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Jhonen Vasquez
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It's nights like these, when nobody can read my mind and just drives by to give me a pot pie , when I feel the emptiness of everything.
I'll know I'm dead inside when I stop using the emergency brake release button to pretend I'm firing missiles off at other cars.
Panorama: This latest bread comic cost 30k to produce!
Anyone using Astro A40's on Xbox One getting horrific crackling audio? Had a lot of trouble with these headsets and now crackle town.
Actually glad those disgusting new movie Ninja Turtles exist because because now there's this:…
Photo: This comic only took me several months.
Drawing a shitty rabbit comic and listening to non-shitty bleeps and bloops by @lifeformed.
I'm all for people finding love and happiness, but keep that shit away from my favorite comedians.
@JhonenV "Cat lovers hate him! Do you agree? Argue with the saddest people ever!"
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'This man rescued a puppy. What happened next was SOMEWHAT INTERESTING but stayed well within the bounds of CREDIBILITY!'
Headlines like 'This woman gave a hobo a quarter. What happened next will BLOW THE SHIT OUT YOUR BOWELS!' irritate the hell out of me.
If I had to pick a favorite breast shape, I'd have to go with 'fiddler crab'.
I don't think you're all sad enough so I'm gonna work on some Fillerbunny today. Let that be a lesson to you!
Man, I wish every game was free and had a crippled, in-app purchase heavy progression system. Maybe someday.
Howdy, pre-ghosts.
There was some damn cool fighting, but I was hoping for more stuff like the Drug Lab music from the first movie.…
The Raid's soundtrack was half the movie to me. Raid 2 went for a way less beat-driven mayhem and I really felt the absence.
About to watch The Raid 2. Prediction: punching.
Sweet cyberfart-chair, Professor.
If I had to pick a favorite breast shape, I'd probably have to go with the 'Hey Arnold'.
Replace that generic Winter Soldier with Chiwetel Eliofor's operative from Serenity and you've got a real villain. Villainy with a presence.
Hey, superhero movies, your villains SUCK. Captain America should punch people I give a shit about, not just hairstyles with cyborg arms.
Forgot I even did this comic! “@deemerman: Me irl right now (as drawn by @JhonenV)
People think it's weird a skinny guy like me has "fat pants" and I think it's weird I have to explain to people pants made of human fat.