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Jessa Hinton
Can't wait for my "Anti LA" get together tonight 😂 👍 #Nophonesallowed
He is my spirit animal 😂
With all of my travel and up/down schedule I'm thankful to have this baby for energy & when it comes to looking and feeling my best I want something that is designed for my body! Shredz Alpha Female Line is formulated to give me the energy I need for my hectic days while also containing all the righ
Loved my hair and makeup this weekend! Thank you again @beautybysarah 😘
So while in traffic .....
Blow me a kiss if you drive home from Vegas and see my mug. Two billboards have been spotted 👍
Driving home from Vegas and ran into myself. Twice. 👍
#ootd for last nights appearance @lightlasvegas Top- @clothesenvy Skirt- @h&m Shoes - downtown LA
A little touristy last night #ootd for last nights appearance @thelightvegas Top- @clothesenvy Skirt- @h&m Shoes - downtown LA Hair/makeup @beautybysarah
This is how you feel when you have a tall b*%<# as a friend
Romper and members only jacket from Urban Outfitters 😍👍❤️
Such a nice surprise meeting up with @crystalmccahill !!! Such a sweetie and not too bad on the eyes 😘
I'm a tequila drinker usually but s#*% is smooth !!! Thank you for dropping by a bottle @50bleu vodka 👍👍👍 #allIwantformybirthday
So happy to be reunited with my babe @beautybysarah and she is the 💣 thanks my babe!!! See you tmrw 😘 and if you need makeup/ hair in Vegas be sure to @ her!!!
Had to beg @ryanastamendiphotography to keep it classy with me and gamble at Gold Coast for a little 👍 #LetitRide and some #Craps! #coffeebeangreenteaonly #loyaltytostarbucks #ShinySweatyface 😂
On my way to #Vegas with my buddy @ryanastamendiphotography for @thebanklv ! My first LA friend and the one who's lasted the longest and deals with my sassiness/dorky-ness 😜 #westernbaconcheeseburgerBreak #how'syourhotchocolateMom?
Morning progression pic. More in depth on my IG @JessaHinton
Goooood morning LADIES! I wanna touch on somethin that y'all can relate to. I want to know where you store fat and in the places you do, is it genetic? My mom stores in her legs mostly and I would say I do as well butttttt since I've had ky, it's my lower stomach. No matter how clean I eat, how hard
Stopped by my boo bear's office @skinbyCeleste for a facial since I will be heading to Vegas for the weekend and want to look like a shiny new penny while hosting @thebanklv 😘 I've missed you muffin and thank you for my glow ! #thatglovelooksintimidating #Wishyouwerecomingwith
Wearing my "Morticia Adams" dress tonight in the kitchen. Nice little green smoothie in the making 👍 Did you know adding a thermogenic to a clean diet helps you burn fat faster and gives you more energy throughout the day? I take the @Shredz Fat Burner to give me that energy boost before I do my ro
So this my friends, is an entire Halloween costume. I'm a peacock, duh 😂
Still thinking this is my costume winner
My #fitspo of the day is @crystalhefner ! Heading to gym to work my arms and legs missy thanks to you ❤️
Even though I am a huge fan of Luke Evans, NO ONE can do Dracula justice like Gary Oldman 😍. I give the movie a 6.5 and was entertained ! ESP the ending 😉
You need to try the new Clear Skin Kit!!! It brightens skin and shrinks pores! @truselforganics! #loveyourself thks!
Woah, ladies! You need to try the new Clear Skin Kit from @truselforganics! It is a great all natural skincare kit developed by @supermodelmomma1 and it does amazing wonders by brightening and tightening my skin and diminishing the appearance of blackheads and pores. Thanks for helping me look my be
A serious requirement if we're together. I'm obsessed with not sleeping at night 😂
Kisses (wearing Mama @queenpee jewelry) 💋 thank you boo boo
I'll be in #Vegas this weekend hosting @thebanklv fri night for #followmefriday so make sure to come say hi if you're in town!!!! 👋👋👋👋👋 #ingoodcompany 😍
I used to have one of these bad boys by my bedroom door every night. Would hate for someone to have me practice 👊💪 now I have a protective tea cup shih tzu 😂
Ummmm cuz it is #guilty #Imakeawesomefacialexpressionstoo #SometimesIevenLiftaLeg
I've been blessed to work with people in the industry who turn into friends. I'd like to say I'm not a pain in the ass to work with and I dooooo love to crack jokes but to be able to collab with you guys who just "get me", is always a better experience. Thank you to all that make my journey memorabl
The harder you work the better it gets.
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I walked in thinking I owned the spot, Found out I suck at blowing bubble gum for pics. Sorry I let the team down 😂
I walked in thinking I owned the spot, only to find out I suck at blowing bubble gum for pics. Sorry I let the team down 😂 @nikkideroest @bradleymeinz #Can'twhistleeither
You're no longer my #3!!!! 😂😂
Yea that's a hell no
Heading to grab lunch (early breakfast for me) with my dad ❤️
Finally !!!!!!! Happy Sunday night to me ❤️❤️❤️
Mini Snack break at work ! Taking the #shredzchallenge BCAA’s on an empty stomach when dieting or on a low carb diet, can keep your blood sugar steady and cravings under control! Check out the @shredz they have Email Support available for specific questions.
Oh hey 👋 fun day shooting �
7 am call time and I'm still rockin it like WHOA on my break 📷
I need to meet Lucas 😂
Good morning in my sleep wear 😜 Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Our bodies are in a fasting state while we sleep. As soon was we wake up you need a well-balanced breakfast. I start my morning with the #shredzchallenge protein, oatmeal and some yummy fruits! My fav is a banana with