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Jeanette Jenkins
@JeanetteJenkins got my delivery in the mail this week all the way to Australia! Excited to get started!!
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@MadyMendes: @JeanetteJenkins hey Jeanette with sexy abs and sexy abs cardio sculpt my body look amazing” Good Job!
Have the courage to live the life you want, not the life others want for you but the life you want for yourself.
Attend power yoga to give a child orphaned by #AIDS food to eat for 3 months @GlowMaven @JeanetteJenkins @TaraStiles
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Positive energy creates more positive energy.
Beautiful Mama @kellyrowland working on her fitness today! ❤️💪If you plan on getting pregnant then it is best to start working out before you get pregnant & then continue at a lower intensity through your pregnancy! ❤️Research shows that a fit healthy mom that exercises before & during her pregnanc
We are not measured by our intentions, we are measured by our actions.
Try this #Yoga Flowing Crescent Pose Sequence to tone the Arms, Abs, Legs & open the hips!…
Find your peace & everything will fall into place. ❤️🙏Photo is the beautiful #SantaMonica beach! ☀️Quote #MarianneWilliamson ❤️#peace #healthyspirit #healthymind #love
My dearest Summer Party Animals, it might be time to clean your liver! 😜👊This amazing Red #Smoothie is also known as a #LiverCleanse because of the incredible detoxifying properties! 🙌It will also give you a great boost of energy & improve your blood flow! ❤️Most people feel an amazing blood rush
If you've fallen off of your workout plan, that's ok. Just don't let 3 weeks turn into 3 months. Time to get back on track!
Beauty, brains & a mean right hook runs in the Smith Family! ❤️👊💪@italiaanita put it in all week! Oldest daughter to @sislovespurple & @llcoolj and an absolute joy! 😁I love a family that sweats together! Inspire & motivate your children, brothers & sisters to take care of their health! When you t
Never give anyone the power to take away your joy.
A smile 😁and a few kind words ❤️have the power to completely change someone's day. ☀️#love #jeanettejenkins #positiveenergy #kindness #joy #healthyliving #healthyspirit #beachlife
#BlastTheBellyFat exercise of the day tones the Abs, Arms & Legs! Plank Walk Ups 10-20reps! Add it to your workout!…
Live for something greater than yourself.
Whatever may be challenging you always know that this too shall pass. Let go and let God.
Snack Time! 🍓Did you know that strawberries have #anthocyanins which stimulate #FatBurning 🙌 & improve your short term memory! Hello! Brain Food! 😁🙌🍓Strawberries are also high in #fiber so they are great for digestion/elimination, improve eye health 😳improve #bonehealth 💪and decrease your ris
Beautiful @KELLYROWLAND glowing at the VMA's! #MondayMotivation for all the Mommies working hard to stay healthy!
Join me #Miami Sept.4th for a cup of MOTIVATION & CardioKickboxing! (It's FREE!) #RecExpo ->…
The love you put into the world will always come back to you & often when you least expect it.
Absolutely Love @kellyrowland glowing on the red carpet! There's nothing like the beautiful gift of motherhood! ❤️❤️❤️❤️Love the dress, the braid is perfect like a Goddess, Jewels are stunning 😁Good job styling @marnixmarni ❤️and of course I love Kelly's beautifully sculpted arms! 💪whoop! 🙌Shouto
Incredible Performance! @beyonce 👏👏👏Congratulations on your VMA Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award! So well deserved! You are an inspiration to millions to work hard & believe in your dreams! Bravo! 🙌❤️😁Keep Shining! Thanks for the beautiful light & inspiration! #vmas #vanguardaward #positive
Beyonce just made me cry. She also made my daughter dance. #performanceofthenight
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Flawless! Beautiful performance @Beyonce just beautiful! OMG & your daughter is priceless! God Bless!Congratulations! #VMAs
Wow! @MileyCyrus that's was amazing! Giving up your moment to bring attention to the homeless in our country. You rock! #VMAs
Happy Sunday Love Bugs! When you walk into a room what do you bring? Do you bring smiles, love, kindness & positive energy or do you bring a bad attitude, judgement, insecurity, fear, anxiety & anger? When someone brings you negative energy do you take it personally or do you let them keep their neg
Be responsible for the energy you bring to other people's lives & be responsible for the energy you allow into your own life.
Congratulations #JackieRobinsonWest Little League World Series Champions! Love it! Great inspiration! #LLWS
IT'S OVER! Jackie Robinson West from Chicago wins U.S. Championship in #LLWS. They'll face South Korea for the title.
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Life is better when you're laughing.
Just a little dating advice 😂😂😂😂😂❤️#dead I don't have enough fingers to count the number of times a guy has asked me if I can cook....this is hilarious! 😁😂❤️Have a good laugh it fills the body with positive energy! #live #love #laugh
“One in four women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime. It’s a real issue." - @KELLYROWLAND #VMA
Everything is not for everybody.