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Jeremy Cowart
not sure if y'all know much about vine, but there are literally girls with 1M+ followers who just lip sync to pop songs.
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Behind every "punk" and "thug" is a person with endless potential that just needs love (that you and I so take for granted).
Want to see some behind the scenes from our album cover shoot? Thanks Jeremy Cowart!
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In addition to ALS, the #ALSIceBucketChallenge has also raised awareness to the fact that people still shoot video in portrait mode.
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I've noticed that "being nominated" for the ice bucket challenge makes people feel so special. Once again, brilliant marketing campaign.
Matt Damon does the Ice Bucket challenge right… love this.…
Incredible..."Crowd-Funded Journalists Geo-Locate ISIS Training Camp Using the Militants’ Own Photos"…
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Here's a behind-the-scenes look at my recent shoot with @FLAGALine:
Love photography and want to work for a good cause? @HelpPortrait is hiring. Details here:
Peter Court • @peterrcourt • 22 • Leading Initiatives for Q Ideas • Previous question from @FitRockerChick: “What’s the happiest part of your life right now?" • Peter’s answer: Great question. It would have to be the people in my life. I recently relocated from New York City to Nashville just three
Erin Mullins • @FitRockerChick • 34 • Entrepreneur (business coach, trainer, writer, entertainer) • Previous question from @ThinkTa: "How do people change their luck or is luck fixed?" • Erin’s answer: I believe you create your own luck with each conscious decision you make. “Luck” is just how YOU d
2/ Whatever you believe about racism/privilege, can we admit that we talk about people very differently in the media based on skin color?
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1/ NYT says Michael Brown was, “no angel” and James Holmes was “an intensely shy student with a quick smile.” One of them killed 12 people.
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Everyday, the internet makes me want to never give my kids the internet.
This was great. RT @mashable: Miley Cyrus shocks #VMAs audience for all the right reasons.
Wanna see my Louie Armstrong impression? RT @samschuerman: @jeremycowart Amazing skills on the Karaoke :)…
Tuan Ta • @ThinkTa • 33 • Entrepreneur • Previous question from @aaronhale: “What is the most life-changing decision you have made and did you make it in love or out of fear?" • Tuan’s answer: The most life-changing decision I made was to leave the U.S. to go work in France. At the time, I did not s
Aaron Hale • @aaronhale • 32 • Singer/Songwriter + Director of Artistry & Advocacy at The Orphan Care Network • Previous question from @kristenweigel: “If life is so short, why do we do things we don't like or don't want to do and like or want to do so many things we don't do?” • Aaron’s answer: Goo
“True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less. -C.S. Lewis #SundayReminder
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Kristen Weigel • @kristenweigel • 34 • Photographer • Previous question from @JakeSebren: "Who was your childhood hero and why?" • Kristen’s answer: My dad for sure.  He is the most humble, unassuming, giving, serving person I know who never expects anything in return and taught me how to love witho
These are dark times which call for bright news. Go do something extraordinary for someone this week.
Jake Sebren • @JakeSebren • 25 • Musician • Previous question from @lookatthedawg: "Have you ever been deeply impacted by a song, photograph, or other artistic creation? What was it?” • Jake’s answer: Oh yeah! I am a musician so of course I have been impacted by a song! Let That Be Enough by Switchf
My friend @ShaunKing has been speaking up loudly against racism lately and the hate he’s getting back is proving his message to be true.