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Jemele Hill
Not surprised. Wondering if he'll make the practice squad RT @junior_op: Waiting for @jemelehill to react on the Rams cutting Michael Sam.
HORRIBLE RT @tannybogus: @jemelehill:@DieWithUrPawsUp: This is possibly the most terrifying thing I've ever read
Run the 2014 NYC Marathon for FREE with celeb captains like @SarahSpain & @jemelehill. Join @TheVFoundation’s Team V:…
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PODCAST: @jemelehill @michaelsmith & I on @MikeAndMike - Eli Manning stops by. Tells us how great a QB Mike was in HS
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A live look-in at Cowboys camp, where they learned their 1st opponent's best pass rusher is suspended 9 games
---> “@Edwerderespn: Source says A Smith 9-game suspension broke down this way: 4 games substance-abuse violation, 5 games personal-conduct”
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@_ESmalls_: @jemelehill and 49ers fans reactions to Aldon Smith 9 game suspension.. -- fact!
I'm trying to be tough, but feeling like...RT @jtftrump: @jemelehill tough break for your 49ers...
Upon hearing about Aldon Smith's 9-game suspension....
Today's @ESPN_Numbers: Roger Goodell deserve credit for a stricter domestic violence policy? More alarming preseason struggle -- RG3 or Eli?
@jemelehill when you make it to work Friday morning and your gas light been on since Tuesday
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That's a lie from the pit of hell RT @stevebraband: When I beat @michaelsmith and @jemelehill in fantasy football...
When you find out choir practice is cancelled
I still need video RT @mr_watkins99: @jemelehill I played in that game for 35. It happened JUST like that! #truestory
I usually don't but @BlackActionTees sent it to me! RT @mikepez3: @jemelehill Please tell me that's a Bruce Leroy t shirt!
We're back again on @MikeAndMike this morning. I'm going to school @SedanoESPN on how overrated Scarface is!
@jemelehill I wanna preach from the subject this morning "Do it for the vine""
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We're not gonna make it RT @DJExquizite: @jemelehill Lil Tee is off to a rough start this school year.
NEW @hisherspodcast: Roger Goodell's serious 180-turn when it comes to domestic violence
"Touch your neighbor and say, "NEIGHBOR, hasn't God been good to you?"
@jemelehill could all the deacons remain behind after the service for a 5 min meeting
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That's it...I'm out RT @LesIzMore: "We need to increase airstrikes on ISIS expeditiously!"
"Saturday is the annual men's day picnic. $5 per plate. Limit, 1 per person"
@jemelehill "Next week is Spirit Week, and I remind you students to be respectful. Also, lunch today is Sloppy Joes."
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BYE RT @brokeymcpoverty: "Sasha and Malia will be selling candy bars to raise money for the dance ministry."
The NFL reached out to groups that specialize in domestic violence in order to reach new policy. Listened for 3 weeks, made it a priority.
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ICYMI: Today's @MikeAndMike podcast, where we guest-hosted w/ @Espngreeny
THIS JUST IN: NFL implements new penalties for domestic violence. 1st offense: 6-game ban 2nd offense: lifetime ban (via @janesports)
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We did an entire @hisherspodcast on @PopeyesChicken sponsoring the @TheBahamasBowl, not knowing it would lead to ...
Also: Is Josh Gordon's suspension more about him or the NFL's substance abuse policy? And the legendary Bobby Bowden joins us! (12p, ESPN2)
Today on @ESPN_Numbers: Should Michael Vick feel a "certain type of way" about Riley Cooper's snub? Should Brady be upset over Mankins?
We had a blast! RT @terloblag: @jemelehill and @michaelsmith great job on Mike & Mike
I feel like we would have been good for him RT @StacyGSG: . @jemelehill knows what's going on! #BradPitt
Keywords: Collectively bargained RT @MalcolmMcKay311: @MikeAndMike @jemelehill can't the commish step in and take an executive action
I'm gonna git you sucka...chris rock RT @sicrowe: @jemelehill What's that t shirt you're wearing on TV?
The morning is sure to be off to a rousing start. @michaelsmith and I are w/ @Espngreeny on @MikeAndMike this morning. #Leggo
Can't decide between Casablanca, Color Purple, Imitation of Life or Shawshank RT @kdld613: @jemelehill what is your Favorite Movie
No, that actually was good. Unlike Scarface RT @DCLIVING101: @jemelehill next you going to say blow Johnny depp is overrated
I'll make my case RT @SedanoESPN: It's on w/ @jemelehill at 5:30pm ET on the @LeBatardShow on @espnradio
Getting shot 59-leven times? RT @jclarke1280: @jemelehill a refugee comes to seek fortune....n obtains it! That's the American dream!!
Scarface has a lot of a quality actors, but not a good movie. A coked-up drug dealer in love with his sister? I'll pass.
Scarface is the most overrated movie of all time, @SedanoESPN
As USA is increasingly pro-legalization of marijuana, the NFL must re-examine its policies. But like it or not, Josh Gordon knew the rules.
Ray Rice wasn't the topic. I'm on record that Rice's suspension was too lenient. Josh Gordon's penalties are COLLECTIVELY BARGAINED.
Oh RT @mwojtale: @ESPN_Numbers @jemelehill I hope an NFL player beats you and only gets 2 games