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Jim Cramer
My piece in laid out all the compares for $BABA this a.m.
I think $BABA opens at $80 and goes to $88 and I would let it go. Just giving my trading thoughts.
It is going higher.. I frankly didn't do anything..@trsderal1 @MadMoneyOnCNBC
Embrace the rat race? Hamster wheel desks for you non-conformists with back problems
.@jimcramer: "you have my blessing to pay up to $80/share for Alibaba - or even a few dollars more"
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I don't think I've thanked @TheStreet yet for the gr8 opportunity they provided me. @jimcramer @edemarse @CarltonTSC Bill Inman. Thanks.
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Watch tonight RT @VizslasPgh: @jimcramer What to think about $RAD? Help!
Correction? they just started higher! RT @homefry20: @jimcramer you think financials continue to build on today or is a correction looming?
Where's my $56K? Where's Yours?
$ORCL not trading down b/c not bidding for $CNQR, good cloud numbers and Hurd and Catz have been running it anyway for ages...
$CNQR Bing0--one of our favorites $129 a share from SAP. Well done Steven Singh !!!
Yup. Almost all #Obamacare enrollees are paying for coverage.
Temporary jobs constitute 2% of total employment. Doesn't seem like a big percentage, but that number matters.
Oh, boy… @MainStr Scotland Votes on Independence First -- Next Texas, Alaska and Colorado?
Scottish vote closer to home than you think -- 3 Ways the Scottish Secession Vote Could Impact Your Investments
Tom Brady's pre-NFL resume intercepted!! Jr would have been a banker:
Frantically cooking on the $BABA deal...for tonight's show..right at the top
This stock acts like a total champ RT @JDR1024: @jimcramer Adding to $MCD.
FIxing thanks RT @ralphiiep: @jimcramer looks like some one added a D $ddd $dd
Will my new I-phone tell me who I want to play this weekend, Ellington, Vereen? Of course obligatory, gratuitous @AdamSchefter shout out
Best tweet of year--How about Noto Dis? RT @dickc: @goldman working my way through a giant bag of Doritos. I'll catch up with you later.
All over $BABA this morning for @SquawkStreet
You don't have to feel it you just need to make money with it RT @Zagooli: @jimcramer not feeling $BABA at all, not at the ipo price at leas
We are through the Fed, now we have to get through $BABA--and I mean it like that. Must get through it as it is a money/mind drain
Following up with a piece on $TST about $ISIS RT @danielgearner: Lol RT @bradbrandt: 😬RT@jimcramerr: $ISIS is awfully easy to like...
$CY lots of hidden assets..again! CEO keeps buying stock... Have to get interested here...
She's masterful Thanks!RT @Faulknermikej: @jimcramer great opening tonite on Yellen policy. One of your all time best! Boo-Yah!
Thnx! RT @BalljunkShelly: @jimcramer Monologue tonight gets an A+!! "We're only as strong as our weakest link." Opportunity still lagging.
well done! RT @MichaelFicke: @jimcramer and I was on your show!! Thank Jim BOOOOYAH
$ISIS is awfully easy to like...
I'm telling you, it's not what you say but HOW you say it
How about a fist bump instead? RT @MainStr Move in Or Step Back? 5 Ways to Handle the Professional Hug
You know what's cool? A billion dollars. via @MainStr
Who has more $$ than the combined market capitalization of ALL companies that make up the Dow?
Let's send 'em to the couch RT @MainStr Why Americans Need Therapy to Improve Finances
iOS 8 - yay, nay, or just okay?
Yes @CramersShirt and I hung out at Post Nine this morning.. He is no stuffed shirt. He's dyn-o-mite!
RT @CramersShirt: If you thought last one was strange ... You'll love this @jimcramer on Wednesdays we where blue..
Good man! RT @adamfeuerstein: I’m drinking tequila at @jimcramer Bar San Miguel tonight. Fun!
Fed did the "right thing" for those who want higher stock prices even though i know many don't seem to want that who comment on the Fed
$CY of relief? Cypress Semi is up 2% this morning - does that say something about the industry? @jimcramer gets a read tonight!
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@WSJhealth $ISIS CEO will discuss RNA platform and some of the 32 pipeline drugs @jimcramer on @MadMoneyOnCNBC tonite.
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Btw, Cramer's energy is NOT just for the camera, never stops in breaks...reading, talking with Faber...impressive in person.
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Smokin' good q RT @carlquintanilla: FedEx says lower fuel prices have a positive impact, but not material. $FDX (h/t @MorganLBrennan) @CNBC
Yellen calling the CPI spike "noise" was "one of the great calls ... [but] everyone laughed at her." - @jimcramer @CNBC
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