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Jim Cramer
Not all 529 plans are created equal —> @MainStr The Best 529 College Savings Plans — Handicapping the Rankings via
You are kidding right? ($SHLD)@BigEvilRodd
Didn't want to hurt Cactus' feelings! RT @ReginaGilgan: @jimcramer and you wanted Everest to wear the #gopro - it was Cactus all along!
That's my goal! thnxRT @patrickmoran153: @jimcramer No one can predict the market Jim but you are right more than you are wrong. So thanks
Many initially will balk. So did the record companies. How long did that last; $aapl @LarFurnari
All animals are equal, but some take better photos than others (Photo: Tony Cenicola/NYT)
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That's old, cheap mescal. This stuff is real deal; tasty, smoky. try em RT @czarpogolf: @jimcramer @Sym75 don't forget about the worm
$Wayfair overvalued RT @vitolibido: @jimcramer I bought Jd and wayfair both at $25. They are the same category. .which one would you sell?
Doesn't have to be from Jalisco and different agaves; single malt v. reg scotch @Sym75: @jimcramer difference between tequila and mescal?
Ebola Czar should be huddling with Cuomo, @GovChristie to get up to speed. Nicholas III?
Thanks for all who came by Barsanmiguelbrooklyn last night: 140 tequilas and Mescals now; good crowd
I missed it holding for $82; goes to $110 HRT @montgomeryj88: @jimcramer With the recent run, is $80 still the target buy price for $BABA?
Psycho hedge has reverse mojo RT @CramersShirt: @jimcramer @evansilva bad karma playing D against fav team ;)
@jimcramer @evansilva I'd imagine he'll play but update on how he's feeling is a matter of national security because he plays for Patriots.
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$AGIO not done..$CELG not done..RT @Biotech2050: @jimcramer @_DonLeon and he also made a great call on $AGIO before it shot up
Cheese steak with; cherry soda RT @jed900: @jimcramer heading to Geno's for lunch. Want anything?
Fun! Live auction hosted by @jimcramer for VIP private dinner donated by @Mariobatali at @LuluLeoFund #llfbenefit.
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thnx!, thinking of going w/ Cooks, Cadet & Graham, with Card D v. Eagles RT @evansilva: @jimcramer Expected to play:…
Man i have done a massive amount of homework. Also don't accuse me of not doing homework. Real bad call. @_DonLeon
Join @Chris_Ciaccia as he live blogs Apple’s fourth quarter earnings right here!…
"I just think people need to make a living wage with health benefits”
DO BOTH RT @MainStr Americans Would Rather Take a Vacation Than Save for Retirement
Spoken like a true Bengal fan RT @jimmypassy: @jimcramer you have too much power for everyone's good and there's nothing you can do about it
Where's Trotsky when we need him!? RT @laxxoxo: @jimcramer @MadMoneyOnCNBC Does the Ebola Czar belong on the wall of shame? #EbolaInNYC
Shore house! RT @jshelly: .@jimcramer Exit 105 is Eatontown not Summit. You must be lost. :-) #GSP
Some clown sold 100 shares; stay focused RT @IanNelson9: @jimcramer you made it go down over 4.5% in are a powerful guy $PANW
If you are trading $PANW off my call on Friday night you should chill and go watch some high school football. Get focused, chief. Really
VERY hard to believe —> Foodies' Were Duped Into Thinking McDonald's Was High-End Food
Thank @TimDewald! RT @JohnBeachBum: @jimcramer I LOVE your #TheWeekThatWas segments on Fridays, thx for those!
@evansilva @jimcramer apropos of nothing, this may be my favorite twitter relationship. Two hard workers who do their due diligence
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Judging by this unbelievably rigorous match-up list, i am thinking about playing Cadet and sitting Cooks.Wrong? (flex) @evansilva
I think it goes higher RT @ArtSlott: $ISIS Stick with Cramer! @jimcramer @MadMoneyOnCNBC
The day i got back from Hawaii i saidd enough is enough, $GPRO...@LisaAnneColley @andresmtwiter
In last place! RT @fredr142: Big booyah to ya @jimcramer I think we all know where your checklist haters are!
You will learn tonight @MadMoneyOnCNBC RT @sig_57: @jimcramer any thoughts on $twtr upcoming earnings?
Watch @MadMoneyOnCNBC tonight and i will tell you RT @charlieHA5: @jimcramer what would you do with GPRO?
Do i impress you as a quitter? RT @rcomandari: @jimcramer -Don't stop using $TWTR, your driving up the stock price for us all. Thanks
Marissa Mayer haters, how's your $YHOO short doing? Oh, let me guess, you covered last week..
Well put RT @Darla_Stone: @jimcramer mean people suck.
Hate get people pageviews. Extremely disappointed by them @comedianbeaty
While i am an extremist, "faScist" seems too strong RT @DonDraper76: @jimcramer Long live facist central bankers that manipulate prices.
I dont know if it will be that cold RT @Matthew_Tae: @jimcramer viciously cold winter this year. What's the energy play if that's true?
My view on $GPRO. I liked it from the day it went public until $93 when i said sell it. I agreed that it is overvalued but demand is strong
That's BS. Go over what i said, focus RT @andresmtwiter: I jumped on $GPRO this morning at 75.17 courtesy of @jimcramer, very bad decision
Actually i said the opposite this morning. It really does pay to actually watch me beyond $TWTR, like where i am paid SteveMahoney_
Big show on @MadMoneyOnCNBC 2nite! @jimcramer talks 2 $DECK CEO Angel Martinez about the stock's drop 2day DESPITE a great Q @UGGaustralia
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