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Jim Cramer
Yes, I am concerned about this next week. Said it on Friday night's show. Just don't like set up: Fed, raising money for $BABA, China soft
It's a BUD grill! Mini-grill, very retro RT @tmcgrath62: @jimcramer I don't know JC.. I think that can of BUD takes the cake!
The Summit Second Annual BBQ classic signs off with a classic fireworks bang!!!
Time for s'mores with the blowtorch getting things going quick!
The winners for ribs gather: Jen Paytas, 2nd place Michael Haley and 3rd, Amanda Ford, Gratz to all!!
The Summit Rib Master is Jen Paytas; Judge Haley presiding!
Tough judges and moonshine influenced
The Wing Master of 2014 is Eugene Beebs Bebout!! From Buffalo of course!!
Judge Steve Ford reads our decision!!
Judging Second Annual Rib and Chicken BBQ contest in Summit!!
When I was hosting last night at Bar San Miguel, my place in Brooklyn, i was conscious that it's a really important night & expense for all.
I know I would not have revealed what happened. It is no one's business. It just isn't. Not just cause I love @CutonDime25 @DrapersPicks
Yep, tips are for waiters, not stocks!! @donfancher
If it were that bad, the place would have closed...@marco0615_fcp16
Yes, I expect next week to be very tough as more funds raise money for $BABA and the Fed gets tougher. Be careful @JoshuaLinton
We talk to our servers regularly and try hard to get it right. I love them. Same with our bartenders. Love them. @funkyserver
I see people stiff our servers at Bar San Miguel in Brooklyn and it is painful. But apologies are accepted readily!!
It is not too late for Lesean McCoy to be a good guy and just invite all of the servers over to his house and give them big tips. I mean it
Hard to tell but we are rocking at Bar San Miguel in Brooklyn
Honored to be retweeted by a man who brought me and my family such hapiness!! @RickyWatters @linusesq @nfl @NotreDame
How about Prater? RT @ParmSandhu8: @jimcramer Jim relax and enjoy the weekend
$AA has had big move. Could pull back RT @ROLLOUT4: @jimcramer hi Jim do you think AA has more room to run or should I ring the register.
I expect some selling pressure in $GPRO into $BABA launch @AnthonyTanpoco
$MBLY gets sold to take down some $BABA RT @madmonkey_25: @jimcramer mbly...please ur take...hold or fold
Can go back to $8 maybe ($S)?RT @gavinb28: @jimcramer how long should we expect @sprint to continue rising and when to sell?
$KR is the biggest supermarket chain there is! And it is terrific. @Nicole1515
Your candor matches your quality--highest in the land, thanks RT @WholeFoods: @jimcramer Thanks for another engaging discussion with Walter!
All oil stocks are getting killed, even the high yielders...rates going higher, oil going lower. @_BrandonNelson
House of pain! RT @Mushafik: @jimcramer is this a good entry point for $sdrl? Or would you suggest waiting some more? Thanks!
@jimcramer I nominate $EBAY management team for Wall of Shame… If these guys ran a funeral parlor, nobody would die.
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@jimcramer @DougKass How many teens will be wearing Moto 360 or other Android watch? Few to none. How many will be wearing iWatch? All.
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Important story for certain RT @BobPisani: Shale plays this month: $FANG -10%, $WLL -8%, $CXO $XEC -7%.
$SYF, $V RT @TheGr8tstManEvr: @carlquintanilla @jimcramer @CNBC When was the last time a major IPO was priced fairly?
Closing the book early? There are reports that Alibaba will stop taking orders for its IPO early; however, deal timing unlikely to change.
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I don't watch the NFL when a game is boring, partner....@gommez4u @knordb
Silly? It's about demand and it is empirical--stay focused, David! @DavidSchawel @carlquintanilla
$SON is a "great American company with a strong history of growth. I like it." -@jimcramer on @MadMoneyOnCNBC:
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I love it, too!!!! RT @mad_pole: @jimcramer I love watching the reaction of @davidfaber when you get excited about a stock. Priceless!
Clarified tnx RT @tonyoppenheim: Apple did live demo the Apple Watch during the keynote. Please make a correction on that. You were wrong.
"People DO forget breaches. And I think enough time has passed .." - @jimcramer, on Target. $TGT @CNBC
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If you’re attending/watching the $NPSP panel today and can live tweet, please raise your hand so I can RT. Thx.
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Head slammed! RT @carlquintanilla: >@jimcramer: "Can you imagine WalMart getting back some mojo?" >@davidfaber: "No, I can't." @CNBC $WMT
Coming to use in four
NUE ex-CEO knows what hes talking about…
Thank you! Your first stock should be of a company you love and use that has a good balance sheet so u can buy more lower@mtahirnaeem
My charitable trust owns $MSFT but really for the possibility of an unlocking of value transaction @ewmpsi