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Jeremy Clarkson
Can anyone explain what the bloody hell this is all about.
Wait. There are many dead teenagers in the pool.
There's a dead teenager in my holiday house swimming pool.
Argument with children: who is more famous; Nicki Minaj or Rick Wakeman?
This is a video of me being ice bucketed. @MrJamesMay @RichardHammond You're next.
@JeremyClarkson can you make it for @mndassoc the UK charity for ALS ? That way the money raised goes to help mnd sufferers in the uk.
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If you donate to ALS I will upload the video of my ice bucketeering.
I just did the ice bucket thing. While I was fucking asleep
Day 4 #ChateauLeoube 🏰 Can@JeremyClarksonn please come to the diary rooooooom? 🍷📖🍷📖🍷
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7 hour drive today in an XJR from Siena to St Tropez. Can't think of much to complain about.
One of Britain's most respected critics relaxes on holiday. I shall say only that his name begins with an A.
Let me write this clearly so those with an irony deficiency understand. It isn't the end of the world if your A level grades are a bit shit.
If your A level results aren't joyous take comfort from the fact I got a C and two Us. And I have a Mercedes Benz.
May all your A level results be joyous.
It's here! Episode 5 of Cassie's Big Night In, thank you so much @AlexAndrew__, @robbieboydband & Steve of course! x…
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Look. Hammond and I are in Italy tonight gutted to be missing James' big solo thing which is being broadcast at
Sorry. I am a bit drink I admit. Plugging is hard but James May has slaved on his own for many months and it's only right and proper that I
He'd never do it for me, which is part of what James James but even though I'm far away, I would just like to say that tonight on BBC2 at
Holy moly. Frank Page has died. My condolences to his family.
I'm in Sorrento. Don't want to go home to a dead cat.
My little supercar. I have fallen extremely in love with it.
It's hard to describe her shirt as it's not really a shirt at all
They are not speaking to each other at all. He films her. She views the footage. He films more. They eat spinach.
They are both eating spinach
On the next table in the restaurant. 55 year old man. 22 year old girl. He is videoing her.
Siena to Rome in a 4C. Heaven.
Anyway, back to work. Today, a good looking Italian man went in my bottom, and Hammond crashed.
Other journalists. Pay no attention to Media Guardian. It's not really interested in what's actually happening.
Either Media Guardian can't find my number in which case they're useless hacks. Or they won't find it, in which case they're useless hacks.
Media Guardian. If you want to know what's really going on, call me.
@JeremyClarkson Cortina stolen from garage in nottm this week. Distinctive twin tail pipes with no silencer.Please RT
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Very sad about Mike Smith. He did all our helicopter filming on Top Gear and was a lovely, genuine man. Big love to Sarah.
So here I am in Venice. Or, as the locals don't call it, "the Birmingham of the South"