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Jeremy Cowart
just meant to type "sometimes you have to let the rain fall on your lens" But I typed "sometimes u have to let the rain fall in your jeans"
Nighttime in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia #CowartArchives
Speaking of #PPE2014, who will be there in NYC next week? Can't wait to go. Mostly excited to visit NYC in the Fall. #magic
I got a pre-release look at output from a new Epson printer set to launch at #PPE2014. I loved what I saw… #EpsonP600
Dirty Polaroid of Franklin, TN #CowartArchives
I recently did a round of photographing friends kids for fun. My advice is to just let them be. I don't pose them or tell them to do anything, really. I just move around them and try to make interesting compositions as they interact. This was one of my favorites of my friends @LauraReaux and @jeromy
Well, the latest Yosemite update converted me back to Safari after using Chrome for years. Well done, Apple.
Sunset, Capetown, South Africa #CowartArchives
In other news, trying my best to practice what I preach. Easier said than done, I know.
Suggestion for parents: leave your phones and/or computers in your car tonight at home until the kids are asleep. Focus on THEM.
What happens when you find a parachute, let it fly in the wind and throw a light behind it? This... #CowartArchives
I hope ya'll have been enjoying all the new/old images on IG? I'll add more of the advice as I keep going…
I'm not spending all day on IG. I used Schedugram to schedule posts. Pretty cool to have it work for me. Much easier, now.
It's amazing how much success @onerepublic has had since our shoot a few years ago. I literally hear their music EVERYWHERE I go. Can't escape it. Proud of these guys. #CowartArchives
We were both clueless. An outtake from my shoot with @taylorswift13 in 2006:…
Advice: Sometimes you have to put your camera down by your waist and just shoot without looking. I think I was running forward as @MarielleJaffe was trailing behind me. Love this shot. #CowartAdvice #SeeU
I've said it once, I'll say it again. Email is whack-a-mole. The more moles I whack, the more that appear. I can't win!
My shoot with @NEEDTOBREATHE was a wrap. But they wanted to wait a couple hours more to get a nighttime campfire shot for their album cover. I'm so glad we waited. #CowartArchives
Getting my makeup done by @haydenpanettier at @theryman for @southernlivingmag... #CowartBTS
Still my favorite image I've ever taken of my daughter. One of those images where I saw it before I took it. Thankfully the polaroid came out way cooler than I could have expected. You just can't beat a good polaroid. #CowartArchives
PARTY TIP: Doing what you love is partying.
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Serenity on Lake Victoria in Uganda #CowartArchives
Yosemite is great except that Apple didn't fix all the Gmail issues with Mail. Still buggy as ever. #sadface
Fun way to highlight the lead singer: put him in the sunlight and the rest of the band in the shade. #CowartArchives
Currently listening to a mix of Allison Krauss and Robert Plant mixed with a blaring fire alarm in our building. Fun effect!
For 9 years, I've had thousands of images sitting on drives. I'm finally releasing them on IG. Thx for listening:
Advice. Find a plain white wall outside where the sun is hitting. Have your subject face the wall and let the sun act as your bounce light. Boom. Instant massive soft box. @sofie_rovenstine pictured here. #CowartArchives
Whoever invented the word "dongle" should be fired from life. :)
Here's a never-before-seen portrait of the one and only Sting. I was standing on stage with him as he was rehearsing. I had my shot lined up in between songs and I asked him to look at me, which was quite intimidating. I was a new photographer at that point. But glad I asked. He's a legend.
I love this old super simple window portrait of my dear friend @derekwebb... #CowartArchives
Fun to watch #509 just now with my son. Love it.
Vancouver Bridge Tilt Shift #CowartArchives
Portrait of Elliott Yamin #CowartArchives
Fall Leaves Tilt Shift #CowartArchives
Fashion Test Shoot #CowartArchives
Gungor portrait in the woods #CowartArchives
"LOVE" shadows by the men of @hillsongunited #CowartArchives
We were sent this photo this morning of our son Daben. He's still currently in Haiti but we hope to have him and his sister Ebbe home by Christmas! Thanks @frentzneptune for the beautiful photo!!
Lines and light. Goodnight.
@laurabellbundy on a trampoline #CowartArchives
Family Street Portrait, Brazil #CowartArchives
She wanted to jump over me on the trampoline...
London #CowartArchives
Passers by in Paris #CowartArchives
She's loving her new birthday chair. Randomly walked in on her in this pose a second ago.