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Jeremy Clarkson
Going filming tomorrow. Will check number plate before setting off.
@JeremyClarkson that bloke from Blur us a typical champagne socialist and a first class knob...Oasis had him sussed...great blog by the way
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This is worth a read if you have 5 minutes
Aaargh. It's Anyway, I nominate my children.
#WAKEUPCALL SYRIA Unless you donate at I will post more pictures of Blumenthal and me.
#WAKEUPCALL Syria. Please donate at or I will post more pictures of Blumenthal and me.
For the only accurate account of what happened in Argentina, read the Sunday Times tomorrow.
This is my car on its last day in Argentina. Note the plates that everyone says caused offence.
My profound thanks to all the people who helped. And to the sensible Argentinians who have apologised.
We had planned a good ending for the show. But thanks to the government's foolishness, it's now even better.
This was not a jolly jape that went awry. For once, we did nothing wrong.
They threw us out for the political capital. Thousands chased crew to border. Someone could have been killed.
And these war veterans we upset. Mostly they were in their 20s. Do the maths.
The number plate WAS a coincidence. When it was pointed out to us, we changed it. As pics in this morning's Mail show.
All TG crew now safely out of Argentina. I just got back to UK. Horrified to see so many newspapers have the story completely wrong.
Anyway, this is my official response to the Mirror.
According to the Mirror, the BBC told me not to misbehave while I'm in Argentina. 1) they haven't and 2) see pic
Argentina. In a hotel bar. I am going to fucking live here.
Wait. I've had an idea. What if no-one leaves the UK? Would that work?
For the millionth time, I don't want Cornwall kicked out of the UK. Hampshire on the other hand...
It has just occurred to me that I was conceived in Cornwall.
The Top Gear machine is now on a 777. Radio silence for 13 hours and 25 minutes.
Other teams to have beaten QPR this year include Burton Albion.
Always nice to see the underdogs get a goal against better teams.
People of South Africa. Really?
A miracle has happened. My coffee machine has just made 2 cups without asking to be serviced, de calcified, cleaned, emptied, or refilled.
To all those dullards who said my elephant picture wasn't real... Neither was Independence Day. Still a good film though
Literally, the best the world
I'm supposed to be writing a road test of the Honda Civic Diesel. Instead, I'm sitting in the sunshine, drinking wine and eating cheese.
Mercedes people. Shut up. Lewis knows more than you do.
Reflexive pronoun abuse on the pit radio. You. Not yourself.
Stop going on about the brilliance of Monza. Imola is way better.
My friend Simon West who directed Con Air and Tomb Raider is #crowdfunding his new movie. You can get involved at