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Great night of gaming with the boys, always a fun time @Bajan_Canadian @xRpMx13 @LachlanYT @Vikkstar123
Minecraft Dragons Minigame w/ THE POWER MOVE SQUAD: via @YouTube
Counter-Strike in Minecraft (Cops and Criminals): via @YouTube
LIVESTREAMING How To Minecraft Now!: via @YouTube
Livestreaming now for How to Minecraft on
Minecraft: How To Minecraft:
I'm going to be live streaming How To Minecraft on at about 7 PM EST! Get ready!!
Minecraft Modded Sky Factory "WIRELESS COMPUTER" Lets Play #9: via @YouTube
Go support Jakes mother who has MS! She has very high medical cost and any amount helps. Thank you guys. :)
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WE DEM BOYZ Minecraft Hunger Games w/ JeromeASF & Friends! #145: via @YouTube
Same here Tyler! My old one Sarge was a beast @palmerater @Logdotzip @Slamacow
I love German Shepards! Only dogs I've had so far @Slamacow
Shes only a couple months! @pedro6285
That moment when you're an hour into an awful movie but are now too time invested to stop watching πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ
Glad it's not just me, my upload speed has been cut in thirds the past couple days on YT... @iHasCupquake
CHURCH OF CYCLOPS Minecraft Draw My Thing w/ JeromeASF & Friends!: via @YouTube
Feeling a little better from being sick, hopefully tomorrow will be my first full day back with 4 videos and How To Minecraft :)
THEY'RE ALL TRAPPED! Helllllppppppp
Minecraft Minerware (WarioWare Remake) w/ JeromeASF & Friends!: via @YouTube
Always happy to have you guys! Glad you had a fun time while here!! @ItsWillBarlow @b0xx3r @clankstar
On the plane! Been such a great time w/ @b0xx3r & @clankstar. Massive thanks to @JeromeASF for being such a boss and showing us a good time!
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Been doing my best to make videos while sick, bare with me and we will soon be back to 4 a day instead of 2! Love you all <3
TROLLS Minecraft Bridges w/ JeromeASF & Friends!: via @YouTube
Stepping off my "high horse" for a brief moment
Minecraft DEATH TAG Minigame w/ JeromeASF & AcidicBlitzz! #2: via @YouTube
Minecraft Modded Sky Factory "HOW TO MAKE A COMPUTER" Lets Play #8: via @YouTube
Everyone please join to help us test Nexus V2, were doing a final stress test in preparation for launch!!
I could be wrong but itswillbarlow looks a little different than usual
@b0xx3r @JeromeASF jerome looks like hes about to drop the sickest rap album of 2014
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Dinner the other night with the boys itswillbarlow jollyolbrits iamclankstar
FROZEN Minecraft Hide and Seek w/ JeromeASF & AshleyMariee: via @YouTube
I've never been so confused in my life! Which Will is which? itswillbarlow
Minecraft Double Trouble Minigame w/ JeromeASF & AshleyMariee!: via @YouTube
IPlay America Laser Tag with the boys itswillbarlow @JollyolBrits @Turqmelon yourikersten
THE PANDA COW Minecraft Draw My Thing w/ BajanCanadian & JeromeASF!: via @YouTube
Minecraft Wireless Parkour w/ BajanCanadian & JeromeASF!: via @YouTube
At Chipotle with @b0xx3r and @ItsWillBarlow for their first time!
Minecraft Modded Sky Factory "ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST" Lets Play #7: via @YouTube
Minecraft: Super Mario World (Zario) Minigame: via @YouTube