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Jenny Mollen
The real Garabaldo. Morning after the night she was presumed dead.... #ilyjtwia #ilikeyoujustthewayiam
I don't get the point of nighttime diapers. Don't I want my kid in something he can pee in for 9 hrs straight during the day too?
Bag Shame: a condition of humiliating disgrace associated with not bringing reusable bags to the grocery store.
Costume #3 Sid as batman (the Michael Keaton version)
My #wcw goes out to two friends who are currently being engulfed by snakes in the Amazon. I'll probably never see them again. @mollyuburke @chelseahandler
Guys, @TheProfitCNBC is an EXTREMELY SERIOUS show & NO LAUGHING MATTER. Just ask @marcuslemonis
About to watch my friend @Machete_TV 's show @TheProfitCNBC the main guy sort of kills me. Watch and tell me if you agree
Here they are again with a couple more family members. So excited for them to meet me!!
In a fight with a guy on Etsy bc I felt he was ripping me off on a Moroccan rug. Now planning a trip to the Atlas Mountains w my therapist where I will be picking up this beaut that a women's co-op is weaving me. Can't wait to give them all a copy of my book. Can already tell they seem fun.
"I don't get it. Is it because he doesn't have enough teeth?" - my mom, trying to understand why I'm not giving Sid any of the Halloween candy she sent
How many houses do you think Taylor Swift has parked out in front of in the dark?
Sid made a donation to stop domestic violence in honor of his good friend @theyearofelan click the link in his profile to do the same. He will be matching all donations up to 10k!! Happy Birthday Elan :)
Finally broke it to my dogs that our baby isn't just a foreign exchange student.
Women who have only one son are always the most insane. #thinkaboutit
Costume #2 Woopie cushion.
"Can you get divorced? I need chapters for my next book." - Sunday chat with my mom
There are halloween decorations stuck to my windows. I've never felt older in my life.
Mommy picked out the swim coach
Sid decided to help daddy make pizza
Morning after with my new #SamsungGalaxyNote4 he doesn't know I'm in an "it's complicated" relationship w an older iphone. Think I'm switching over today. Wish me luck.
Friday night. Time to give my husband blue balls.
Best thing about my new #SamsungGalaxyNote4 is that it came programmed with @JasonBiggs ' ex's new phone number! Thank u @SamsungMobileUS
The good news is there is only a 1 in 13 million chance you have Ebola. Bad news is, there is a 1 in 3 chance you have herpes.
Sid is crushing it a @barrysbootcamp
#fbf to my brother inlaw back when he was just @biggsjason 's best friend. This is me warning him about my sister. He didn't listen.
"No, I can't stop at CVS on my way home. I had a BBQ sauce accident at lunch and I'm no longer wearing pants" #reallife
Some people think @biggsjason is a comedic genius.
Here's a picture of me getting a parking ticket and doing my best to "Secret" it from happening.
"Jenny you're a mother! You cant fly to Morocco w our couples therapist to buy rugs just because you had a fight w a guy on Etsy" #realfight
Loving exchange with my mom. #themoc (I'm the blue) @watermoccasin25
I hope the high road intersects with the train tracks my ex is tied to.
This is the best thing ever!! #regram @nlyonne cc: @samanthamollen #magicdance
I know thisSpecial K jean size commercial is fake bc nobody is wearing a "You've turned into your mother"
Taking some "me time" at BB&B.
Not to be a mark or anything but he ordered this ice cream right after he left his gym class.
I would die if I found out I wasn't my gardener's fav client.
Who wants to meet me for lunch at IKEA? #meatballs #sweds #tealights
FYI: That sweet person who just held the elevator for you secretly wishes they had the balls to close it in your face.
Here I am not smiling because I have a secret. @refinery29 @revlon
Words of wisdom from my interview with @refinery29 @revlon #refinery29
This is my: "I'm smiling but not going to show you my teeth look" Enjoy!