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Jeremy Clarkson
topgear comedy cars 3,635,197 followers
I think that today, the 50 per cent discount offer may not have been quite enough.
So, to sum up the BBC London News coverage of the lovely weather: you're going to get cancer and if you go swimming, you'll drown.
I know the new Corvette is jolly sporty but 330? Really?
People of America. What are Angela Merkel's thoughts?
Quick question. Who will be watching the match tonight on ITV?
No, Gatwick, you can't have another runway. Not till you learn how to handle planes from the first one.
It seems the Germans spend their time practicing football rather than getting tattoos and stupid hair cuts. A lesson for England perhaps.
What interests me about this is that the football experts didn't see it coming.
After a nine day tour in five countries, I'm now off to Morocco. To start filming for series 22.
People of Turin. OK. You've had the support act. Now get ready for Senso Unico.
I have a girl crush on Camilla Long. I am unclear what to do about it.
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You should see how long they take to re-open a road in Britain when there's no live audience.
People of the world. You are now seeing what life in Britain is like. Healthy and safe. But a bit shi
Clear packaging on the Top Gear Live promoter
Tonight in Turin. Top Gear Live and One Direction. Both British but very different.
An idea. Any England player who is judged by the public to have not tried hard enough is banned from football for 5 years. Yes?
I'm with a bunch of English people in a Brazilian restaurant in Italy watching Costa Rica play Holland. God, I love the World Cup
How was any of that even possible?
Hollish people. Even though some of your players struggle to stand up, you have my support.
People of Italy. What TV channel is showing the football? It's not RAI
I am now literally being sent to Coventry