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Jesta -
"Everyone gets frustrated and aggressive, and I'd sooner take my aggression out on a guitar than on a person." -Paul Weller
I think there's something strangely musical about noise - Trent Reznor
"You treat the air as a canvas and the paint is the chords that come through your fingers, out of the keyboard." -Pharrell Williams
The best rock musicians are the most exciting people in the world. - James Daly
Um, musicians are funnier you know, than actors on the whole. - Tim Curry
"I think the most important thing about music is the sense of escape." -Thom Yorke
'Tis the common disease of all your musicians that they know no mean, to be entreated, either to begin or end. - Ben Jonson
I have hearing trouble. I have helped to invent & refine a type of music that makes its principal proponents deaf - Pete Townshend
In The Doors we have both musicians & poets, & both know of each other's art, so we can effect a synthesis. - Robby Krieger
"I was born with music inside me. Music was one of my parts. Like my ribs, my kidneys, my liver, my heart. Like my blood." - Ray Charles
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How do you get a guitar player off of your front porch? Pay for the pizza.
There are more bad musicians than there is bad music. - Isaac Stern
"Mummy! Mummy! I want to grow up and be a guitar player!" "Now now, Zachary, you can't do both!"
Sometimes the interpretations I've seen on songs that I've written are a lot more interesting than the input that I put in - David Bowie
I'd seen musicians act, and it scares me. And they make more money than me. - Tim Roth
Musicians are probably the most uncomfortable people in themselves in the world. - Andrea Corr
"Imagine what a harmonious world it could be if every single person shared a little of what he is good at doing." - Quincy Jones
ooooh, And also....the new is now up and running!!!!
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Great musicians accept everything that they hear & find something good… They throw away what they don't like. - John Zorn
While browsing for a UK artist to help get his name out there I came across this guy @jesta He will get you grooving! Check him out!
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In theory, I'd like to work in a group. But the group I'd like to work in, all the musicians in them are long since dead. - Robert Wyatt
"Making mistakes is a lot better than not doing anything." -Billie Joe Armstrong
Why is an orgasm like a drum solo? You can tell it's coming but there's no way to stop it.
How many guitar players does it take to cover a Stevie Ray Vaughan tune? Evidently all of them.
There's no difference in a lot of people's minds between good musicians and popular musicians. - Dweezil Zappa
How many drummers does it take to change a lightbulb? None. They have machines to do that now.
At a video shoot today for a very special charity single. It's not as glamorous as it sounds but the end result will be well worth it!
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Many rock musicians are excellent cooks, I've found, and those that are prefer to eat their own cooking in the studio. - Steve Albini
We all feel love & that might sound kind of corny, but I really feel that's what joins musicians together… - Enrique Iglesias
I've always considered music stores to be the graveyards of musicians. - Gary Larson
Groups are corporations now. They have pension plans. Musicians have saw the daylight. - John Lee Hooker
"I've been imitated so well I've heard people copy my mistakes." - Jimi Hendrix
"The true beauty of music is that it connects people. It carries a message, and we, the musicians, are the messengers." -Roy Ayers
I've always thought that actors wanted to be pop musicians and pop musicians wanted to be actors. - Gary Kemp
Musicians can run states better than politicians. We won't get a lot done in the mornings but we'll work late & be honest. - Kinky Friedman
"I think there's something strangely musical about noise." -Trent Reznor
My best RTs this week came from: @MaryGanis @shalaman #thankSAll Who were yours?
"There is two kinds of music, the good, and the bad. I play the good kind." -Louis Armstrong
What do you say to a guitar player in a 3-piece suit? "Will the defendant please rise…"
All the good music has already been written by people with wigs and stuff - Frank Zappa
Like family, we are tied to each other. This is what all good musicians understand. - Billy Joel
The people in Japan know more about the history of jazz and the musicians than the people in the United States do. - Billy Higgins
As musicians, and as people who sell material for people to hear and absorb, it's important that we use that voice wisely - Roberta Flack
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I think the most important thing about music is the sense of escape - Thom Yorke

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