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Jenny Mollen
Sometimes the floor is the safest place to lay. #airporthotel #tahiti #epicvoyage
Welcome to Tahiti, Jason's poop!
Time for #flight3 Shushybye and goodnight!
Every minute I have to wait for my luggage on a baggage carousel another item of clothing goes into my basket on shopbop.
Every minute I have to wait for my luggage on a baggage carousel another item of clothing goes into my basket on shopbop.
Does the Iphone 6 babysit?
The music on my airplane safety video is The Muppets Take Manhattan theme song. I'm going to die.
What sucks is that if this flight goes down, I'm gonna have to use a sudoku player as a floatation device.
Next leg of the journey starts now. Any guess as to where we are going? Hint: We would be kicked off the Amazing Race for this hair-brained idea. #epicvoyage #flight2 #sidbiggsnotincluded #jasonspoopincluded
We are in a fight over me wanting him to leave his poop in Hawaii:( #silenttreatment #epicvoyage
He needs to poop but he won't do it in airports. We are going to be in airports for the next 24hours so I guess it's just gonna be me, Jason, and Jason's poop flying the friendly skies. #epicvoyage #flight2 Honolulu - LA
The real journey begins... #flight1 Lanai- Honolulu
@jennyandteets #ILYJTWIA book club is tonight. No one gains entry without a bottle of wine & a lock of @JasonBiggs ex's hair.
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Special invite #ilyjtwia #ilikeyoujusthewayiam #miramesa #oct2
Should I get Sid lipo?
"Look, Im not saying this isn't a piña colada. I'm just saying I'm fucking teething so lay off me" - Sid
Do you think this guy would be mad if I snapped his friend's neck with my toes?
Guy at the pool asked if my baby was wearing a swim diaper. I said of course, right as I swam past him peeing.
My mom made breakfast. #themoc
#regram Forgot to show you what happened when @biggsjason rode the bike in @target .
My stepdad and my nanny just took off on a golf cart to watch the sunset together, normal? #themoc
Told Jason he didn't look fat in his wet suit. Is it kind awkward that a whale watching excursion is waiting for him to surface?
"Jen, you know I always catch rays topless. I'm just European like that" - #themoc @watermoccasin25
"I might just be jazzed on sudafed but I kinda think these dolphins look psychedelic today." - themoc @watermoccasin25
If you accidentally drink your husband's disgustingly sweetened coffee the right thing to do is spit it back in the cup before he notices.
Back in Hawaii with my mother. Don't miss any of her antics! follow me on Instagram at : @jennyandteets2 for breaking coverage!
Back to Lanai w @watermoccasin25 #themoc Get ready for some zingers! It's 6am and she's already on a roll.
Guys, @mena13suvari has a new show on Amazon called Hysteria. Check it out! If you don't, she'll know.…
This is real Jungle Rain, right guys?
Thank God Sid called for a driver!
Sid is really milking this whole "I'm a baby" thing.
"Please put your children into tray table position and prepare for landing."
Who needs to walk on water when you can sit?
My sister and I took shit to the next level in the photo booth at Chase Hiatt's bar mitzvah!
Don't think @target carries my book. Gonna cruise around just to make sure. #ilyjtwia #ilikeyoujustthewayiam
Just a normal afternoon of getting bench pressed by dad. We are getting pumped for the #PHX10k and half marathon Sunday November 2nd. Come out and maybe he'll lift you too.
Camelback mountain. My parents got married at the top. And divorced at the bottom. Happy Saturday!
Whenever you attend a family event, make sure to take your own photos of yourself because your dad's camera only has one setting: fat.
Is it just me or does it look like this Nissan is having an allergic reaction and needs to be stabbed with an epi pen?
Attention all people dating online: saying you like the Beatles tells me absolutely NOTHING about you!
As I get older my parent's home looks less like a house and more like a big pile of refrigerator magnets that I'm getting stuck with.
#FBF to that time ten seconds ago when I went around my dad's house finding framed photos of my dad.
Don't worry about it. Just an assortment of framed pictures of my dad. #ilyjtwia
On my way to Scottsdale for a quick bar mitzvah. Drop your copy of #ilyjtwia off at my dad's office if you want me to draw on it over the weekend:) #ilikeyoujustthewayiam
On my way to Scottsdale. Drop your book off at my dad's office today if u want me to draw on it over the weekend:) #ilyjtwia #deadserious