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Jeffree Star
from the #Polaroid diaries. | by: @itsdannytodd
SO HOT!!! --> RT: "RuPaul's Drag Race" winner, Tyra Sanchez, arrested for assault
🌟LAS VEGAS🌟 I'm exciting to announce the #ExtremeBeautyTour is coming to you!!! Myself and @lipsticknick_ will be teaching a FIVE hour makeup demo class! 💗✨ come learn all our beauty secrets! Whether you are a professional makeup artist or just a lover of all things beauty, our demonstration styl
LAS VEGAS… OCT. 11TH I'll be teaching my makeup class w/Lipstick Nick…. ALL INFO HERE:…
*SUBSCRIBE* so you're the FIRST to shop my makeup line!!! -->
*NEW* behind the scenes video for @jeffreestarcosmetics coming in a few weeks!!! 💄🌟✨ should we post some teasers on here??? 😇 shot by: @itsdannytodd
Subscribed to @JeffreeStar mailing list. Going to be one of the first to have his new cosmetic brand!!!
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Giveaway time, for all my #MakeupAddicts!!!!!!! I'm teaming up with the amazing @trendmood1 for my upcoming new #makeup line @jeffreestarcosmetics to give away a SIGNED "I Would Die Without Lipstick" tank top! This will be one of many giveaways so stay tuned. To enter to win you must: -Follow @je
the @jeffreestarcosmetics photoshoot yesterday was UNREAL!!!!!!!! 💄🌟 here's a behind the scenes shot of my head makeup artist @lipsticknick_ glamming up my model @gypsyy_suicide 🙏🙏🙏
my tattooed French #Tupac & I enjoying Venice Beach 💗 t'aime, au revoir... photo by: @itsdannytodd
got three adorable bitches in my bed 🌟✨💗
Can't wait for @JeffreeStar's liquid to matte lipstick to come out 😻
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it's going to be so hard picking photos for the #JeffreeStarCosmetics campaign!!!! 9 hour shoot was incredible yesterday!
so many good things happening, 2015 is gonna be unstoppable.
I loveeee platforms! do you?? -->
that's a wrap!!!!! the first makeup ad's for #JeffreeStarCosmetics are officially done!!!!! can't wait to show everyone
my makeup soulmate @lipsticknick_ is KILLING it on all my models today!!!!!! 💄✨
behind the scenes @jeffreestarcosmetics photoshoot is officially happening!!! 🌟✨
Today I'm shooting the very first @jeffreestarcosmetics makeup ad's!!!!!! 💗🌟 I've been dreaming of this day since I was in high school.... I got my beauty squad killing it today for myself and all my models! @lipsticknick_ @samiiryan @vinlos @gypsyy_suicide @davidejackson @itsdannytodd @hairstyli
Venice Beach forever. // photo by: @itsdannytodd
Landed in LA, then went straight to Venice beach w/ @JeffreeStar & @vinlos23 📷☀️
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time for some beauty rest… tomorrow is a big day.
Venice Beach 9/10/14 💗🌟 photo by: @itsdannytodd
it's crazy how someone could be bothered or judge another human when NOTHING that person is doing effects them.... The way a person chooses to decorate their body is NO ones concern but I've seen so many hateful comments from sad pathetic people who must hate what they see in the mirror... Remember
Let the light in... ✨🌟💜💗
with my foreign babe @vinlos 💗✨ #venicebeach
let yourself experience happiness and stop worrying about the small shit... I rarely smile in pictures but this week I'm shooting my first ever @jeffreestarcosmetics makeup ad's for my lipsticks and I can't wipe this grin off my face!!! 💗🌟
💅💅💅💅🔫 🔫 | glasses by: @itsjeremyscott / sweater by: #BarbieLovesForever21 / lipstick by: @jeffreestarcosmetics
Can't wait for Jeffree Star Cosmetics cause I can finally be able to look cute as fuck and I'm just really excited about it.
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the brighter the lipstick, the better mood I'm in! 💗✨ #jeffreestarcosmetics #jeffreestar
2 more days until I shoot my first MAKEUP AD'S!!!!!!! #jeffreestarcosmetics is getting close!!!
and I don't need a damn iWatch… how about an iVanityMirror??? kthnx.
bitch, Imma need dat #iPhone6PLUS for the full selfie capibilities
the whole world is talking about the iPhone 6. can I just order it already?? #needneedneed
🌟NEW YORK CITY!!!!🌟 myself and @lipsticknick_ will be teaching our #extremebeautytour makeup class on OCT. 4TH!!!! come learn from our FIVE hour makeup demonstration class and watch us transform 2 models and share all our beauty secrets and industry techniques! *BUY tickets and get ALL info ->
I change lipsticks more than I change boys 😭😭😭😭 (and occasionally girls) 💗
what's YOUR favorite brush brand?? 💜💜💜 photo: @_girly_stuff__ @_girly_stuff__
*SUBSCRIBE* and be the FIRST to shop -->
while everyone was watching football today, I was at @Sephora shopping.
if only Jake Gyllenhaal had a twin… fuck.
#throwback 💗🌟 at the VMA's a few years ago with pink sister @nickiminaj 💜
wow... @instagram is full of ratchet hoes today hahaha time to go swimming and hit this pink bong 💅
being humble is important. try it.