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Jeremy Cowart
Speaking of ideas, one of my 1st ideas is about to hit it's 6th anniversary. Are you participating? #HelpPortrait
And I have many other products and ideas to pursue that I'm more passionate about. So yeah 10% seems fair to give away an idea.
For the record, it's an idea that I'm not super passionate about but I know would sell. So for me, the answer is probably yes.
Poll: Would you give away a brilliant idea to a company that would literally do everything? And you just got 10% as an "invention" fee %?
BREAKING: After an all-night stake-out, we helped police RESCUE survivors of sex trafficking from this brothel!
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I just started using @OKDOTHIS recently and I'm really getting into it! Check out my page #OKDOTHIS @jeremycowart
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protip, after shaving, look in the mirror before leaving to see if you left a chunk of mustache on your face.
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Check out this creative art video by @jeremycowart created for the song Commodity by @RemedyDrive…
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RT @matthewgsimmons Turn your camera flash off at concerts. You’re not lighting up the whole room, just the head of the guy in front of you.
I just got asked to do a one-question interview. Here's the question and my response:…
Experimental printing on concrete
"Judging America" - Gosh, what a brilliant portrait series.…
Secret to happiness: not reading the news.
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Jeremy Cowart Blog - New Work: Carrie Underwood: I’ve worked with Carrie Underwood a couple time... #thephotonews
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My Dad @MikeCowart works with @MisDisTrips. Love this story about their work at the border:
Beware of cons. They’re everywhere and right in front of you. In 2 years, we’ve been conned 4 times by people we trusted. Ugh.
Whoah. This is so cool. Evolution of the desk: via @davebarnesmusic
@jeremycowart I dunno, man. I read a photography 101 book and it said there's only one right way to expose an image. I can lend it to you.
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People telling me online that my photos "are a tad underexposed" is funny. My exposure (or lack thereof) is always VERY purposeful.
We met 20 families last week fleeing ISIS. They had just moved into tents near our school in Iraq.
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Thanks to @dannykcwong for telling me about the word and old school art form "pictorialism". I had no idea.…
Hey world. Can anyone send me more work or clients in this vein? Dying to shoot more of this style:
Another shot of @davidmzach from yesterday...
Had a blast hanging with and shooting my friend @davidmzach yesterday. I filmed another class on simply seeing. Coming soon!
Here's a super brief look into my recent photoshoot with @carrieunderwood:
.@jeremycowart Demonstrates The Power Of New The New IPhone 6 Plus Camera #ICYMI
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I filmed an online lighting class the other day that's coming soon. Thanks to @emiliapare for helping out!
High-flying CEO quits after daughter writes list of 22 milestones he missed bravo
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THIS IS SO COOL. 175,000 Depression-era photos via county.
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In case you missed it, check out my new "art video" I made in @Photoshop for @RemedyDrive's new song "Commodity":
I've been exploring Ello. Dig the no-nonsense simplicity. If you're there, say hello.
Here's another new photo of @carrieunderwood I had released to the world today. Honored to be involved!
Super excited to be able to show this new photo I shot recently. :)
That's my shot! RT @carrieunderwood The news is out! "Something in the Water" single available Mon from my new album!
Watching the Today Show to catch a certain famous person announcing a certain project of which I shot the cover.
Still don’t know what it is but…
Headed out to shoot @davidmzach for the rest of the day. Eventually, I’m going to have to edit all these new shoots.
if you do photography or any kind of art - this is an awesome read from @jeremycowart on creating the commodity vid
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Another shot from our #iPhone6plus photo shoot with the incomparable @jeremycowart! See all the shots…
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I'm most fulfilled when: A. I work with friends B: For a good cause C: We do something creative D: All of the above: