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Jim Cramer
This baby needs a $GPRO on her head now!!!
I can make that happen RT @kenwegrzyn: @jimcramer I would definitely watch a @GoPro pro video on/of an African tortoise.
Hedge funds slamming bids here--must be no liquidity elsewhere---really kind of amazing..
Bad news from china .. lotsa new supply .. a tense Ukraine. Stocks "just need to cool it for a while." - @jimcramer @CNBC
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Waiting for hedge fund manager coming on and saying "I want 5% fed funds because my fund will be up 50%." There's some banter for you!
coming to us--volatility writ large!
Shorts gunning for this one; but no borrow to speak of RT @carlquintanilla: GoPro's 3 new cameras are here. $GPRO…
Wondering if lawsuits fly, or competing bids emerge, on $TIBX…$24 to many would appear a steal! (Up 14% since on Reality Check Watch List)
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Have a stock question? Tweet it to me using #CramerQ and I'll answer them at 10am today at the @nyse on @TheStreetTV!
Unsung RT @Convertbond: US Manufacturing Jobs 2010-2014: +540,000 2000-2010: -6,100,000 #NaturalGas #USEnergy #SHALEGAS @jimcramer
@jimcramer Coming up on RealMoneyPro "Machines Have No Memories" and "The Bull Case for Yahoo" $YHOO
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Most of $KMI is fixed contracts, More risk to others. But it is under heavy arbitrage pressure until deal closes.@photoprof
a little too bearish RT @IslandCEO: “@FortuneMagazine: It's the worst possible time to buy stocks” any thoughts?
I wake up thinking that every play will have a flag thrown. I want to see players play NFL football. Not refs throw flags constantly.
I have learned over the years never to disagree with Pop about the @Eagles . Since 1960 that's been my posture, too late to change now
Staying away from Twitter..Too angry about the loss.Need some time (@Eagles ). Pop none too happy, too. Wonders if Djax made run fame better
Reeling RT @Max_TO: @jimcramer @Eagles They didn't run when they were 3 and goal
It was for the @Eagles to win even after the mediocre performance. Jeez what happened here..
It's been a stressful few weeks for Shefty. He's a stress eater. Sunday NFL Countdown at 10am
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Teamwork is everything RT @TimDewald: @jimcramer it's easy to make you look good!
No RT @nanexllc: Dear @jimcramer Do you own Restricted Goldman Stock? A simple yes/no will suffice. No response = yes Thank you
Bingo! RT @MarcoMNYC: @jimcramer probably more because they'll all be short bonds .
Hedge fund managers should disclose how much $ they would make if the fed listened to them and jacked up rates, killing the economy...
The fabulous @TimDewald and our fantastic Mad Money team are responsible for the remix that @ReginaGilgan posted, Done nightly @dan8dan8
.@marissamayer if the $YHOO suggestion box is open,@jimcramer has 1 for you-right on your own homepage. Have a look:…
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Love your store!! RT @LaCasitaBK: @jimcramer Finally made it to Bar San Miguel!!! Hope to see you in the neighborhood soon!
I have liked it since it came public and am not going to push it up here. @DeliverAlpha @MichaelKatz2
Good call! RT @Druid2131: @jimcramer @RickyWatters @melacey99 @cprepova U said buy YHOO at $16 when Meyer was hired. I remember the show.
Go buy a beautiful cashmere sweater @TJRudy13
Stock's flying in after hours trading!RT @obra: Holy shit. Yahoo is discontinuing Yahoo.… HT @nygren
It was nice to have a day without all of those rich hedge fund managers saying the Fed should tighten, wasn't it? I found it refreshing
This is all about the Ukraine-Russia gas deal being reached. That's what caused the rally.. @raymondr52
Stocks like $GPRO go up until a secondary or when the holiday season ends...@MichaelKatz2
I have been pro-$YHOO since the low $20s-but so many dislike it. For who, for what (@RickyWatters )@melacey99 @cprepova
We talked on set tonite about the invective here when I said buy $AGIO 2 weeks ago. The hate was stunning. Not gloating, just saying...
No one talks Phase One unless something is remarkable--$AGIO @MarkCJohnson1 @jmarzouca @NewYorker @fredri43
Activist Investor Pushes Yahoo's Marissa Mayer to Buy Rival AOL
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Me and my #kicks
Russia-Ukraine deal over nat gas is what got this market going..Russia-Ukraine is the music this market dances to.
I want a phone that bends and doesn't break; i want an I-phone 6plus-RT @AlexSafahi: @jimcramer same with $AAPL doubters!
You betcha RT @FrankMagellan: @jimcramer Hey Jim,new show tonight?
If you bought $AGIO on my recommendation you should sell a little and let rest run @jmarzouca @NewYorker @fredri43
Shorts drove it down with bogus analysis RT @HudsonHeating: @jimcramer bought $VEEV in May, have nice profit. Thoughts?
$YHOO doubters I accept your apology
Thank @NewYorker RT @fredri43: @jimcramer nice call on $AGIO, thanks
has $FINL reached its own Finish Line? @jimcramer talks to its CEO today - as the stock is down more than 11%! do you shop at @FinishLine?
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My defense stock call looking good. I would not sell them...$LMT, $NOC, $RTN, $ATK
I don't recommend stocks up ten when i liked them lower RT @jeffgent99: @jimcramer Can $AGIO still be bought or did I miss it?
Looking for more info on PIMCO--if you have it--post it