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Jeanette Jenkins
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Let no man pull you low enough to hate him. ~Martin Luther King Jr.
Try Pigeon pose from #Yoga to open the hips & decrease the risk of #sciatica & lowerback pain ->…
Happiness is a way of life.
Information is only as valuable as the source.
Sunday Funday! ❤️Let your inner child live. ❤️#jeanettejenkins #healthyliving #backbend #wheelpose #lagunabeach
Use your blessings to bless others.
California Livin' ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Life is you make it so make it great! #TheLoveIsReal #California #BeachLife #hechoenvenice
If you can't make it to the gym, all of our workouts are #downloadable & play on your phone or PC! ->
Dripping with sweat. Ahh these workouts.. Love me some @JeanetteJenkins 💪👏
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Two peas in a pod! ❤️My goddaughter Ada did a great job today @therealdebbieallendanceacademy Early Birds Dance Recital! 👯❤️👯I cried three times, so proud of the little babies! ❤️It's so important to keep the arts alive, children learn so much from participating in dance: self confidence, discipli
Take care of your mind, body & spirit because you are worth it.
Cheers to the weekend. ❤️🙌Make the choice to have a beautiful weekend. 😊Don't give anyone the power to take away your joy. 😁Give your time & energy to those who love & appreciate you.❤️#blessings #positiveenergy #TGIF
Give your time & energy to those who love and appreciate you.
If it's important to you then you'll make it a priority.
Summertime workout grind! @KELLYROWLAND @shondarhimes @chrisbosh @NiaLong All Get'n it in! Did you get your workout in today? #NoExcuses
Positive mind, positive life.
For your reading pleasure, the benefits of Exercise on treating depression in comparison to medication @HarvardHealth…
@iamcrissystyles: Thanks @JeanetteJenkins & @KELLYROWLAND for helping me keep this stomach flat, toned and sexy!#sexyabs” Keep it up mama!!
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United we stand, in peace to make a change. ❤️No unarmed child of any ethnicity should ever lose his life to the police. It is an abuse of power. ❤️I'm so happy to see the country come together and peacefully protest for justice. ❤️God Bless Mike Brown's family and every family that has been a victi
Easy, No. Worth it, Yes. ❤️👊💪Take care of your mind, body & spirit because you are worth it. #healthyliving #youareworthit #jeanettejenkins #positiveenergy #motivation
Know your worth because if you don't no one will.