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Jeff Elder
Week's 40% over.
Somewhere on a hidden tab, a video autoplayed.
There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.
Having binged thru The Wire, The Sopranos, Friday Night Lights, Mad Men, and Downton Abbey, we are in need of a new show. Recos?
Sorry, I stopped listening after "artisanal."
I never click on Spotify tweets, but this is the perfect jam for long weekend. Super Flu <3 Isaac…
1940s luggage set in the Haight's greatest thrift store, @decadesofashion #sf
1940s luggage set in the Haight's great thrift store. Might even win approval of @verbalcupcake.
Wrought iron in light and shadow
At the beach on a dazzling day.
New app Nookeee tells your soul mate whether you want to have sex. (Get couples counseling.)…
I bought this snow globe on the street. Do any travelers recognize the little man? Hint: there are cars in the globe.
I bought this snow globe on the street. Do any world travelers recognize the little man? Hint: there are also tiny cars inside the snow globe.
What's up, Labor Day weekend?
"All angst, no action," intones @georgia_wells about alla dat BS.
In 1909, Clara Lemlich, 24, led 20K garment workers on a strike over 75-hour work weeks. Thank you for Labor Day.
"Shake It Off" is the new "Gangnam Style."
Hey @hellokitty, you are not a cat, an anthropologist says. I know, right. I have that same blank stare on my face.…
The man kicking and yanking dog in video is CEO of company that caters #SFGiants and #49ers stadiums, cops say.…
Last year the ALS Association got $2M in the first 3 weeks of August. This year, more than 20x that. #IceBucketChallenge
Doggie Data: Pooches are most active in Portland and laziest in Houston
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On this day in 1953, "Roman Holiday" premiered, announcing Audrey Hepburn's girlish and graceful style.
Two groups exchange gunfire on busy Market St. in #sf near Powell BART station. One badly wounded.… via @SFGate
15-year-old from #SF Bay Area wins at #USOpen - youngest winner of a match since '96.
Entitled - (en-TI-tled) An adjective meaning young, successful, and on a mobile device.
Tech diversity reports don’t show "invisible workforce” - 72% of janitors Black, Latino in heart of Silicon Valley.
$48 million for lawyers, $25,000 for client in HP suit? Judge says not so fast ... via @ShiraOvide
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Latinos and Blacks make up 5% of Google employees and ​72% of janitors in the heart of Silicon Valley.
Twitter makes me so glad I don't watch t̶h̶e̶ ̶E̶m̶m̶y̶s̶ a̶w̶a̶r̶d̶s̶ ̶s̶h̶o̶w̶s̶ television.
Lincecum loses his spot in #SFGiants rotation following latest rough outing
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Why? Isn't online storage basically free now? RT @marklemley: PACER is removing pre-2012 case files for many courts.…
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There's no money at #burningman, but last year it brought the Reno area $55 million.…
Twitter is just God's way of warning me there's an awards show on.
All the best going out to California, esp industry pals. Stunning pic from Etude.
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Aftershocks still ongoing after #napaquake - mag-2 every hour. Hopefully too weak to exacerbate damage. @earthquakesSF
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You know what's a fantastic song that really holds up? Elton John's "Someone Saved My Life Tonight."
I feel cheated: Slept right through the quake. #FOMO #sf #sfearthquake
6.0 quake rolls through Bay Area; Centered in North Bay. Hearing reports of damage in Napa.
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Rockin' private party at just-renovated @ritualcoffee in Mission, which looks gorgeous. Re-opens Monday. #sf
There's a rockin' private party right now at the just-renovated Ritual Coffee in The Mission, which looks gorgeous.