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Jeremy Cowart
@jeremycowart same thing happened to me ..... brutal...
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Apple Tech Support didn’t know how to help me. They said to try a local data recovery center. Thanks #Yosemite.
Back up your Mac before you install #Yosemite. My install didn’t work and now I might lose my data. I should’ve backed up beforehand. :(
My computer is frozen on the Yosemite install screen. Not really sure what to do. Hmmm.
I'm going to start releasing a motherload of work from 17 countries on Instagram soon. Be sure to follow along:
One more of sofie_rovenstine and her friend bokeh...
So @RWitherspoon is Nashville-based and passionate about Africa and so am I. Don't yall think we should work together? Cool, me 2. #longshot
Editing like a madman today. Love this one of @sofie_rovenstine.
Several very large gigs are coming in over the next 2 months. Color me thankful. Very, very thankful.
Realizing this week, more than ever, that my productivity is directly related to how well I slept the night before.
Check out a short book review I wrote for @cmsucks about @jeremycowart and his Photographer'sToolkit book:
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Don’t let success go to your head. Don’t let failure go to your heart.
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Head + Heart + Eyes = Vision
And we've got a brand new site. Here's what you need to know » #helpportrait
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“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.” - Confucius
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You should probably go ahead and be the first followers of @seeu. :) #comingsoon
@jeremycowart So if you combine the words "Twitter" and "work" you get........
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Yes, I tweet too much. It's not cause I don't have work to do. It's cause I have TOO much to do and Twitter is my procrastination. Amen?
GUYS. we're making a @theserialbox TV show, w/ your help. Couldn't be more excited to launch this project:
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The work of @ryanbooth just makes me happy. He's legit. And his new project is VERY worthy of support. Check it:
I'm interviewed out. Everyone is interviewing everyone these days. Let's take an interview break and get back to creating, shall we?
I think @clarklittle has the most dreamy gig of any photographer out there. He just goes and plays in the water every day. Fun.
Another behind-the-scenes shot from Monday's #TOT10years shoot! Details coming soon. We promise! 📷:@MilkglassLLCC!
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Every portrait should be a sentence.
We had an incredible time shooting with @jeremycowart the other day for #TOT10years! More details coming soon...
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“I like your work but these are just strange!” Haha, thanks. Ill take that as a compliment.
I can't pick a favorite. @thedevandubois wins.
Why can't it always be this fun?
Outtake III w/ @thedevandubois
Outtake II w/ @thedevandubois
Shooting @thedevandubois in the studio today. Work isn't supposed to be this fun.
Excited to shoot @theDevanDuBois today. Someone needs to give him the "coolest looking dude on the planet" trophy. Cause he wins.
Someone make an app for that. It will be a huge hit.
I want a standalone scrolling app browser for Instagram like I have for Twitter. I don't love having to pull up the website, etc.
Next up. The crazy talented @amystroup. #tenoutoftenn
Good to have @erinmccarley in the studio yesterday. Her music is rad. #tenoutoftenn
I'm also proud cause she and I went to the same high school. Granted we were a few years apart. :) But still. Go Commandos.
Full confession: I'm a huge @taylorswift13 fan. As a person, as an artist… girl just has her head on straight. And the new single is rad.
I only have 63 LifeFinder DVDs remaining. We won't make them again. The price is down to $49 from $250……
The new @FLAGALine album is out today! Here's a BTS look at the making of their album cover:
@jeremycowart Remember meeting? 1.3K+ restorations, 15K+ Photoshop hrs later. Please share to inspire new volunteers!
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Photographer @jeremycowart's interesting rise to fame from commercial work to app inventor:
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Editing photos of @andrewbelle at 6am cause I can't sleep.
Experimenting with this crew and @jeremycowart today for a special anniversary project.
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