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Jillian Michaels
Ok UK... Even the Queen is coming to my show... Are you?!
.@JillianMichaels brings her acclaimed 'Maximize Your Life' tour to the UK! Tickets
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Ok podcasters... Look how cute Autumn is enroute to the UK with me to do your press
Can't believe how many UK fans are tweeting me. So stoked to see you all this January! Tell me what you're lookin forward to discussing most
I'm starting a @DietBet with @JillianMichaels so we can all lose weight together. Join Us! Check it out!
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Broken down in car. Not good. However, I did get tickets to see @JillianMichaels in London in January. Makes it far more bareable! Excited!
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My Hipster Band, featured in #SHAPE magazine is available on my website! Check it out and tighten those glutes!
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Tickets all booked for the Maximise Your Life tour! @JillianMichaels @JaniceUngaro so excited you're coming to the UK - can't wait! X
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@JillianMichaels #bodyshred have you tried this awesome workout? just tried my first one and I am hooked lol
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@JillianMichaels HELL YES!! 20th January in Birmingham, sounds like the best birthday present to me EVER!! Coming to the UK for you! :D
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Just working with my favorite chicken. My life is so weird.
Having a blast in Malibu with the @NordicTrack team! I love this Incline Trainer!
Excited to announce the Maximise Your Life tour is coming to the UK! Presale tickets and VIP are on sale now at…!
i know! “@krystaltiger: @JillianMichaels LOVE Scandal! Bad thing about having marathoned the seasons is now waiting weekly for an episode.”
Ok, who's a Scandal fan? Everyone's been trying to get me to watch, now I'm hooked! Excited for the premier this week! #ItsTheLittleThings
I squatted 140 kg for 12 reps it was so easy .... I did killer buns and thighs level 3 and died @JillianMichaels 😱�
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It is “@JordieB1989: @JillianMichaels a friend of mine just told me you had passed away a few years back.. Please tell me this isn't true!”
It's definitely not a good thing that there's an animal shelter right off the freeway exit to my house... Just call me zoo keeper.
We had a social network when I was a kid too. It was called "OUTSIDE".
I keep trying to explain this to my kids... I spent my entire childhood wishing I was older. Now I'm older... and it sucks.
2,977 flags... My prayers go out to those who lost loved ones on this day. #911anniversary #NeverForget
Spent the evening with two of my favorite people! @Tharealmouse & the world's best colorist, Justin Anderson.
If you ever get a chance to attend @JillianMichaels “Maximize Your Life” Tour, Do so. It changed my life & it will change yours. #Fitness
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@JillianMichaels Absolutely love your workout DVDs, so effective and amazing for new Moms that don't have a lot of time to workout!!
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@JillianMichaels just did workout one of #BodyRevolution think I'm going to love it 💜💪
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Because I don't have enough to do @Tharealmouse has me picking up her chickens. #ThisIsMyLife
I can't wait to help you Maximise Your Life this October, Australia! Tickets on sale now:
Per your request / popular demand I made an exercise DVD for beginners! It's finally available! Check it out!
Australia, I want to help unleash your potential & unlock the keys to your health. Maximise Your Life tix on sale now
It's time to Maximise Your Life, Australia! I'm bringing my motivational live tour Down Under:
Love this site. They post the coolest stuff…
@JillianMichaels & finding that shoe strapped atop a male escort's head in Bucharest, when you live in Toledo, means you're drunk on tequila
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I so badly want to explain this to my 4 year old, but @Tharealmouse thinks it's too soon... #KiddingSorta
I have never seen anything so wrong and yet so right all at the same time.…