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John Wheeler
Seth's Blog: Even better than an app?
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BREAKING: Sarah Williams, critically injured in SPU shooting, was discharged from Harborview Medical Center today
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Tired, if honest. My Mom has been ICU for 2 weeks and last night I was at a large software vendor in Redomd until 11. @ShroomBrothers
@JDWheelerCo @AimeeCJordan We move cats , turtles and dogs. Not all bad :) This link from NBC news sums it up nicely…
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@JDWheelerCo Thanks for following, please check for music, reviews & more, Professional solo entertainment.
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That's alright. I lost mind a long time ago. Don't miss it. @AmyMartinR @LindaLSnell @PSTPools
It was awesome. Well except for the fact my Mom is in ICU. How do keep up with so many fans? @sandikrakowski
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It has dogs, can't be all bad. @AimeeCJordan @OpRoger
Thanks for following me @boostctr @litmusapp @katelyncarmen and @JDWheelerCo ! I'm looking forward to engaging with all of you!
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It was worth sharing. Keep changing lives and making this a better place. @EducationCoach
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Simplify, and Savor Life : zenhabits
"You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” - Maya Angelou
S/O #FF @OpRoger @AimeeCJordan @AimeeCJordan I thought you would like Operation Roger
Parents &Students,In my free ebook,I show u how to successfully prepare for college in less time. Get your copy here:
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