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Jeffree Star
beauty fashion gay 787,116 followers
cherry cola lip balm.
the new #TarteCosmetics eyeshadow palette is delicious 👅👅👅 can't wait to try this tomorrow!
it's all about timing.
*NEW* @beautyforeverco #SweetAsSugar tie-dye tee's are hereeee. 💗👅🌸 SHOP --> 🐊 we ship worldwide!!
Just subscribed to the JeffreeStarCosmetics mailing list :-D @JeffreeStar
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anyone else LOVE red lipstick? -->
putting @jburr to work at the @beautyforeverco warehouse 🌟💗 so many orders today, we love you guyyyyys!
on the way to @paper_alligator to design new @BeautyForeverCo designs!! 😍💄👽
pour up the Nyquil!!!
I'm not playing games anymore. #jeffreestar #jeffreestarcosmetics
if you're sleepy and have makeup on... go wash it off or I'mma slap you.
This is literally the best thing ever! Liquid lipstick? Only from the makeup goddess @JeffreeStar ❤️ ❤️ subscribed!
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milkshakes and lipgloss.
Signed up for Jeffree Star Cosmetic's newsletter. I want that liquid lipstick dammit!
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You betttttter blend, bitch!!!
@JeffreeStar signed up for the mailing list! So proud of you and so glad it's vegan & cruelty-free! 💖
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have you subscribed to the @jeffreestarcosmetics mailing list yet??? 💗🌟 I'm overwhelmed by the response today!!! You guys are the best and inspire me, can't wait to show you my top quality lipsticks and change the beauty game.
I've never been this excited in my life. #JeffreeStarCosmetics 🌟💄
if i dont get some of the liquid lipsticks that jeffree star is coming out with i will scream
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