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Jep Robertson
The pains we go through to be out on a jet ski...and maybe, just maybe ski with the dolphins! #truestory #DuckDynasty
@dustinlynch: Should I grow a beard??? Great to see @williebosshog and @JepDuckman again!” Ofcourse! Next question?
This is when fishing is amazing but also quite painful... #sorethumb #totallyworthit
Had a terrific time at the photo shoot! Much love Mel and Ricko!! #CalvaryFashion #LikeABoss
From one of my favorite movies, Rocky IV, I must quote Ivan Drago concerning the soccer match today, 'We must break U!' #USA #WorldCup
@HunterMahan: @JepDuckman as a father of a daughter, I respect your parenting skills! #DuckDynasty”. Thanks bro, I respect your golf game!
@t_fisher: Staring competition. I WIN! @JepDuckman @JessicaDuckWife @NicklosDecorte”. U so lost! I think Jess won..
Big shout out to @bigticketfestvl! Great event and even better people. Would love to come back and see you guys up in Northern Michigan.
Thanks for the signed hat! 1st autograph I've gotten in a while, you the man! #myhero #metalofhonor
Me and @JessicaDuckWife at Walter Reed...Amazing what our soldiers did and are still doing for us! This is Brandon
Happy Fathers Day Y' and Brookie gave me this ya @JessicaDuckWife #supercool #luvyakiddos
Meet some kids today that were awesome despite their illness. Love y'all! This is Cameron, keep him in your prayers
My mom said and I quote, "That was so good I just tooted!" Hahaha. #greatshow
If u say your uncle is funnier than mine, you are a liar!!!! Much love Uncle Si!!!
Playing golf at The Peninsula in Ft Morgan, chip or not to chip?...that is the question.