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Jhonen Vasquez
cartoons comics animation 63,320 followers
This game seemed pretty fun at E3. Not sure about that cover, though. Too sexy.
Really sick and tired from Comicon and I want it to end. hasn't even started yet? Oh...oh my god.
If I could rewind time at will I'd have the cleanest record for someone who knows what squishing so many infants' heads is like.
Friend asked if the Lego Movie gets any better after 15 minutes. TIME FOR NEW FRIENDS.
I'm fatter on the inside.
That pink bed she's in? She came with that. It's a dog shaped bed. SHE SLEEPS IN THE BODY OF HER OWN KIND.
I think I've a decent grasp of what to expect from a traumatized dog, but I'm not gonna tolerate her not having my back in Counterstrike.
Lighten up, dog! You've been rescued, and I have a very dirty car for you to wash! Let's make this a 2-way thing already!
I think I'm a pretty patient, reasonable guy, but this rescued dog's been here almost 2 weeks and he's STILL not making me breakfast!!
Paranoid I've interfered with this dog finding a nice old incontinent lady that would appreciate a dog with similar interests.
Week 2: Dog still not into playing at all. I now live on a tiny raft in my house floating on a lake of dog urine.
Someone must've stolen @GrisGrimly's van and parked it in the Disney parking lot!
Must need to know how to sign books and infuriate unstable teenage girls by merely existing in the same time/space continuum as them.
I'm going to hire someone to be me for Comicon. Need funny looking, beige-ish dork to sit and look sleepy/alarmed for 4 days.
Tweets about babies named after me are never not funny out of context. "I'm still mad at Jhonen for kicking me in my stomach"
Hey, ladies, I just realized I was napping with my dog on the couch in a puddle of of my dog's urine. Call me. I'm waiting.
When the last human breathes no more, Weird Al shall remain to parody the end, for he is the eternal watcher of time and space.
The worse things get these days, the more thankful I am for Weird Al still being a thing.
People asking for Very Important House artwork, the answer is no. The show is entirely a televised text adventure. Groundbreaking TV!
Thanks to @boxerhockey, @SimonHuttT, and @jimmyurine for helping @cunch and I so far on the Very Important House pilot!
Alternate Ending: "SOYLENT GREEN munch munch-...delicious! It'S DELICIOUS!!! -munch munch munch-"