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Jeremy Cowart
Nashville decay, 2006
Just spent a couple hours with @MichaelHyatt. We traded photography knowledge and marketing knowledge. So fun!
Old School portrait of @MattWertz, NYC
@ChrisTomlin Band, Atlanta
After a week of posting meaningful stories and images, the most liked photo is a random shot of a bridge haha. #deep
What have I learned so far after a week of taking Instagram more seriously? That my interests don’t align with the public’s interests haha.
Recently I invited the men and women of Nashville Rescue Mission (@NashvilleRescue) into my studio to participate in the series and we had a blast. I'm so glad they participated and I think you'll find the questions and answers fascinating. Second up is Taconda... Taconda Bush • @NashvilleRescue •
If you want to do something incredible this holiday season, consider doing a #HelpPortrait shoot for those in need:
Wires in Dominican Republic, 2007
My friend and pastor @Jamiegeorge24 released an audio version of his book. SO GOOD. Check it out:…
More new work with @sofie_rovenstine...
My son gathering some sand to throw at Mom...
Yesterday, I accidentally found the last photo of my brother that I ever took…
Check out this new contest from @BHPhotoVideo. Thankfully, it's free to enter! (Not a fan of paid contests)
There are more experts on CNN right now talking about Ebola in America than people with ebola in America.
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Nighttime car conversation, Seoul
Remember my #PortraitQA project? It's back. Recently I invited the men and women of Nashville Rescue Mission (@NashvilleRescue) into my studio to participate in the series and we had a blast. I'm so glad they participated and I think you'll find the questions and answers fascinating. First up is Vid
I wanna have the same approach to life as this kid.
Seriously. Go in dump every image you've ever taken into one lightroom keyword. It is FASCINATING to look through. #HotTips #HotSauce
Time to lighten the mood after my previous posts. Will leave that to my daughter...
I was working with @hope_intl in Haiti and we were in a meeting with this lady. Despite her looking very serious here, she was very full of joy and smiles. I just loved the light in this moment.
Losing it. I've been bummed lately cause I couldn't remember the last photo I'd taken of my brother before he passed away in March. I couldn't remember any portraits or anything. But I literally just stumbled across this photo. This is the last time I ever photographed him. We went to a daddy/daught
Polaroids of children at the beach are instantly classic and timeless. This is my son wading though the water.
Digging through my archives every morning is reminding me that I really am passionate about photography. Sometimes I downplay it.
Mother and Son, Dominican Republic, 2008
Tokyo, 2008 #CowartArchives
Does it get any more picturesque than @bobgoff's van at his lodge? I think not... #CowartArchives
I've probably listened to the music of @sleepingatlast more than any other artist this year. Ryan is such an inspiration. Honored to call him friend.
Haiti, 2011 #CowartArchives
This archive process is fun. I have 100,000 images dumped into 1 Lightroom catalog. I just scroll through and randomly pick stuff.
The most beautiful cemetery I've ever seen. Looked like a painting to the naked eye. This was in Hong Kong. #CowartArchives
This is a beach portrait of my son from last year. Endlessly proud of this boy and his heart for others. He's a different kid. He gets around other boys his age and doesn't know what to do cause they're so rowdy and loud. He's an observer and is so chill and mature for his age. Couldn't be more prou
I've done many shoots with my friend @MatKearney but this is one of my favorites of him. #CowartArchives
So pumped to head to Melbourne, Australia next April for the Zero Regrets conference:
Aside from traveling the world, playing violin for incredible musicians, my friend Claire also spends her time laying in wide open fields. #CowartArchives
Here's my Lightroom/Instagram workflow in 15 seconds.
This is my dear friend @caitlincrosby. If you haven't heard of her, look her up and follow her. She's an actress, an amazing musician but most impressively, she's the founder of @thegivingkeys and is doing extraordinary work, giving jobs to the homeless. Always inspired by whatever she's up to. #Cow
Y'all-- we are in dire need of vintage keys to keep up with our orders.. If y'all happen to come…
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Rainy evening on the runway #CowartArchives
“This song won’t change your life but you can listen to it while your life is changing.” - @paulcolman Hahaha
Here's one of my favorite portraits ever and it's from my first-ever paid photoshoot. Steven Delopolous for his record "Me Died Blue". #CowartArchives
Tilt Shift Playground in Brazil (Effect done with Lens, not in post) #CowartArchives
Capetown, South Africa #CowartArchives