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John Resig
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Someone snapped the first on-set photos of Star Wars Episode VII - and it looks like an AT-AT foot! *excited*
A recording of @nellshawcohen's recent orchestral piece about Point Reyes is now up!…
Amazing series: Journey Into Information Theory:… Writing to telegraphs to Markov chains to SETI by @Artoftheproblem!
The oldest, written, human names in the world: Gal-Sal and his slaves Enpap-x and Sukkalgir…
Two of my favorite print artists: Sybil Andrews and Cyril Power of the Grosvenor school.
I'm tempted to finally move my site from to either or Worth it?
Amazed at how cheap ancient artifacts are - a 25,000 year old early human tool for... $200:…
Added @ChazenArtUW to includes most of Frank Lloyd Wright's print collection!
Private key has been successfully extracted from an nginx server using Heartbleed by @indutny:… Worst case scenario.
Another weird museum site: you can download larger versions of an image, that are the same resolution as the thumbnail, but a .BMP!
You should write code every day:…
Anyone who's afraid of the Colbert Report->Late Night transition doesn't remember Colbert from Strangers with Candy or Daily Show.
Just discovered Unicode roman numerals. Maybe kind of useful for hacking Twitter 140 character limits? “Sⅸ ⅵbrant aⅵcⅱs…” ok, maybe not.
Apparently scientists still aren't sure if dinosaurs had lips, or not.…
.@pamelafox caught some @khanacademy cheaters as their code referenced Shawshank Redemption, a rated R movie released before they were born.
Feedback from a parent using Khan Academy CS to teach their 7 and 9yr olds to code:…
The Brooklyn Botanic Garden live updates cherry blossoms blooming. It just started!…
Interview with @nrrrdcore now up on @ShopTalkShow!… So many good takeaways.
Astronauts in orbit float because they're constantly falling.…
Scraped a site, 2000+ pages encoded with UTF-8. 3 encoded with Shift_JIS. No discernible reason why. Just to keep you on your toes.
Been building a database of Japanese artists for over a year now. Easily one of the hardest projects I've ever worked on. Hope to ship soon.
A ton of great Amazon board game deals today:… Most 40%+ off, including Eclipse and Dominion!
Dreamt I had to give someone my private SSH key. It went about as well as you might expect.