL did the right thing. But if I know anything about abusive husbands.. The...
Oscar pistorius is innocent. Well I guess I called that wrong. #guilty
I am so very sorry to announce that tomorrow night's show in Cincinnati and Friday night's show in Columbus will...
Just wrote a killer bit of material about the ice bucket challenge. So if everyone could keep that going for a...
@jimjefferies I need a support group to help me grieve the loss of @LegitFXX
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Ok time for bed. Love each other. X
My little fella walked on stage the other night. He was awesome
If like to get the stats on how many people have guns that also have goatees.
My @Xbox one freezes all the time why is it so crap?
hey everything thanks for the questions, that was easy #askjim
Ill be at the improv tomorrow night 10pm show trying some new stuff
A guy just stopped me and said " you look the guy from louie" sooo close
Gotta get rid of @VerizonWireless bills are way to high customer service sucks dicks. Any suggestions on other USA phone carriers.
I still have nightmares about not studying for an exam.
It's comedy.... Not a debate
I'm really enjoying watching tv. It's excellent! If you haven't tried it give it a go.