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Jeff Brazier
Thank you to my work colleagues who went above & beyond today to give Freddy a fantastic birthday. He felt 10ft tall let alone 10 years old.
This week, work has consisted of tennis, swimming, sitting in a sauna & going on a boat. Why does this happen to me?
Going for an early morning run, I hope the @truffleshuffle_ T-shirt is going to help?! #IHaveThePower
Seems ridiculous that when things don't work we persist? You can still get to your goal but choose a different route!
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Go on @therealRayQuinn Album out Monday! All the best with that mate..
Take a minute to visualise something better, close your eyes & daydream about something you want & then say thankyou!
Thank you @JeffBrazier for another amazing life coach session,felt like I was flying after! Homework commence😄
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Ha @Jayhaych I'm having a go! How about yourself?
Hey @laurahamiltontv @vickyogden1 @samattwater have you cats had your honeymoon yet?! X
Words can be arrows to the heart or they can be like a magic spell that can empower & unleash. Use your words wisely!
6.30am @CrossFitBestia class done. Was a tough one, 6x rounds of 8x 45kg sumo squats, 6x bar hop burpees & 200m run. Was nearly sick.
When your up at the crack of dawn out of choice or necessity that's when you know you are dictating your life, not letting life dictate you
#my5things Thinking about a friend today, few hours later on station platform - train doors opened and he was sat right in front of me!!
#my5things everyone's wondered what it would be like to 'trade' now I have thanks to my mate RICHOO God knows what he was talking about!
#my5things Grateful I took Fred to the trading floor at #BCGCharityDay I don't know how interested he was but he can at least say he went!
Kids back from school? #Homework piling up? Read @JeffBrazier's top tips for helping you to help your children:
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Enjoyed supporting @griefencounter at the #BCGCharityDay today, conveyor belt of Hollywood/Sporting talent...and me!
Just turned up somewhere to find this inspiring message. I can see myself going exploring when the kids are grown..
Good morning! Another beautiful day of choosing the wonderful direction of my life by understanding this #BeGrateful
I am playing in the @Sellebrity_UK soccer match at Leicester City FC @OfficialFOXES Sun 12th Oct Buy tickets here RT
Just had another great coaching session & I feel positively alive knowing that I've once again helped someone turn a corner in just an hour.
If you could ever put the essence of life into a nutshell, encapsulating it in one simple term... it's this..
A big thank you goes to @JeffBrazier who again managed to take me on a journey today that has helped me progress! #grateful #coaching
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To everyone asking, the navy 'smokers jacket' I wore for the #tvchoiceawards was from @N1Angel_London
Beyond excited to be reunited with a loved & valued friend of mine today, hopefully 2 new little people I haven't met will be with her too!
Hey have a great day everyone!! Hope you get the job..
Big day today and were all invited.... Good Luck!
Worked the #tvchoiceawards red carpet for @itvthismorning. Had the pleasure of talking to some great people tonight!
@ComeCoachWithMe: Happy Monday people, thanks for following @ComeCoachWithMe on twitter Oh... And don't ever forget to remind yourself that....
Happy Monday people, thanks for following @ComeCoachWithMe Oh... And don't ever forget to remind yourself that....
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Big thank you to @dickieboy23 & @TheRefinery1559 for going above and beyond to help yesterday! Sorry for his behaviour #ExtremeTiredness
Thanks @ScottPointer_ that group of lads used to be on the receiving end not so long ago, as long as they're developing they'll get there.
@JeffBrazier your homework tips/advice today on @itvthismorning are so good il be passing them to my sisters for their kids....thanks.
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@itvthismorning @JeffBrazier Needs taught to pronounce his words correctly. Its thirty three not firty free. Cant listen to him
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Watching this morning and find @JeffBrazier so tidy 😍
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I never usually say anything nice about anyone on @itvthismorning but @JeffBrazier seems like an amazing dad!!!! Such a lovely guy!
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@itvthismorning @JeffBrazier I have already made a structured plan for my son as he has ADHD, so for him to see the plan helps.
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