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Jeremy Nicolls
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Maturity is Knowing exactly what you want in life, and going after it.
Even if your NFL career doesn't work out, just Remember, Subway has your back!
Sitting here waiting for this food like....
Waiting for Food is the hardest thing to do on Thanksgiving. You be smelling that food for hours!
R.Kelly called Bill Cosby a Pervert? Wait what?
R.I.P to all the Toilets Tomorrow.
Everyone on twitter is a Relationship Expert.... and we're all Single.
This is Really Sad! Sending out Prayers for her and her Family! 🙏
I'm so ready for that Mac and Cheese tomorrow lol
"When you want to enjoy Thanksgiving, but it doesn't feel the same because you're Missing Someone....."
These 2 annoying ass's been on EVERYBODY timeline with the same Avi for years 😒
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ICYMI: Ty Lawson is breaking ankles in his sick crossover of Kirk Hinrich. #SCtop10 VIDEO:
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I'm walking in the Kitchen like this tomorrow LMAO
Racism is Disgusting.
Thanksgiving leftovers last until Christmas lmao
Damn the Snow went from 0-100 real quick! yeesh
*sings* let it snow, let it snow, let it snow
I can taste this Thanksgiving Food already!!!
Everytime I try to go to bed never works.
I'm Lowkey ready to settle down and start a family.
Interracial Couples >>>>>>>>
I love me some @BeckDiamonds lol She's so dope.
When you open a Pack of Gum at School....
Looks like the Darren Wilson case is not over. They're making it a federal case now. Lets see what happens.
I'm Upset as well, but Looting Stores and Burning down businesses of people who had nothing to do with this is not helping the situation!!!
Looting convenience Stores and Stealing 40's and Arizonas is not helping the Situation.....
Praying for everyone in Ferguson. This is Gonna get even worse.
President Obama Looks and Sounds like he doesn't even believe what he's saying right now.
Doesn't it say "JUSTICE FOR ALL" in the Pledge of Allegiance???? I guess you can remove that part.
Damn Bruh, Jazz Predicted this stuff! 💯💯
The Chaos already started!!!
Cut to the part where you tell us that he's not guilty so the riots can start.
Me listening to this Long Speech.... Bruh...
BRUH!!! tell us the damn Verdict!!!!
Sounds like he's just building up to say "We find Darren Wilson not guilty"
Nigga we know the story... tell us the verdict!!!!
Who else just heard that dude scream "F%&K THE POLICE" in the background? Lmaooo
I Guarantee they won't charge Darren Wilson for the shooting of Mike Brown. #mikebrownverdict
100% Accurate!!!! Jon Stewart speaking the truth.
They about to announce this Mike Brown Verdict but Niggas too busy watching Love and HipHop lol
Bruh....this baby look old as hell lmaoo
Woman 'jokingly' waving gun says, "We're ready for #Ferguson," & accidentally shoots self in the head, dies.
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Deep down we all know they're gonna say the Officer is Innocent. #mikebrownverdict