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Jhonen Vasquez
Finished what'll probably be my last ZIM cover for some time! Insanely happy with how this issue turned out!
This made me do one of those laughs that scares you because you think it will never stop and it might kill you.
Still my favorite episode of ST:TNG…
Wearing my spookiest tie by a designer who is so spooky they are actually a ghost.
Because it's so hot and sweaty, when asked what I'm dressed up as, I'll say I'm this guy:…
Check out the INVADER ZIM and RICK AND MORTY TREASURY EDITIONS compared to the first issues! Available 11/28 #LCSD
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"I am more machine den man nyoww. D'yuhhuhhuhhh."
Checking out this BUTTON MASH place.
Every night a tiny version of this girl appears in a random air vent in my house and she sings to me.…
This scene may OR MAY NOT take place in the new Invader ZIM comic #4. EXPERTS ARE BAFFLED! (Buy it now!)
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If I have a proudest contribution to #4, it'd have to be the computer's "nosey" dialogue here, but I WON'T BRAG.
Hey @JhonenV, thought you'd wanna know that Invader Zim came in to buy his own comic from @OniPress today! #NCBD
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Pretty excited to try out these lil' doodads here.
According to this video, slow line jitter with a stylus remains in the newer Surface Pros. That's a killer for me.…
People think everything I tweet is a joke, but it's not. I REALLY AM AT THE QUIZNOS IN THE GAS STATION.
Trying out this ps4 image sharing thing. Now the world can see this beautiful moment. #PS4share
Two of the coolest ZIM comic covers I've seen yet! Both for reprints of #1. @UpperHandArt, @Andrew_MacLean!
Conflicted robot with reflection of tire repair place lobby where I'm doodling robots.
How are these not called 'Spaghetti-NOOOOOooooo!'s?

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