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Jenn McAllister
I never know how to start my videos as of lately... 😅
Ask me the most random questions you can think of - GO!
There's nothing I'm more excited for than to go to NYC this fall
Literally reading hotel reviews for fun with my mom. We don't even need to reserve a hotel
I'm gonna make a video opening a bunch of mail very soon, so send something my way if u wanna :)
I GOT A NEW PO BOX! The new address is: Jennxpenn 7119 W Sunset Blvd #375 Los Angeles CA, 90046 woohooooo :)
Remember when this happened on stage one time
Thank you so much to my friends over at Microsoft for sending me this sweeeeet gift- can't wait to use it :)
I'm not dead! Just been busy today, what's up guuuyssss?
So great to see @bethanynoelm today at the taping of Dancing with the Stars - so insanely proud of you! #teaminternet
I started reading Thirteen Reasons Why about an hour ago and I'm already halfway done the book... kinda forgot how much I love reading 📖
So pumped to be at the taping of Dancing with the Stars tonight - we're all rooting for you @BethanyMota!!! #TEAMMOTOUGH :)
Hunger of the Pine - alt-J
That's just how I feel
Sleeping with this little guy tonight
Don't let anyone walk all over you, you're better than that
I posted a NEW VIDEO with @justcallmerebecca yesterday, go click the link in my bio to watch it! :)
You know you live in LA when you're casually eating at the table next to Conan O'Brian
NEW VIDEO with @MsRebeccaBlack!!! DIZZY CHALLENGE >>>… Go check it out! Make sure to LEAVE A COMMENT & THUMBS UP! :)
This is the best invention ever and yes we're in the same room
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7:30 am and we're literally waiting in line for an iPhone 6... this is my life
Went to the premiere of Not Cool tonight- you guys have to see this movie, I was seriously laughing out loud the entire time, so proud of u @shanedawson!!! 😊
I'm about to film the dizzy challenge with a special guest - send me some ideas for quick little challenges!!!
Audio messaging has taken over the group chat. And I still don't have iOS8 yet
And there's nothing else I'd rather be doing right now 💜💜💜
Your life is yours to do with it what you want :)
Anyone miss this channel I'd keep an eye out if I were youuuuuu
You're all way too cute. And yes I read your letters, I love you so much 😁
NEW VIDEO from yesterday!!! PRANKING GUYS ON TINDER >>>… Go give it a thumbs up & comment your favorite part :)
I literally can't stand when Turn Down for What plays on the radio at 1 in the afternoon
I just spent 30 dollars on ice cream
Glad you guys are liking the new video, hope it made you laugh… :)
Tweet me pictures from Intour yesterday :)