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Jim Cramer
Happy back-to-school, say loan servicers who make those with student debt struggle… Gets me every time.
Born ready. RT @ForbesLife: Are you ready for a robot butler to deliver room service?
I am getting ready for my fantasy draft tonight, what the heck are you doing?
What does America really run on? MT @ReformedBroker: $SBUX vs $DNKN 11,000 to 7200 - note the geographic difference
How did a hotel prep cook avoid foreclosure on his Newark townhouse? Private investment! @RossKUrken has the story
Anyone who writes that it is scary and unsustainable is free to liquidate stocks and don't ask me to hold your hand. Sorry..Just go
Got to keep from burning out. The big issue RT @Spikemikeg: @jimcramer it is so good that you are back my friend. Thanks for all you do!
Own it RT @RetiredGS: With $TWTR, congrats on investors whom have stayed in since @jimcramer called the bottom around $31. Stay the course.
It's all about the Midwest, folks! Best deals on real estate @MainStr
Watch tonight's show RT @Affy619: @jimcramer ring the register on GPRO or let it ride?
RT @CNBC: "This is the breakout. I've been waiting for this drug to be revealed." - @jimcramer
One of my absolute faves/ Thanks so much RT @RetiredGS: .@CNBC .@jimcramer Duh, this is why $REGN is going higher. Cramer got it right.
I have been buying $KMI for tRT @Gr8EaglesTix: @jimcramer Jimmy, what's a good entry point for KMI after the run up?
$PIR has been the big disappointment in the book other than $PVH. I think we need to see a good q but don't expect one i@Real_Saad_N
My point AGAIN - Love finance if you're getting into this business. It will take over your life.
Made 40 bottles this weekend but kept them all! @CramersShirt
Remember many of the stocks that people ask about don't lend themselves to short answers like you get here. I have a show & a blog, though
Please check my feed on the judgment on this and other stocks asked about here--you will find most are answered here, $TST or CNBC
Got a fantasy portfolio? Who's your quarterback!? @jimcramer may weigh in tonight! #fantasyfootball #fantasystockportfolio
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it's all about retail NOT being in Europe.RT @raymondr52: @jimcramer what's with $tjx
Where are these $MNST naysayers, complainers and charlatans? Speak now; apologize!
"One of the best run STOCKS I've ever seen" -- @jimcramer, on $TSLA, at a new record today. @CNBC
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Demand side very weak--India usually kicks in now; no factor RT @Picturecrazed: @jimcramer Can you explain why Gold is going down? Thanks!
So good to be back!!
No value added RT @MSkizzo: @jimcramer Do ever give mutual fund advice or just individual stock advice? Just started Get Rich Carefully.
Great for $AXP, too RT @mtnguru: @jimcramer watch out PayPal, here comes apple iWallet!
I think the $REGN new is bigger RT @aztecs99: great news over the weekend for NVS and their gamechanging heart failure medicine - @jimcramer
Yep, kind of like the S&P--need confused rivals in your league RT @_NPH_: @jimcramer some would say the Fantasy markets are #efficient
I know, Peter. The #FF market is now "perfect." RT @PeterHirdt: @jimcramer Because everyone's reading the same cheat sheets!
Did my first 25 years; not any more RT @jshelly: .@jimcramer you must get ancy when the market is closed. I know I do.
Tonight's show RT @patrickmoran153: @jimcramer How wiil the market react to the tensions in the Ukraine? Nice to have you back!
I like Sternlicht RT @JimPShepard: @jimcramer Jim, $DRE or $STWD ?
Writing new ones all weekend! RT @PolkaDotKreates: @jimcramer I absolutely loved Friday's show. Ty for everything you do, Jim!
My beloved garden run wild but time to return to work
Every time I read a fantasy cheat sheet guys rave about players and then say "don't draft him until the 7th round'" Then he's never there!
RT @ESPNNFL: _Jimmy Graham is going to win me my @ESPNFantasy football league this year b/c he will still be avail at #10 pick: #FF
@jimcramer MY BEST ROI Jim is Realmoneypro & You mentioned DEEP in the money calls on REGN before data release
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Have to take those days off when I can--lots of thought put into the shows when I am not there Just i get on the PUP list now and then!
Roarin back tuesday RT @Patfactorx: We miss you on CNBC! I'm trying to pay for my wife to get her Master's degree. We need your stock advice
$EMES is very overextended--and i have been a champion RT @Patfactorx: @jimcramer $EMES or $APA?
Happy birthday! RT @RoRyders: @jimcramer Spending my Bday with JC!
I've never seen such instability/competitions at place kicker in my 20 years covering the league for fantasy than this year.
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I am drafting so late in our league that I am paying attention to who gets cut for possible drafts. Hill; law firm, etc ...
Petrobras! My kind of beer!!! RT @carlquintanilla: Setting the table. ac10780 @ Bridgehampton Town
Gossamer talent RT @MechTxEngineer: @jimcramer charlatans!
Some guy attacking me to build subs again? Tiresome.. They've been playing that game since '96. Cowards, knaves, fools, mountebanks all.
You are most welcome RT @Mike4172: @jimcramer thanks for your help. Big fan