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Jeff Gerstmann
Well there's your problem!
Faced with sitting here grumbling through a flight delay or grumbling while making fake wrestler stats go up, I might as well play the game.
The people who stop non-stop trash about mobile games must never poop or have to take airplanes anywhere.
Couldn't get a photo but I was returning my rental car this morning and the guy behind me looked like @VinnyCaravella with a big fake beard.
This has also been a good reminder that I still don't know how I'm supposed to invite people to Xbox One games with that silly snapped app.
Short version: It's the same, but in a game with thin content, you might as well get the one with bonus map and strike, if you're able.
There we go, relaunched the game and it seems to be working now. Will probably update review to account for Xbox One version in a day or two
Is the Xbox One version of Destiny currently busted? Messing around with it, haven't seen another player yet, matchmaking doesn't complete.
Chachi Lagunas, inventor of the organic hackey sack.
Makes you think that the ones who were always the most caustic and belligerent about games might be caught up in other Internet Bullshit.
It's weird but nice, in a way. Typically the ratio is way more in favor of anger when any "big" game gets middling scores.
Noticing that even people who like Destiny are commenting that they basically agree with middling reviews instead of lashing out in anger.
Dudes at the airport excitedly yelling about revolutionizing cloud computing in a way that makes me think they're heavy cocaine users.
Here’s one last dumb thing from PAX for premium members: Dan & Alex rehearsing their wrestling junk.…
I bet a tell-all, blow-by-blow book about Destiny’s path to market would be pretty fascinating.
I think I also hit a point of “oh god, I just don’t care enough about phones” again. I’ll probably just get one when they’re easy to buy.
Decided against pre-ordering a phone last night, they’re always so unclear about how to change providers while pre-ordering.
iPhone 6+ size compared with the Playstation Vita. In other words: Too Big.
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Parts of Destiny feel like a man in a suit said “kids love the MMOs, put in that stuff” without understanding how or why that stuff exists.
Am I high on dust or is there no way to see your clan members in-game in Destiny? (Or are both things true?)
Seems a bit late to announce new 3DS/3DS XL colors, even if an NES styled unit sounds like a cool idea. Wouldn’t everyone wait for NEW 3DS?
Hey, @unastrike crept into the office and fixed that Destiny Quick Look. Now you can see... the rest of the story!…
*Bombcast bursts into arena with wrestler-like entrance fanfare*…
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I bet Mojang could make a ton of really great avatar clothing.
Had to hijack @bradshoemaker for the Destiny Quick Look (which’ll run soonish) but he’s back to plugging away on podcast edits.
I already use my wrist for health and fitness IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN
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Unfortunately, the Apple Watch can only be used to listen to Coldplay.
I’m not into time.
"Here at the Apple Store, we ONLY accept ApplePay." "Wait, how do I buy a new iPhone then?" "You've got to fight me for it."
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Untucked shirt guy is NUTS! Let’s give him our credit card info!
Wasn’t in the market for a new phone, but look at that lizard!
cast the scarf spell on that monster!
Made it to the office, playing a bit more through Destiny, figured I’d stream some hot dance moves.
Thanks to everyone who watched us play a little Destiny. Four hours in, still not sure if I like it or not. We'll have a Quick Look later.
OK, we’re about to try playing Destiny. Hopefully it’ll work.
It'll be in the standard chat spot: - If it won't connect properly, maybe I'll just stream myself going back to bed.
Me and @bradshoemaker are going to attempt to tandem stream Destiny as soon as they open up the servers for access tomorrow at 5AM PDT.
Hmm. Colored liquid dripping out of my Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha board... I'm guessing that means the battery's no good.
They should rename WWE Supercard to "Would You Like To See Another Photo of Fandango Smirking?"
Decided to get way into competitive Smash.
Considering we captured onto SVHS VCRs when I started, it's wild that people can capture with something this small.
Sometimes you just need to lay back, relax, and enjoy some quality tunes.…
On that note, @CAH’s fifth expansion pack is up for sale.
I like address forms that just ask you for your zip code and figure out the rest from that. It’s smarter. Better! More efficient.