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Jemele Hill
You helped pave the way homie! RT @JalenRose: Congratulations @ESPN_Numbers @jemelehill @michaelsmith #His&Hers!!
That's coming in 10 mins RT @Jflo_22: @michaelsmith @jemelehill U guys should do a "Best Of" of NNL.
Coming up next on today's #DoinTooMuch countdown: Josh Smith said WHAT? Plus, Kenny Hill, and a very frustrated T-wolves fan...
We aired it during today's's the video of us playing a prank on @michaelsmith
Apparently, @michaelsmith's nerves are actually as bad as he claims. @jemelehill @ESPN_Numbers
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FUNNY FUNNY FUNNY! @jemelehill scaring @michaelsmith on the final @ESPN_Numbers congrats on new title #HISandHERS
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ICYMI: We're saying goodbye to @ESPN_Numbers today because starting Monday, it becomes ...
Also: You MUST see the prank we pulled on @michaelsmith for Halloween, and we have a special goodbye to NNL. Tune in at 12p on ESPN2!
Today on the FINAL edition of @ESPN_Numbers: Did Cleveland overdo it with LeBron's return? Is FSU REALLY 1 of the 4 best teams? And...
We dropped a new @hisherspodcast in which @damienwoody explains how he dropped all that weight
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Nothing. I don't really get into Halloween RT @swaggingmike: @jemelehill know what you will be for Halloween?
Listening to Bill Belichick on @MikeAndMike. I'm sure had Bill Belichick been asked if he'd eaten breakfast, answer would be: "on to Denver"
@jemelehill These Louisville fumbles after Jameis throws a pick <<<<<<
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These Louisville uniforms >>>>>>
LeBron James is from Akron? I would have never known...
If Usher broke out into Confessions right now >>>>>
When ya history professor struts into the classroom and announces a pop quiz
I need Krayzie Bone to do the national anthem RT @mcten: LeBron is blasting Bone Thugs n Harmony in the locker room.
Y'all would be a 10-seed. RT @CariChampion: @jemelehill @Lakers the Lakers could win the NCAA tournament tho!!'
Wait for college hoops so you can scout your lottery pick next year RT @CariChampion: Don't mind me, I'm bitter @Lakers fan.
Is Kevin Love playing his season opener or about to be on Inside the Actors Studio?
New @hisherspodcast: @damienwoody joins us to discuss why appearing on "Biggest Loser" was a life-changing experience
Coming up on next on today's #DoinTooMuch countdown: Chevy Man, a terrible graphic mistake and the FSU football team did WHAT?
Greatest Halloween costume ever RT @GoFaster1123: This has @jemelehill all over it #GameBlouses
Also: Is Johnny Manziel's frustration a good or bad sign? What are reasonable expectations for RGIII? Tune in at 12p, ESPN2
Today on @ESPN_Numbers: Are the Giants a dynasty? Are the Knicks in bad shape with the triangle? Already feeling bad for Kobe?
Now, according to @Slate, here's the problem with #StreetHarrasment video. Fair points raised
Or when you turn them down say, "can we just be friends then?" RT @KMart_LI: @jemelehill ...and the ones who tell you to smile!!! 😠
It's always a fine line. I'm cool with polite greetings, but I think most women hate the guys who just won't leave you alone.
I'm a little late on this #StreetHarrasment video, but it's worth watching. Better yet, worth understanding
I can't with y'all RT @Mickens__: @jemelehill When you dead but you smell somebody cooking bacon.
@jemelehill When your daddy on his way to church and he tells you be home before the street lights come On!
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I'm ashamed that as a native Detroiter I have to apologize to @DeJLoaf for pronouncing her name Dee-Jay instead of Dej, like Beige. #313
Coming up on the #DoinTooMuch countdown: a 1-hitter-quitter, why you shouldn't trash talk Michael Jordan, & 4-on-5 hoops?
Plus: OF COURSE,we'll discuss Kobe & Dwight,& the new slate of Marvel movies, and do our daily #DoinTooMuch countdown (12p, ESPN2)
Today on @ESPN_Numbers: Should the Giants start Bumgarner in Game 7? Is the college football playoff destined to be an SEC party?
Oh RT @Lizzs_Lockeroom: Oh dear... RT @StackrPentecost: This lady is dead serious too. She's not joking.
When ya Momma tells you she's 5 mins off your tail, and her watch is running fast RT @Espngreeny: RT
Hope my girl @PerkinsPhyllis is OK. With Alabama left out of the top 4, she's gonna be on @finebaum tomorrow like..
When ya Momma tells you & ya friends she's about to fry some pork chops RT @ESPN_Numbers: #CaptionThisNBA classic GIF
When ya boys see that ya couldn't pull the digits RT @ESPN_Numbers: #CaptionThisNBA classic GIF & we'll RT our favs
When ya on Face Time and trying to hide the dirty clothes on the floor