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Jhonen Vasquez
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Felt like reminding you all that I'm a master of drawing.
Check out this totally normal delicious sandwich. Nothing odd here except WRONG! That's me in my halloween costume!
Got this sweet Over the Garden Wall book from @cartoonnetwork. They're pretty amazing at pushing their goods.
This person's just begging to have their leg cancelled! “@Vexanie: Duuuuude @JhonenV
The thing about e-mails like this is that I can never tell if they are written by children or adults.
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Here she is being sad and sleeping in my luggage while wearing a diaper. IT'S TOO SAD.
If male video game characters were dressed like female characters
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Heh...look who I just ran into in the Tower. That's his best disguise yet.
Really? Squee is not a word? @JhonenV and countless fangirls may disagree.
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Oh wait may have posted this before - Invader Zim Xmas DVD cover idea @JhonenV w/ pasted-on mini moose
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Two days into Hohokum and I still can't beat this boss! Where's a prima guide when you need one??
Oh daaaaang! Just got home and this was waitin on my step!
Damn! I forgot to add the swollen, shiny man-lips!
Making people who want sketches draw what they want me to draw first. Keeps it fun for me, and stressful for them!
"I want a drawing of GIR!" "Yeah? Here's a GIR-loving peanut. Thanks for coming!"
"Can you draw me a-" "A mooseball with tank treads, right? Here ya go."
"Can you draw me GIR scaring Squee?" "Here's what you're getting..."