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Jemele Hill
When ya team has 24 unanswered points scored on them in 2:54
Indiana Jones wore a satchel RT @EricStangel: Who does Texans QB Ryan Fitzpatrick remind me of…
That's keeping real...real WRONG RT @UncleHemp: When you constantly keep it real…
@jemelehill When your Sunday School teacher ask you to recite the memory verse.
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When ya younger brother snitches to Moms
Rams are LEADING Seattle 14-3... Seahawks fans right now...
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The Cowboys RB who tried to steal underwear will now be an underwear spokesperson #Merica
REAL RT @jasonbradley627: @jemelehill When your trying to decide to start Jimmy G. In fantasy or not.
When ya Momma asks you what happened to her change
When ya trying to decide whether it's a book or a possible #SpadesTweet
When ya momma ask you why you have good grades, but bad citizenship marks
When she tells you "we need to talk after the game" before the game lol @jemelehill @RoFloESPN
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They play like SMU when they're hungry RT @AndraLlenej: @jemelehill A&M should just eat a Snickers.
Texas A & M needs to just unplug the game and act like it was an accident.
Wayment, this kid Diamont's Dad used to be Brad from Young and the Restless?!!! Holy....
*blank stare* RT @RicoNOLA: @jemelehill Please tell me you've seen this. lmao!
::Nancy Kerrigan scream:: RT @JoshGIII: Chill is extinct RT @HtOwNzOuTLaW713 😐😂”
When it's Wednesday night Bible Study and the pastor is on a scripture you faking like you understand
DAMMIT RT @Lizzs_Lockeroom: No Chill RT @SKTV_: nah....Percy like "YO THE WHO!?....FOH!"
Quite the opposite. It's dope. Highly recommend it RT @DDDGURU: @jemelehill no good?
I think I might RT @JarrodRudolph: @jemelehill: I loved it, maybe go see it again. Probably not, but I thought about it.
Just saw Gone Girl. Best way to describe it...
Wish I could be in the room when the Seahawks come at Beast Mode about that tweet. I'd be like...
Uh, that's one way to look at it, I guess RT @jdrama418: @jemelehill Lynch da realest. lol
In case you were wondering how Marshawn Lynch reacted to the Harvin trade ...welp RT @MoneyLynch: Damn they got my n*gga....
It does, but shouldn't treat any season like a throwaway RT @AirParker24: @jemelehill so thinking about the future doesn't matter?
@LookItsHans: @jemelehill 10-6 doesn't get a team playoffs?”
Leave it to the Jets to finally get an offensive weapon after they virtually have zero chance of making the playoffs.
When Moms calls you by ya nickname in front of ya friends RT @JLundbladESPN: @jemelehill need your caption on this…
Cause you still watching #Smart RT @JCraig2410: @jemelehill is the worst. Why is she still on tv. #stupid
We need your submissions for the @ESPN_Numbers #DoinTooMuch countdown, for those who need to stay in their lane. Use hashtag #DoinTooMuch
Also: Spurs skip game, Suns owner apologizes: Whose side are you on? Today's #DoinTooMuch Brady's flop No. 1? (ESPN2, 12p)
Today on @ESPN_Numbers: Are the Royals/Giants REALLY the 2 best teams in baseball? Hey, sure about ranking Kobe 40th?
Any suggestions for athletes who are #DoinTooMuch ?!? Watch the show today to see who made the countdown.
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@jemelehill when yo big brother smack you then momma walk in the room
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If I haven't seen it, I apologize, but really shocked someone hasn't done something creative with Tom Brady's flop
That face you make when the price of gas goes ⬆️ 20 cents RT @WisdomIsMisery: But... @jemelehill
She said I don't want to hate you, I'd rather hug you. The #Ferguson police officer said then hug me. #HugsNotHate
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