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John Resig
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Haha, to be clear: that's a quote from a parent using @khanacademy. I do not have a 7 year old kid. How old do you people think I am? XD
here is my newest piece in the The Agony of JavaScripting Magritte
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"My 7 year old started learning JS on Khan Academy, and said 'dad, how many variables do you have in your programs? variables are so cool!'"
Next month (11/20) is a special anniversary event: ART MEETS JAVASCRIPT with @jennschiffer, @jeresig, @mroth, @KirbySaysHi, and @mani_art!
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Wow, my copy of Safari is being used twice in as many months. I hope it doesn't get its hopes up.
I continue to be impressed by Neo4j. "Oh, it can do that, too?" Way more powerful than I thought at first glance! Cypher is amazing, too.
At the 1936 Olympics Lichtenstein realized they had the same flag as Haiti.…
Balinese gamelan music is pretty much the perfect coding music. Perhaps too perfect, can't stop bouncing and typing faster and faster...
We're in the golden age of board game design. 90 of the top 100 games made since 2000. 44 in the last 4 years!…
Video of Teddy Roosevelt becoming the first president to fly in an airplane. (1910)… (such a daredevil flight!)
'The Horrors of a Secure Golden Key'… secure backdoors are a fiction and should be prevented.
This post by Kathy Sierra, about endemic harassment in tech and against her, demands to be read:…
I'm curious to see the traffic patterns of other art web sites. Traffic to drops 10% during the summer, back in fall.
New Twin Peaks, directed by @DAVID_LYNCH, airing on Showtime in 2016!…
Awesome trick by @ChrisAlgoo to use shaders to randomly generate ethnically diverse characters in video games at @AlterConf.
“In order for things to become comfortable we need to let things be uncomfortable sometimes.” —@davidnoob at @AlterConf
The new Flying Lotus album is streaming all day today, on loop:…
A blind cave beetle found only in Slovenia is named after Hitler:… Species names aren't changed, due to tradition.
Reddit's rough plan to create a share-backed crypto currency to distribute to their users after the latest funding:…
John Resig: JavaScript as a string instrument
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I hear some folks haven't seen the Node.js Stream playground I made: more info:… Learn streams!
NYC devs, @ScriptEdOrg is looking for some devs to help teach JS, esp in Queens… more info:
In 1999 Japan changed its national flag. It's ok if you didn't notice!…
Ahhh @jennschiffer has just released - learning programming + art history! First lesson is on Mondrian! So good!
I almost never work up the actual courage to say ‘thanks’. I once did with @iamjohnoliver and I just stumbled and was an idiot.
I freak out when I see an actor who I really admire. Having seen them in ~70 hours of TV, I think I know them. In this case @DominicWest.
All the talks from last week's jQuery Conference (@jqcon) are all online!… Dig in and enjoy!
Alibaba currently has a larger market cap than Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo, Oracle, eBay, or Amazon.
A grey hat hacker is messing with the @khanacademy CS stuff, posting tutorials on how to use the Chrome debugger and modify XHRs. He's 12!
A massive auction of art and items from Ray Bradbury's estate:… including his Hugo for Fahrenheit 451!
Darn kids and your ES6 whizz-bang. Back in my day we had to concat our strings by hand and we liked it!
My teammate @pamelafox gave a talk on some of the challenging JS problems we're tackling here at @khanacademy:…
We've launched the awesome KaTeX library: an insanely fast JS Math formula renderer! by @xymostech and @soprano!
Soba master Tatsuru Rai demonstrating his craft: (pretty excellent asmr, as well)
Friday night pork belly. Turning it into delicious pork buns!
Just finished an awesome diversity meeting at @khanacademy. There's much work to be done but I'm excited that we're so passionate about it!
Got up early and got my commits in for the day. Lord knows I'm not getting any work done over the next couple hours.
They’ve found Jack the Ripper through DNA evidence:… (sorry for the Daily Mail link)
(cont.) I want to use a Git push to be able to deploy a Node.js site + MongoDB + Elasticsearch on my own server. Options?
I've tried and tried to use dokku but the dicey incompatibilities between platforms and plugins stops me. What alternatives are there?
Anyone know of a good guide for companies to become a more supportive environment for minorities? This one is great:…
A cooking blog recreating recipes from 17th-18th century manuscripts:
Hmm, I wonder if I should take a walk... "89 degrees, feels like 98 degrees". Well then! Staying inside with the AC blasting it is!
1week left to pick up your Early Bird ticket to #FOWA #js Boston. You'll hear from @jeresig, @SlexAxton and more!
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I wish devs put as much time into optimizing diversity as they put into optimizing code performance.
Scientists have finally confirmed how the mysterious sliding rocks of Death Valley move!…
Today was @khanacademy's highest traffic day ever, next week will be even larger (as more schools start). Super exciting!
I guess it's official: @ChristiesInc has no Asia Week Japanese art auction. Follows @Sothebys' shutdown. Interest in the art is dying :(
Amazon buying @Twitch makes a lot of sense. I put a lot of hours into watching Twitch streams/VODs. The future of media is weird and great!
Really excited to be keynoting at @fowa Boston in October! You can use promo code JOHNRES to get 15% off -