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Jeff Elder
What eBay's CEO and board members said about spinning off PayPal. Then... and now:
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The next big thing in Silicon Valley! Cute video from Ron Conway's #OneCitySF #SF
Topsy shows about 30 tweets a second right now mentioning ebola.…
It's gonna be tough to turn my Yo tattoo into an Ello tattoo.
Michael Phelps charged with DUI in Maryland, reportedly clocked going 84 mph in a 45 zone. l
Are cash stakes for mobile games a potential game changer?
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" 'Dodgers can go to hell,' Giants catcher Dick Dietz crowed on live radio during the postgame celebration."…
Shoot. I thought people were saying "genes" and that I got Mom's looks.
Does data-driven hiring discriminate against the mentally ill? Check out our Page 1 story. #bigdata…
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When I was 19, Johnny Cash walked into my family's Nashville bookstore & said, "Son, where are your books on trains?"
Knock knock. Who's there? Control freak -- Now you say "Control freak who."
The word "do-able." You don't hear it much on the weekends. You never hear, "Is sleeping til 10 do-able?"
"These baked quinoa cheddar chips appear way healthier than Cheetos," he thought, willingly suspending disbelief.
That movie the entire world laments yet you love with your whole popcorny heart.
Crowded bakery. I smile, let woman go 1st. She buys my pastry! I buy next pair's coffee. They do same. We huddle, smiling as more join. #SF
Inexplicable #49ers logo from 50 years ago.
Overheard: Apple's response to Google Glass should be iPatch. #Apple
This little kid was really super into the big-ass iguana a guy was walking on a leash. Because #sf
Little kid checking out iguana
Homeless man wearing Robin Williams hoodie.
When an ex- uses a photo you took of them as their profile pic.
#SF cops say Uber driver got into dispute with rider over route, hit him in the head with a hammer, and drove off.…
10% of American adults have more than 10 drinks a day, NIH data show.
Derek Jeter's home finale was the only game he ever played at Yankee Stadium with his team already knocked out of the playoff race.
another batch of protestors forced into a corner; not yet removed #hkclassboycott
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Shadows of wrought iron on steps at dawn.
I'd rather have peanut butter desserts or Key lime pie than any fancy chocolate stuff.
Social media genius Dana Boyd on our unhealthy fixation with the numbers beside our profile pics. @zephoria…
In which I ask whether Silicon Valley will ever have an NFL moment when it comes to sexism and misogyny.
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Billionaire Vinod Khosla can't block surfers from Martin's Beach, judge rules by @JeffElder
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I love how hilariously small the old Fiat 500s are. Just spotted this mite in The Mission. #sf
I love how hilariously small the old Fiat 500s are.
Incalculable kindnesses of long-lost rain surrounding the night.
Pop-up plant store, Mission-style.
Relationships are just Nature's way of getting you to sit down to eat.
"Silicon Valley is becoming a different place, a place of haves and have-nots.” by @JeffElder
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Data shows income gap widening in Silicon Valley, "a place of haves and have-nots, and there are signs of unrest.”
Apple Pulls iOS 8.0.1 Update Due to ‘an Issue’ I can't remember Apple ever pulling back a software update via @WSJD
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iPhone Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For.
Why some web publishers, online retailers and other sites are worried about the data they give to Facebook…
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I give this a 2/3 favorite. MT @SFGate: The three-boobed girl is a hoax.
If it matters to anyone, the LA Times reported same thing I did. Argument happened while clubhouse was open to media.…
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Land of Conflicting Food Restrictions. #sf
“Then just pretend you’re meditating.” #genius
The person in front of me is SO SLOW. The person behind me is SO PUSHY.