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Jenna Jameson
Painting for the first time I a long time..... Acrylics are so much more fun than chalk...
On repeat- Sam Smith/ Stay with me.....
If you don't swim.... You'll drown....
Mostly misunderstood, but too intelligent to be bothered by random shakey opinions �
I laughed for 10 minutes straight at this... Wish I knew who the girl is 😆😆😆 I have high
#Aries secretly want to be taken care of and have someone take over control, just seems they don't usually find one strong enough.
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@TheAriesPage: #Aries are master of words and will slice you with them if you tempt us.” #oops
#Aries understand why you cant join them on their latest adventure~But turn them down to often and they'll quit asking.
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@jennajameson Reading the soon to publish "Spice" as we speak. Intelligently written, highly relatable, and highly thought provoking. Bravo!
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That's right!! We had our shiz covered in Downtown LA while photographing @jennajameson with…
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No more domestic violence!!!!! No more victim blaming, no more idolizing violent criminals #makethechoice
On repeat- Let Your Hair Down by Magic! #sosexy
plot twist: a butterfly gets a tattoo of a slut on her back
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there's no better compliment than an eyebrows compliment
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Amazing friends! Not to mention a few tough mofos 😏
My awkward attempt at break dancing in between shots 😧�
Claim your girl, love your girl, do your girl, spoil your girl, be faithful to your girl, trust your girl, & she will stay your girl.
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