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Jeff Brazier
Good morning everyone! Up nice and early, got a wonderful day planned today & Im going to enjoy every single bit of It! Hope you do too!
#my5things I'm really grateful for all the guys that have checked out my new @ComeCoachWithMe website at #LifeChanges
#my5things 4 ThankYou @Rossy_smith for joining me on my travels today, to @RoastRestaurant for the breakfast & Jess & Zoe for the Interviews
#my5things Thanks @AdrianDickson for getting me involved today, good to help young journo's find their way with a gentle grilling from me!
#my5things 2 @OfficialMelB & @CherylOfficial absolute rascals when you get them together. Not often enough sadly!
#my5things 1 Thank-you to the guys at @xfactorpress for giving @itvthismorning behind the scenes access, the VT looked great today!
Hey @AdrianDickson just leaving @RoastRestaurant now, I'll be in reception In 5. J
I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can always adjust my sails to reach my destination. – James Dean
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#my5things Grateful for my book about #Imagework & #Visualisation within the coaching practice. My favourite technique to shift perspective
#my5things Grateful Uncle JJ Inspired my Bob to try something of educational value that could inspire others of his age, very positive stuff
#my5things For all the guys who came to @MatchingGreenCC to film for @itvthismorning today. #FirstDayFears 5 & 11y olds moving up at school!
#my5things To Fred for always making me laugh & having patience with me when I need to work at home, such a beautiful child for his Dad!
#my5things Thank you to @samattwater & @vickyogden1 for having us yesterday. We had a fantastic time, have a wonderful honeymoon! x
I've found that spending so much time studying seriously impacts on the amount of time you spend tweeting! I need to start doing #My5things
Ah @ardouglas7 you two are too cute, after the 89th nomination I got it done last week but thanks for thinking of me! Get you back on 6th!
The holiday planner is going down a arguing!! Woohoo..thanks for advice @JeffBrazier #KeepingKidsHappy
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#LifeCoaching engages your imagination and links the world of dreaming with the world of reality.
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My #MindMap for #LifeCoaching Never had myself as an artist.. this probably explains why! Ha actually proud of this.
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"Three grand essentials to happiness in this life are something to do, something to love, and something to hope for." - Joseph Addison
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Our latest offering from Coach & Blogger @JeffBrazier A voice for your average child observing separation...…
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Morning everyone! Hope you all have a wonderful day. I'll be in #theHub for @itvthismorning today so see you then if you're watching.
My biological dad was the skipper of the marchioness @nmiles sadly I hadn't met him before then.
Thoughts go to the families of the victims who drowned 25 years ago on the #Marchioness…
Did you do it in the same room or something @tommelia @Jamesscook ?? That's a little too friendly boys..
Ps congratulations lads @Jamesscook @tommelia Maybe I can choose the names to even things up. I'm a fan of the 'double initial' technique..
Noooo @katedwyerPR it wasn't @tommelia who thought of @ComeCoachWithMe It was @Jamesscook !! From conception to reality!
Hey @IanLPratt Sorry took me a while to catch up there.. I shall add some ice to the shopping list for today!!! I will update on completion
All #LifeCoaches #NLP practitioners, #CBT therapists welcome to sign up to a profile on my website. @ComeCoachWithMe
Coaching is the art of deep listening & intuitive questioning, never advising, always arising to whatever you'd like to send our way..
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My new website ComeCoachWithMe.Com is now live! Register for a free Coaching session with one of the team NOW!
In other news @REISS has launched men's underwear @JeffBrazier - how long until your drawer is full of them!
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But @Angela_Griffin it was freezing last night! I think #BedSocks are here to stay..
Don't know why I chose to sleep with my socks on last night but I did.. And I liked it.
Know anyone going through a tough separation? This blog was written on behalf of the children stuck in the middle…
Had the most incredible weekend in #Stockholm at a perfect little summer house. Have never felt so relaxed