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Jeffree Star
I'm not on drugs, I'm just in loveeeee.
👅👅👅 goodnight...
Bitch, the only #filter I need, is Brita for my damn water 😂😂😂
Sweet As Sugar, Hard As Ice, Hurt Me Once I'll kill you twice. ~Jeffree Star~
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Jeffree Star - Beauty Killer <3
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Im ordering the first 3 Jeffree Star liquid to matte lipsticks as soon as they launch
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I can't wait for jeffree star's makeup line to come out, I want those liquid/matte lipsticks
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BLOW ME 🔪💗🌟 #jeffreestar #TBT #jeffreestarcosmetics
If you look at my arm, you will see my old tattoos that have been lasered off and replaced with my infamous #Catwoman portrait 🔪💖🌟
#TBT 🍊 a lot less tattoos... miss that orange hair!
#TBT 🍊 that one time my hair caused a worldwide epidemic #myspace #scenehair #queensupreme
#MakeupPorn 👅👅👅 had to get the #AlexisBittar x @Sephora brushes!!! so pretty and elegant!
my next makeup classes are selling quick!!! #DENVER & #DALLAS ->>
YESSSS!! --> @billboard Slipknot Heading for Second No. 1 Album
you have to love YOURSELF before you try and love another person. BITCH.
I'm too advanced for my own good. I know too much and it scares people.
family is everything.
Hard to find anyone royal anymore. Basic bitches everywhere..
Scorpio season is almost here... 😇🙏
People come and go from our lives for a reason... Learn from the experiences and move on.
I'm obsessed with being obsessed.
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#FetusJeffree #BabyJeffree #JeffreeStar 💅💅💅 crazy how you look back at old makeup looks and see the improvement! sometimes I DO miss those pencil thin Clara Bow brows... 🙏😇
can't wait to try these new @tomford #matte lipsticks 😇🙏💗 colors from left to right: #blackdahlia #firsttime #rubyrush
I loveee wearing contact lenses.. see my favs:
HI THERE.... Beauty is whatever the fuck we want it to be. 💗🌟💖👽 photo: @marcelocantuphoto makeup: @missfamenyc hair: @bobbiepinzdotcom lipstick: @jeffreestarcosmetics
*NEW* #ExtremeBeautyTour dates with yours truly are here... 💉💄❤️ 12/6: DENVER 12/13: DALLAS 🌟 come learn ALL my makeup secrets and join me for a THREE hour makeup demo class! ALL info & ticket link is in my bio!! 💅
Incase you were wondering where your mans at... 👅💊 #jeffreestar #2009
#BabyJeffree #2008 #jeffreestar
12 years ago... No shame now, we all start our makeup journeys somewhere! 😁 I was in high school and would spend 2 hours rhinestoning my eyebrows and using that blue like it was my best friend 😭😭😭 and that hair??? I would have to bend my neck just to drive a car, safe huh? HA! #2003 #jeffreestar
Can't wait to spend Halloween with my favs @TylerCarter4L @therettes 👻👻👻
graveyard glamour... #2009 #APMagazine 🔪🔪🔪
I've been about that life... #2005 "plastic surgery" makeup 💉❤️
music with substance will always have a place in the world. #thankgod
the fact that @slipknot has the #1 album on iTunes, gives me hope for the future.
got that new #BMTH on repeat!!!!!
Love how @olobersyko @JordanFish86 are always way ahead of the game 👅💊
When you pray for rain, you have to deal with the mud too.
Sometimes you have to have #makeupfree day to let the skin relax and let your brain relax.. 😇😘😁 my hands are itching to play in some new holiday stuff but my mind just needs a nap.. All this traveling and gearing up for my @jeffreestarcosmetics release has worn me out! 👅💊 love you guys, thanks
I LOVE discovering new makeup artists on here!!! 💅💅💅 FOLLOW @pennold @pennold - only 18 years old and reminds me of myself at that age... #fearless 💗🌟
#LimitedEdition @beautyforeverco are selling quick! 👻👻👻🔪 tag #beautyforever when you receive your order so I can repost it! 💜
Hahahaha 😭😭😭😭😭