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Jeff Jackson
Jesus wants to speak to us before He speaks through us. #Newspring #emptytomb #ilovemychurch
Too often, we’ll spend our time asking God to prove Himself through signs instead of positioning ourselves to trust God completely. 
.38 on an iclear 30 and yes it works
Another best #transformationtuesday #heaintinthere #emptytomb #ilovemychurch
It's not God's plan for his church to be a man down. Get in the game. #ilovemychurch #emptytomb
We as God's people have to know the difference between speaking to and speaking down to.
I just finished Drugs and Alcohol Bible reading Plan at
Best #transformationtuesday ever!!!!! 5 years ago this little guy sat next to me at a Drive game. This summer he sat next to me at a Red Sox game...
Add land mines to the PGA tour and I'll start watching golf on TV
Soooooo Guardians of the Galaxy isn't about Samsung security?
So this happened at some point this summer
I once saw a fly on a flight that I was on. How lazy is that guy?
Every person is conductive. You just have to decide if your gonna conduct a positive charge or not.
Of course this guy puts his foot in everything he does
Bucky killed it tonight... We have an amazing worship team
Each person in this video met Jesus because someone like you brought them to church to hear the Gospel
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If college football affects your church attendance, you don’t have a favorite team; you have an idol. #EmptyTomb
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If God is involved in the gift, the gift is always good. #emptytomb
If your faith doesn't amaze God, go back to the drawing board.-J.P.
By happy do you mean, "Neighbors with unlocked WiFi happy?"
I see you Lizard Lick Towing fan
When people ask where I've been, I'm just gonna start replying, "Playing on my phone."
Jesus isn't after your slavelike submission. He's after your JOY!!!!