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Jhonen Ghostsquez
Check out this totally normal delicious sandwich. Nothing odd here except WRONG! That's me in my halloween costume!
I want to live in Sunset Overdrive, The mutants would be a small price to pay for all that color.
I keep finding quarters and dimes in weird places in my pants and now I’m scared that at night I turn into a really cheap stripper.
John Wick was pretty good, definitely up there as far as puppy-centric hyper murder-revenge flicks go.
Got this sweet Over the Garden Wall book from @cartoonnetwork. They're pretty amazing at pushing their goods.
This Halloween, don't settle for anything less than real ghosts. Angrily berate any kid that dares show up in a goddamn sheet.
I'm old enough now to really feel how precious time is, to know how fucking dumb it is to eat anything less than three cheese-its at a time.
Chugging the juice of the dead.
At the bee and puppycat premiere. Was expecting free bees. Going home angry.
How does everyone else handle being too amazing? Feeling like I could stand to take it down a notch.
Once, when I had allergies, I substituted bread slices for tissues and it was alright.
It's one of them lazy days, a day where it's alright to eat pie with a spoon.
This Halloween, for maximum spooks, try soaking burger buns in blood.
This Halloween go for extra chills by accidentally slicing your eyeball while shaving then stumble screaming out into the terrified streets.
This person's just begging to have their leg cancelled! “@Vexanie: Duuuuude @JhonenV
I love udon, but the sheer dimension of it implies an accident or something engineered to intimidate.
We're trying to decide if udon is the fabled Abomination Noodle.
Just passed a place call Dental Fun Zone.
Dude just vomited into a trash can and wobbled away with a beard full of puke-hunks. That's pretty metal, right?
Managed to get into the show but I had to promise to play kazoo for mastodon. Last time I played kazoo I killed a man.
Was supposed to see mastodon tonight but the guy with the tickets died or something.
I hope HATRED does well enough to spawn future sequels like MORTIFIED REGRET and OH GOD DID I REALLY USED TO TALK AND DRESS LIKE THAT?
These chips are made from actual jimmy.
Controls LIKE. LIKE a clunky robot. This tweet is free DLC for that previous tweet.
The Evil Within plays like zombie Splinter Cell where you're a man that controls a clunky, boxy 50's robot. I guess that's kinda cool.
Good news for broken humans who hate me but need me to exist for them to have anything to talk about: I'm working on so much new stuff now!
Playing real life right now but the ambiguous objectives, sloppy controls and lackluster npc's are getting to me.
"It's always fart o'clock." - someone I never want to meet.
I'm grown up enough to know I've had enough Crypt of the NecroDancer and that The Evil Within is unlocked now and I should play that instead
Despite very capably playing games in my car on the way to work I still managed to destroy this jogger's legs and annihilate a newsstand.
People think I'm lazy and play games all day but I'm insanely busy AND I play games all day so people should be impressed.
♬ Take a look ♬ ♬ It’s in a book ♬ 💀 I’LL SWALLOW YOUR SOUL 💀
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Saw these clones at the ramen place.
Does Twitter just randomly follow people for you sometimes? I just found out I was following Amanda Bynes and I was confused and afraid.
Don't get me wrong, I LOVED the experience of this game, but holy shit was I waiting for some big finish. I'm gonna go get fat now.
The Alien breaks character, turns to the camera and says he looks forward to seeing you in future DLC for the thrilling conclusion.
Just finished Alien Isolation and I thought the game was great but WHAT? That's the ending?? That's not an ending at all!
Some of the pies will be shit pies made from me crapping myself on several occasions. Thanks!
The sound designer alone gets 2 pies, but one pie will make him a bit sick because Aliens growling.
Day 3 playing Alien:Isolation. I wanna buy everyone who worked on the game a pie.
People get real nosey about how you lost your virginity but when you try to show them using a baked ham suddenly they're not interested.
So my dog wants to move out because she's sick of me playing this game and yelling "oh no...oh god...oh GOD NO...OH MY GOD OH GOD AAAAGH!"
Sometimes I let the alien catch me and say "Awww, you got me! You're too good! I didn't even hear you at all!" just because I feel bad.
He's like a ninja who keeps clearing his throat loudly and knocking over garbage cans and stuff.
I get that he HAS to make noise to alert you to his presence what with the whole game thing and all, but I'm a little embarrassed for him.
Man, the alien in Isolation is constantly stomping around and growling like a lion. I don't think he's seen any of the movies.
"Did I lock this door? Better check again. It's fine. Lemme check again. Fine. Better check agHEY WHAT'RE YOU DOING IN THERE? I KILL YOU!"
I like Isolation, but the alien in the game makes me sad, constantly opening and closing doors, or checking lockers like some OCD nightmare.