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Jens Bergensten
I am not a lawyer, but that is what the attendant at the science fiction bookstore told me
TIL it's illegal to sell Cards Against Humanity in Sweden because of the creative commons license
Minecraft YouTubers, you’re a great part of Minecraft’s success and we have no plans to change what you’re doing once we close the deal.
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I'm still at Mojang, and I'm still the lead developer of Minecraft. Check our blog and @notch's twitter for more info.
Mojang is now sold to Microsoft. Cobalt is still developed independently by @OxeyeGames. Publishing contract with Mojang remains in effect.
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Yes, Mojang is being bought by Microsoft. Here’s everything we can share right now:…
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I requested a framed photo of David Hasselhoff when I booked my hotel in Shanghai. As a joke. They delivered.
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Our @Bopogamel explains some Minecraft PS3 / PS4 / Vita release stuff in the Mojang blog:…
Since you ask: 1.7 doesn't know how to handle 1.8 saves, but tries its best not to crash. This means it ignores data, which is lost forever.
Two things: Don't open a 1.8 world in 1.7 unless you have a backup. Don't give away your account password to "get a cape" scams. Be happy!
Woah, this Minecraft timeline is amazing! I started working on Minecraft at about the 1:30 mark:… (via @_Bunkii)
Wow, Minecraft updates are popular news it seems! Cheers!
Minecraft 1.8 - The Bountiful Update has been published!
I may have said 6 hours, but that was apparently an exaggeration :) Anytime now, actually...
@jeb_ check out these headphones my friend is making
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Today we'll update Minecraft (PC) to version 1.8! We haven't pinned down an exact time, but it will be within the next 6 hours or so.
We've handed Minecraft: Xbox One Edition over to Microsoft for final test! #MinecraftXbox1
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I don't think I've ever been more proud of an award, achievement, or honor, than being on this list:… :)
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In the process of rewatching Twin Peaks. Quality television! :D
Added link to server jar in the blog post
The Minecraft 1.8 - The Bountiful Update has been pre-released:…
Haha, "Minecraft 1.8 - The 1.9 Update"
We're trying to figure out a name for the 1.8 update, and I jokingly suggested "The Last Update" just to freak people out ;D
We are going to have the pre-release tomorrow morning instead of this afternoon. Otherwise the probability of a pre2 would be too high.
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Yes, Mojang does own Bukkit. Them acquiring us was a condition to being hired. If Mojang want to continue Bukkit, I'm all for it :)
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This is not a joke, we dug up the receipt to be sure.
That means bukkit always had a special relationship in regards to things such as the EULA, and if Warren is bored, we need to do something.
Warren over at bukkit seems to have forgotten that the project was bought by Mojang over two years ago, and isn't his to discontinue.
This week will do a push to get a 1.8 pre-release out. No guarantees, as always.
I haven't tweeted much lately, so I almost forgot: Yesterday we got a full day with "Clean Code Uncle Bob" @unclebobmartin It was great!
The feeling when your favorite online sudoku app has been updated, and no longer is your favorite online sudoku app :( @dagensnyheter
Minecraft meets Mirror's Edge,… (no shaders, the shadows are in the textures pack)
No, we where not hacked. We had problems with a broken load balancer. So keep calm and carry on :) Sorry about the downtime #mcstatus
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We now know what the problem is, but it's something that we need help from Amazon to fix. #mcstatus
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Haha amazing trailer for the game "Seaworthy"…
This Minecraft banner generator is fun! (only the /give feature has correct tags, though)
Maybe it's time to remind people not to feed the trolls? Stop tweeting me about "__ against gaming", thanks!
Just spent 2 hours cleaning up the flood in our basement storage. Thank you very much, "Ragnarök rain".
And with "party" I mean exciting weather, that is
Time to fly back to Stockholm, because I heard that's where the party's at