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Jenna Jameson
Sleep on the trip.... Gnite beautiful people 💤#tiredoff
Couldn't have said it better myself. Every girl on IG should be reposting this. #iftheshoefits…
My little hallmark card - Jesse Jameson
Worked on @jennajameson yesterday man she's got the best sense of humor def had a great laugh…
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Even if I had a million reasons to leave you, I would still look for one to stay.
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Goodnight twitter, I'm tired! Sweet dreams!
Wow, the day I have birth to my twins, so amazing how a woman's body can create life. #myworld
Yup, def my son 😍😏😊
Before my original IG was erased (convenient)
Here is the frame @ nikkohurtado did to set off the portrait that will finish my lower sleeve ⚓️
I love knowing truth, and feeling no guilt 😊
Talk to the back of my fine ass 😉
Chilling with my homie @NikkoHurtado yes, Gary, this IS a nice limo... Now suck my cock! Lol
Im in love wit @jennajameson i think she just too crazy, sexy & cool
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I know, doll... I'm ugly. But, whichever, my girl @ChristyMack was abused and nearly killed. Karma on u 😷
Pain always seems to show in my images...
Working, making sure MY boys know the truth
Hilarious how my name is always in your are a bottom feeder, your lies are apparent to most with an IQ.... Good luck😍🙌🙏
Sorry, bottom line... Police don't arrest unless you actually did the crime... And there is evidence 🙏
@erinjaye wow... Jenna. Effing. Jameson. Yes. I can't even contain my excitement for this season of #CouplesTherapy w @DrJennBerman on #VH1
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Subscribe to Dick at Nite (both BB and Couples Therapy editions) at
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@DrJennBerman has a tough crowd so she's trying to intimidate them first not gonna work with @jennajameson I can't wait!! #CouplesTherapy
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Cue @jennajameson on #SOAFXPremiere lottsa porn stars.. Beautiful !!!! You Go Girl!
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