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Jillian Hall
It's Tuesday night in orlando... What to do???
Yay Joe! RT @IamJoeGear: See what the splash is all about on tonites episode of "Chasing Maria (cont)
Haha... Yeah!! "IBB" RT @TuesNightTyfo: @Jillianhall1 It is, as of now. Congratulations!!! Any future royalties go to you!
Schwarzeneggerish!! RT @batmaneatsbabie: @Jillianhall1 I think unknown. why not "brb"?
I just used "IBB". Is that officially "I'll be back" yet? Or is it unknown??
Another lesson people can learn tonight! RT @RebySky: I don't give a f*ck how many autobiographies (cont)
Im no one's "ex"... if we break up, i don’t know you
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Unfortunately.. RT @RebySky: Every night's lesson. RT @Jillianhall1: Tonight's lesson... Don't trust people! 😠
Amen! Thank you! Total truth!! I'm with you!!! RT @ThelIluminati: You can't find the right person if you're still holding on the wrong one.
Tonight's lesson... Don't trust people! 😠
Hahaha.. I need to start using that! RT @GirlMottos: "what are you twelve" yeah on a scale of one to ten bitch
I may have been in bed for days feeling crappy all around but at least I get to watch @MiamiHEAT win today!
Lights out, movies off. Just waiting on the Easter bunny! I'll admit, I'll be real scared if there's candy next to me when I wake up.
Restroom breaks! RT @TuesNightTyfo: @Jillianhall1 So, have you ever actually gotten out of bed, or are you hitting the 24 hour mark!?
Stays on repeat in my head already! :) RT @JamoactorDylan: @Jillianhall1 Maybe you should listen to this:…
Btw... Happy Easter!! 🐰
I am CONFUSED!!! 😩 maybe another movie will put me back to sleep. 😴
Anyone want to take me to Rome? I wanna go back soon!
Only when I choose to be, but Don't even make me go there! 😠RT@binfingerr:@Jillianhall11 How are you single?
Watching the talented Mister Ripley in bed... Pretty interesting so far.
Lol..I'm weird! RT @JohnCenaFan62: @BellasNattie4vr @Jillianhall1 she was so weird but I liked her voice and songs! I have her album too!!!
I can't get out of bed.. Been here since 1:30am last night. πŸ˜ͺ😴