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Jim Cramer
@jimcramer MY BEST ROI Jim is Realmoneypro & You mentioned DEEP in the money calls on REGN before data release
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Have to take those days off when I can--lots of thought put into the shows when I am not there Just i get on the PUP list now and then!
Roarin back tuesday RT @Patfactorx: We miss you on CNBC! I'm trying to pay for my wife to get her Master's degree. We need your stock advice
$EMES is very overextended--and i have been a champion RT @Patfactorx: @jimcramer $EMES or $APA?
Happy birthday! RT @RoRyders: @jimcramer Spending my Bday with JC!
I've never seen such instability/competitions at place kicker in my 20 years covering the league for fantasy than this year.
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I am drafting so late in our league that I am paying attention to who gets cut for possible drafts. Hill; law firm, etc ...
Petrobras! My kind of beer!!! RT @carlquintanilla: Setting the table. ac10780 @ Bridgehampton Town
Gossamer talent RT @MechTxEngineer: @jimcramer charlatans!
Some guy attacking me to build subs again? Tiresome.. They've been playing that game since '96. Cowards, knaves, fools, mountebanks all.
You are most welcome RT @Mike4172: @jimcramer thanks for your help. Big fan
Feels that way...$GS RT @chachichajoe: @jimcramer the Goldman March to 200 continues.
Market is very stupid RT @The_Real_Burg: @jimcramer why was $wday down yesterday? Today is the price action I expected
This one goes higher.imo RT @LasVegasPoker2: @jimcramer $GPRO moving up since your last recommendation, thx for everything you do #homegamer
Thanks much! RT @OverTimeJunky: @jimcramer great show tonight Cramer! #FinanceMajor
Well, thanks for nothing. RT @MainStr: Loyal to Your Auto Insurer? Your Reward May Be Higher Premiums -
@bvasel You'll b happy. I joined AAP 2 years ago & have been very happy with AAP, @jimcramer & @Stephanie_Link's guidance. #DoTheHomework
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DON'T BONK…on your credit card application @MainStr
@jimcramer Just finishing up confessions of a street addict. Haven't been able to put down. How did you survive Oct 98?? Tough as nails!
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Cheap stock, someone will steal it RT @msumak: @jimcramer $OVTI crushes analyst expectations again. F P/E ex cash of 6.
Economic choices affect well-being, so spend money on experiences, not things!! Investing's a given
Remember, $MNST doubters, you are free to sell. NO harm no foul!!
Wow can she chow down fast; although watermelon is her fave
Never crazy about her table manners
It is very important for Cactus to have a balanced diet
Nevada is the WORST state in the nation… for 401Ks
NOW OPEN: Manhattan's first #Bitcoin ATM. West Village, of course…
Let it rest, than yes! RT @wkmoon30: @jimcramer got out of $FB after last earnings . Ready to get back in. Still room to run?
High risk/high reward RT @agorden1: @jimcramer Achn as a spec would u trade it if u could
Germany's new energy plan = no nuclear and fossil fuels by midcentury. It will be tough.
In more good news for Uber, the company zooms through a legislative road block
If you're happy, you're probably not careful - 6 weird reasons ppl make risky decisions:
First pot with heavy cream second with red wine ; will add peppers in final refinement before jarring
making that darned hot sauce has me bathing hands in mustard, cream, olive oil, and still in pain!! But sauce is fabulous!!
Shorts hurtin RT @DailySFN: Hain Celestial's stock hits all-time high @WholeFoods @TraderJoesList @kroger @jimcramer
Banks taketh away what they giveth..constantly...
I am sure you do excellent charting work but it isn't right to use my feed all day. Sorry... @ClayTrader25 @CNBC @TheStreet @SquawkStreet
Stop taking the bait. Focus, people. FOCUS! RT @MainStr Chase Bank Customers Targeted by Massive Phishing Attack
Amazing!!! RT @Fantasy_Guru: @jimcramer @Fran_Tarkenton Jim, Fran is a HUGE fan of yours. Fran, meet Jim. Jim, Fran!
$RDS.A! RT @GilabertTax: @jimcramer hi Jim missed you this am on Squawk...what oil would you rec as core holding? $CVX $COP another?
Yes, this is my real passion. believe me, when i am done with media this will be all i do! RT @karyi789: @jimcramer wow did you grow that
So cool that you are friends with Fran! He's a great businessman and a fabulous guy from what i hear!! @Fantasy_Guru @Fran_Tarkenton
We give all proceeds to the fire department! RT @thecoolnoodle: @jimcramer Or you could donate whatever you don't use to a soup kitchen. ;-)
My recipe will NEVER be revealed. But we will can for 3 hours today ..RT @ctvader: @jimcramer Care to share your recipe for the sauce?
Monster haul today; enough for multiple jars of tomato sauce!
That's my regular drink as all bartenders know RT @skaf777: @MikeNewbs @jimcramer @ScottEGuthrie Overrated!! Try Lagavulin!!
$BWLD is really a liquor stock; quite different from $MCD @MikeFDavies
Get insurance RT @LouannTexas: I have 3 gold bars weighing approx. 27 lbs each for over 12 yrs. I have no idea what I paid. Hold or sell?