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Jillian Michaels
Please help save this man's dog. Take a look at his petition & if you are moved to do so, sign & share. Quick & easy…
@JillianMichaels was amazing. Anyone going to her other shows should get excited. The tour is called…
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@JillianMichaels I have a student whose mother is battling cancer. Can you RT this so that I can show him that he's not alone in the fight!
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Thank YOU “@alxstl: @JillianMichaels Words escape me to describe how fantastic #MaxmiseYourLife was tonight! #findyourwhy #thankyou ❤️🙌”
it was totally worth the flight to brisbane to see #maximiseyourlife. @JaniceUngaro had me in stitches, and @JillianMichaels had me in tears
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Pleasure was mine “@Amy_Desiderata: @JillianMichaels u rocked it in Brisbane! A mix of information, humour & inspiration! Thank you 💖”
Me & G at @JillianMichaels Body Shred in Brisbane. Oh yeah...and Jillian's ass in background. :)) weeee!
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Anytime :) “@wesdavis77: @JillianMichaels thanks for changing my wife Carmel's life today! She is now so inspired!
Crushing a few of my Aussie friends before my live show tonight. #GoodTimes
@JillianMichaels I found you in the Metro newspaper in the UK! Can't wait to see you January 22nd!!
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Got tickets to @JillianMichaels "Maximise Your Life Tour" ! Going to see her tonight in Brisbane. Haven't been more excited !!!!!! 💪💪❤❤
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Too late! ;) “@pugwash1962: @JillianMichaels sssh don't tell anyone but I love the beginners shred!”
Check out my friends show! “Something Borrowed, Something New” w/ @SamStyles & @kellynishimoto on @TLC – Friday night at 10/9c. #SBSN
This animal is wearing a friggin snow jacket in Brisbane. It's about 75 right now. #EmbarrassedToKnowYou #GMoneyShow
Already brought! “@thisistamaralee: Just bought last minute tickets to @JillianMichaels Maximise Your Life Tour. Need motivation! #BringIt
Like coming home... Australia, how I've missed you.
Will do! “@l1samar1e26: @JillianMichaels awesome to have you in Melbourne - live shows will be amazing!!! #CantWait #BringIT
@JillianMichaels currently on the @theprojecttv + my excitement levels 4 Friday just went through the roof! Ah can't wait to see her live!
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On #theprojecttv tonight... Pistorius sentence reaction; Zoe's Law; banning the Haka; super trainer @JillianMichaels live + Brad Pitt!
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To compound how tragic I am. After almost burning down my room the liquid in my padded bra burst. DURING AN INTERVIEW
Well... We almost just burned the hotel down with what must be a faulty converter box. These Aussies are so lucky to have us in town.
Speak for yourself mouse! “@Tharealmouse: @JillianMichaels I love you, even though you’re gay.”
Can't wait 2 see @JillianMichaels live on Friday night 4 her #MaximiseYourLife show in Brisbane! My Christmas is coming early! #inspiration
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JM20 = 20% off tix!! RT@Cosmopolitan @JillianMichaels' advice on breaking out of your comfort zone: #FunFearlessLife
Beyond! “@Therese_C: @JillianMichaels this was Bondi Beach yesterday! #perfection Only 13 days till #maximisetouraus #syd You pumped?"
@JillianMichaels I expect that you and the gang will be leaving soon and gracing Australian soil. Travel safely and see you at 3 VIP events!
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Jillian Michaels on turning 40: ‘There’s a #confidence I didn’t anticipate’ #wellness #aging @JillianMichaels
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@JillianMichaels @goodhealth To-dos: 1) buy issue 2) do workouts 3) find that dress 4) look SLAMMIN' at holiday parties. Aaaaaand, go!
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Hahaha. “@fiona_corcoran: @JillianMichaels @goodhealth OMG Jillian in a dress??!! Love it already!”
My @goodhealth cover is out! Let me know what you guys think of the article and workout!
This is exactly the kind of thing I should not be posting... And yet...
@thespexyunicorn: @JillianMichaels may be one scary, hard ass trainer but damn, these jeans fit over my ass & the weight is falling off <3
Angelenos! My good friend just opened up a pilates studio in west hollywood! If you're in the area check it out.
Don't fill kids with crap this Halloween! @kidoodleTV is giving FREE service (no high fructose corn syrup included!)
Friends! Don't miss the series premiere of #JaneTheVirgin tonight at 9/8c on The CW
See you there! “@Heathmaid: @JaniceUngaro @JillianMichaels Majorly excited to see you in Glasgow! Your podcast has changed my life!”
@JillianMichaels Please Help Mayde Creek Wrestling Team by sharing the link or donating http:// #MaydeCreekMovieNight
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Who you callin' softie?! “@MariamKabesh: @JillianMichaels is a big diehard softie, isn't she @TumiNewMe? Love her & loved #SYTTD premier :)”
Yes & yes! “@mbksurfer: @JillianMichaels are you looking forward to the trip down under? Are the kids coming to Australia? See you at VIP!”
@TumiNewMe @randyfenoli @JillianMichaels I can't get over this premier! I've seriously been crying the whole time! #SYTTD #somuchlove
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Name the time & place! “@kschusterr: Why can't @JillianMichaels help ME pick out MY wedding dress??!! Oh wait... 😒#SYTTDD”
Thanks buddy :) how hot is @TumiNewMe@Swisher_Tweet_: I love @JillianMichaels even more after seeing her on #SYTTD!!!!”
Stop it girl I'm rich...I want the booty poppiin'....@JillianMichaels cracking me up on @syttd. I didn't know she was so funny. #syttd
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Watch @JillianMichaels help 'Biggest Loser' alum 'Say Yes to the Dress' (Exclusive Video)
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Why? Shouldn't it be self explanatory? “@Day_dreamer1994: Nobody will ever understand the love and respect I have for @JillianMichaels