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Jeremy Cowart
Do you know anyone that can add me to their professional network on LinkedIn?
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OMG! Found this in a bar last night in Cupertino. Someone's getting fired!!!
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It's a @JOHNNYSWIM kind of morning.
Dear God and world… can Brian McNight and his sons sing the Star Spangled banner everywhere all the time?…
This is a fun season of life. Crazy stressed, busy and adventure-filled. But I don’t think I’ll ever forget this year.
If I were a musician, I’d combine the styles of Bon Iver and Madeleine Peyroux.
There’s a hipster at this Chick-Fil-A with a mohawk, mullet and mustache. He’s got all his M’s covered.
There's my shot! RT @runnikewomen: Gold medalist @ShawnJohnson is committed to the finish.
Tweetup in 10. See yall there. RT @planetepics: Hot tub in the Ocean
New profile pic. Found some old polaroids today.
Booking flights to Cupertino for an event on September 9th. :)
@Kusiga check out this photoshoot by @jeremycowart that inspired that song… - read about the guy named Innocent
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Great article by @jeremycowart - Stumbling Forward | Most people see me as a “professional” as someone who is smart
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Iraq can look like it's all bad news. The amazing way you helped us save this boy's life proves it's not: VIDEO:…
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This is funny. RT @DollyParton: A few days ago, @_KennyRogers challenged me to do the #ALSIceBucketChallenge:
My friend @meghanarias is a part of a new band called @QuietHounds and I'm digging the music! Check it out:…
It’s okay to study others work but just be sure you’re spending more time developing your own work. #hustle
My next round of PortraitQA will all be homeless people here in Nashville! They're all coming into my studio next week. Pumped.
Blake Sonuga • @Dude_lp570_4 • 28 • Healthcare Holding Partner/Real Estate agent and investor • Previous question from @sixsteps268: “What does it look like to live for the larger story?" • Blake’s answer: To live for the larger story is a huge responsibility, you literally affect most lives of peop
Josh Collins • @sixsteps268 • 33 • Experience Architect/Communicator/Digital Communication Manager for VisitFranklin • Previous question from @fairlight: “What do you value most and why?" • Josh’s answer: Simply put, beauty. It’s everywhere and in everything and when I’m in my most secure of spaces,
Absolutely fantastic guest blog from @jeremycowart 2day. powerful, inspiring, heartbreaking & intriguing. A must-read
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And speaking of @ScottKelby and @kelbyone, I'll be speaking in Vegas next week for @MyPSWorld. Hope to see some of you there!
Huge thanks to @ScottKelby and team for featuring my PortraitQA project on the blog!…
Loved getting to shoot @ShawnJohnson today for @Nike @runnikewomen today. That was my fastest photoshoot in years!
HA! RT @SportsCenter: Roger Federer hit a shot so ridiculous even Michael Jordan had to laugh.
"The path to nearly every success story with famous photographers is personal work… “ —@jeremycowart
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Yes. RT @mashable: Is this the greatest sports selfie ever taken?
So @Pinterest now has it's own messaging / inbox system. Ugh. The last thing we all need is another inbox.
I’ve got my first shoot for @Nike tomorrow. #bucketlist
Too many people have already done that dream you're thinking about, but the world is missing one more attempt. Yours.…
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My online course #tribewriters launches tomorrow. Are you on the early notice list? These spots will go fast.
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when possible, brake will greatly reduce marital conflict #alliknowat41
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Happy Birthday to my brother @benjicowart! In celebration, watch his 10m+ viral video here:…
Fairlight Hubbard • @fairlight • 36 • Photographer/director • Previous question from @J_Greiner: “If you were offered a million dollars, would you skip the next year of life? Why or why not?" • Fairlight’s answer: The funny thing is, I just spent the last 3 months taking time away from my “life,” or
Jordan Greiner • @J_Greiner • 26 • Artist Manager at Eaglemont Entertainment • Previous question from @peterrcourt: "What is your perception of the millennial generation?” •  Jordan’s answer: ADD. It blows me away how ADD people can be these days (including myself). Technology is incredibly distract
In case you missed it, here's a behind the scenes look at my album cover shoot with @FLAGALine:
not sure if y'all know much about vine, but there are literally girls with 1M+ followers who just lip sync to pop songs.
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Behind every "punk" and "thug" is a person with endless potential that just needs love (that you and I so take for granted).
Want to see some behind the scenes from our album cover shoot? Thanks Jeremy Cowart!
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In addition to ALS, the #ALSIceBucketChallenge has also raised awareness to the fact that people still shoot video in portrait mode.
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I've noticed that "being nominated" for the ice bucket challenge makes people feel so special. Once again, brilliant marketing campaign.
Matt Damon does the Ice Bucket challenge right… love this.…
Incredible..."Crowd-Funded Journalists Geo-Locate ISIS Training Camp Using the Militants’ Own Photos"…
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Here's a behind-the-scenes look at my recent shoot with @FLAGALine:
Love photography and want to work for a good cause? @HelpPortrait is hiring. Details here: