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Jens Bergensten
We will prepare Minecraft 1.8.1-pre2 now. Should be here shortly, fixing some things introduced whilst fixing other things from pre1.
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Got this from @CAH today, big thanks! :D
(Cobalt spoilers) Playing the SP campaign and tamed this beast! ping @Kinten @vraket
Achievements bring out the puns of every game developer
MC:PE! RT @jbernhardsson Last week of bug fixing for 0.10.0. Also added in a brightness slider today. :)
There will be a 1.8.1 pre this week. It will contain bug fixes, optimizations and hugs. It will not contain features, name changes or Clippy
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This is how sushi is served at tonight's restaurant (now not using yfrog),
This may be shocking, but @242_girl and I are heading out for sushi again
Now it's time for @242_girl and I to head out for some delicious sushi
At Mojang, the main MC:PE developers are @_tomcc and @jbernhardsson . They tweet about the MC:PE work a lot.
Let me clarify: With the help of MS, we've been working on a MC:PE Windows Phone port for a while, already before MS bought Mojang. Ok? =)
Lol, Polygon changed the article and now states I've deleted the tweet confirming the WP version. This is false :P
I know I have a foreign, Swedish name, but "Bergstrom" is a new one:… (the WP port started before MS bought Mojang)
Oops, it should be @vraket not @thevraket. It's confusing when the instagram names are different :)
I'm biased, but testing the Cobalt campaign @Kinten & @thevraket have been working on, has been my best game experience in a very long time
(Cobalt campaign spoilers) Someone went a bit crazy on the map triggers,
Yes, Minecraft: Pocket Edition *is* coming to the Windows Phone! The port runs already, but there's still much to do before any release
After a year of labor, love, and hard work, @jnkboy and my SIX babies have finally been born!…
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The world is a confusing place. I should clarify: It's not our game or kickstarter, it's by Raymond Doerr, as the kickstarter page says
So @carnalizer and I wanted to make a fantasy sim with tiny people, but with your help we don't need to! Whee!…
As @_tomcc tweeted yesterday, beta testing of MC:PE 0.10.0 is likely to begin "soon"! Main change is improved graphics and *maybe* boats
I am not a lawyer, but that is what the attendant at the science fiction bookstore told me
TIL it's illegal to sell Cards Against Humanity in Sweden because of the creative commons license
Minecraft YouTubers, you’re a great part of Minecraft’s success and we have no plans to change what you’re doing once we close the deal.
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I'm still at Mojang, and I'm still the lead developer of Minecraft. Check our blog and @notch's twitter for more info.
Mojang is now sold to Microsoft. Cobalt is still developed independently by @OxeyeGames. Publishing contract with Mojang remains in effect.
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Yes, Mojang is being bought by Microsoft. Here’s everything we can share right now:…
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I requested a framed photo of David Hasselhoff when I booked my hotel in Shanghai. As a joke. They delivered.
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Our @Bopogamel explains some Minecraft PS3 / PS4 / Vita release stuff in the Mojang blog:…
Since you ask: 1.7 doesn't know how to handle 1.8 saves, but tries its best not to crash. This means it ignores data, which is lost forever.
Two things: Don't open a 1.8 world in 1.7 unless you have a backup. Don't give away your account password to "get a cape" scams. Be happy!
Woah, this Minecraft timeline is amazing! I started working on Minecraft at about the 1:30 mark:… (via @_Bunkii)
Wow, Minecraft updates are popular news it seems! Cheers!
Minecraft 1.8 - The Bountiful Update has been published!
I may have said 6 hours, but that was apparently an exaggeration :) Anytime now, actually...
@jeb_ check out these headphones my friend is making
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Today we'll update Minecraft (PC) to version 1.8! We haven't pinned down an exact time, but it will be within the next 6 hours or so.
We've handed Minecraft: Xbox One Edition over to Microsoft for final test! #MinecraftXbox1
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